Tyke Tales - Accidental Playdate

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Introductions, boring, but important, so let me just set the scene for you.
It's your typical weekend. Our usual duo, Knil and Ken, decided to have another sleepover.
Though the big difference this time was that it was the very first to take place at Knil's.
Up until now, Ken had played it safe, spending the nights in his own home, in case
of any unwanted regression. So, this sleepover is important.

Things go off without a hitch. The fiery-hothead arrives, they play, even include Kira...
Oh, right! She's an important piece in this tale. Always trying to hang out with them.
Any friend of Knil's was enough to impress the younger sister.
Of course, this presented a HUGE problem.

With dinner done, the boys tried to hide away in Knil's room for the night...
Kira didn't quite like that idea.

"I wanna play too!" She demanded, pouting at her big brother.
 Knil groaned, growing tired of his sister's need to be involved in everything they did.
 It had gotten to the point where he now stood guard in front of his bedroom door.
"We can play tomorrow," Knil stated, "but we want to be alone now."
 A reasonable request... if you're not a 5-year-old like Kira.

"I'll tell mum!" Kira tried to threaten, crossing her arms.
 Now, Knil knew mum would have his back, but still, he did hate seeing her so upset.
 Not enough his will to waver and continue 'babysitting' her, but enough to compromise.
"If you leave us alone, we'll bring Calibur over tomorrow," he offered.

An even better deal.
Kira's face lit up with excitement. As fun as Ken was, the younger Koji was WAY better!
The two were closer in age, and became good friends, often playing with each other,
along with Oliver, at school. They were quite the friendly trio lately.
So of course, she agreed to his terms.

Mission success! Well, at least until tomorrow.
With Kira off to her own room, Knil exhaled a breath of relief, slipping into his room.
Quickly closing the door behind him, he turned his direction towards the main
reason he had to get rid of his little sister.

Ken Koji, standing in the middle of the toddler-looking room.
The fiery-warrior looked almost in pain, red in the face, and seemingly unable to breathe.
With his heroic friend's return, he wasted no time in relieving himself... not like that!
The Elemental opened his hands, moving quickly to release dissipating flames!
Knil watched, having seen it many times before by now, but still amazed
as Ken rapidly diminished in height, his body and clothes morphing
till he stood there, clad in overalls as a 4-year-old little boy.

Unfazed by his friend's regression, Knil approached quite casually.
"You're exhausted, we should have done this at your place," Knil expressed his concerns.
 He had a point. Both boys knew Ken was Ki-exhausted, and would regress tonight.
"I'm fine," Ken dismissed his friend, "didn't even turn into a toddler this time.
 Besides, this way mum doesn't try to baby me..." he mumbled that part.

Still sceptical, Knil just stared at his friend until he continued.
"Look, one night's rest and I'll turn back in the morning. No one will find out."

Shrugging, Knil accept his regressed friend's answer.
"So, what'cha gonna wear?" Knil teased, poking at Ken's cute overalls, earning him a glare.
 It was a serious question, as Ken hadn't actually packed any Pj's for his younger form.
"Guess I can just borrow yours," Ken answered coolly, beginning to undo his straps.
 Going for the double-tease, Knil stated, "They won't fit someone of your age."
 Not skipping a beat, Ken shot-back, "Right! They'd still be too small."

This of course prompted the small boy to tackle the young boy.
Eventually they'd get tired, get dressed, and fall asleep playing on Ken's Nintendo Switch.
They'd both agree, the night was a success... but our tale doesn't end here.


Morning came, and two tykes were bound for the kitchen.
With both dressed, Ken back in his overalls, they were ready for him to transform back...
Except, well... he was still lacking just a little too much Ki to perform the process.
"Are you sure no one's home?" Ken asked his friend, obviously nervous.
"Of course," Knil assured, "Kira went with mum to work."

Mum herself had informed him of this plan the night before.
Kira had been eager to help out at the cafe, as well as the free drinks mum made for her.
Still, even with such information, you'd think they'd take a little more precautions.

Sure of himself, Knil laid out their day's coming-adventure.
"We'll have breakfast, you'll turn back, we'll go to the arcade, than relax back here!"
 Ken shook his head, sure that Knil was acting even more confident than usual.
 Guess the little guy got a boost whenever Ken was his size or smaller.
"Sounds like fun," the former 9-year-old responded-

                                                "Yeah! I'm coming too!"
                             Both boys froze in panic as they heard Kira's voice!

The cheerful sister came skipping into the room, having yet to actually look at Ken.
Desperate to keep his secret from her, Ken frantically tried in vein to hide!
"Kira! What are you doing home?" Knil asked, still surprised by her.

With a giggle, Kira turned to answer.
"I told mum Calibur was coming, so she let me stay home with you-"
Kira stopped mid-speech as she finally took notice of both boys... mainly Ken.

Their over-confidence had become their downfall. Ken braced himself for her reaction-
"Calibur!" Kira happily shouted, hugging Ken before either boy could properly react!
 Caught by Kira's grasp, Ken struggled as he and Knil had a silent conversation
 consisting of shrugs, facial expressions, and mouthing words.
 They came to one conclusion...

"That's me!" Ken shouted, attempting his best to mimic his little brothers happy tone.
 Kira had made the easy mistake of thinking Ken was Calibur due to their resemblance.
 Things were about to get embarrassing for the regressed boy, but if it meant keeping
 his secret from her, he'd just have to play the part for now.

Kira backed off of him, launching into a series of questions.
"How'd you get here so fast? Did you get new clothes? What do you want to play first?"
 Ken struggled to keep up... only getting worse when had to literally keep up as Kira
 quickly began to pull him through the house.

Concerned for his friend, Knil chased after them.
"Kira hold up!" Knil begged his sister to stop, forced to follow her up the staircase.
 It was no use, as Kira was lost in her own playful world with 'Calibur'.
 Neither Knil or Ken could get a word in.

Before Ken could think of an excuse to get away, he had been dragged into her room,
alarmed to discover many toys and outfits had been set aside for her planned play-date.
If nothing was done, he'd be enduring what had been designed for his little brother!
His only hope now was Knil, who had finally caught up-

Ken fell forward as Kira released her grip, turning on her heel to face Knil.
Her demeanour had changed, now facing Knil with a serious expression and crossed arms.
"Sorry big brother, you'll have to play with us later," she stated...
 Knil had been caught off guard.

He instantly recognised her behaviour as a copy of his previous interaction with her.
"But, Kira-" he tried to think of something to save Ken, but she cut him off.
"You can play with us later, okay?" she offered while giggling.
 With that settled, she closed the door behind her...

Knil was left speechless, his sister having stolen his best friend for a play-date...
Ken was already blushing as Kira began talking about their plans for the day...
Needless to say, this was not how either boy intended today to go.
A very fun patreon reward feature Ken, Knil, and Kira.
(For the best reading experience, centre the text with the text options along the top.)

This was an interesting story to work on.
While working on it, I finally figured out what I want my writing style to be, it's purpose, and many other things that helps give me a better idea of how to write these tales.


Story written and designed by me.

my patreon,
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Cyberstorm64Hobbyist Digital Artist

Good... The text break lagged my phone:O_o:

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
oh, sorry to hear.
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Cyberstorm64Hobbyist Digital Artist

No biggie

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Super cute story! ^^

I feel kinda bad for Ken, he is one of my favs of your universe. D:
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
And lol, he does often wind up in unwanted situations.
OniChan2014's avatar

That was a cute story. Though I am curious about the interaction between Ken and Knil's powers. If Knil had better control of his nullification powers could he have been able to prevent Ken from regressing in the first place? Also could Knil's powers accidentally caused Ken to not grow back up? Though I could just be overthinking this. Very fun story.

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I don't think Knil is even close to the point of nullifying others, if he even can.
But I think he couldn't prevent Ken from regressing, or if he did, it would cause serious harm, as it's clearly a needed action on Ken's part.

I think if Knil COULD nullify, he could keep Ken small, but he isn't mean enough to do that :P
OniChan2014's avatar

Makes sense. I'm very curious to see how powers like Knil's interact with other people's powers

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Gonna be a bit, but should be exciting to do :D
blitzuchiha45's avatar

And what's the moral of the story you may ask? Never tell your little sister no or else your best friend will regress and be mistaken for his little brother and then promptly forced into a playdate with said little sister.

Hehe to cute but poor Knil he better go get Calibur before Ken's cover is blown. :P

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I think the morale was about puling the 'he is my friend so leave us be' card :P
Kira copied instantly the moment she could.

Let's hope he even thinks of the plan to go get Calibur :P
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lol... hurry get help Knil! get the real calibur over!  don't panic! Although.... the conversation when calibur got switched out... "no that was ken before!" "oh you were pretending to be ken?" "no that was really big brother!"

Wonder if Kira would just think Calibur was being silly lol
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Hopefully, else she might start to put the pieces together... nah, she won't figure it out :P
Still, let's hope Knil can begin to think of that plan, and all the things needed to make it work... does Ken have spare blue overalls laying around?
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I really appreciate your literally work, always enjoyable and great. Poor Ken, I really want to know how many troubles They'll have. Sorry for my bad grammar but English isn't my first language.
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, it's always nice to hear that as my written work is usually the least popular :)
Oh those boys will have troubles for their entire childhoods :P
And all good, I understood you perfectly :)
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Thanks for the reply, you really make an incredible and wonderful world, is awesome read how yours nice character fall in bigs troubles and always trying to do their best in any situation, also their unique abilitys are the best, thanks again. Kindest greetings and my best wishes for you.
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Awesome! It's nice to see Ken and Knil interact a bit more, their back and forth.

Ha, just a bit of karma for the boys. Although, I suppose it was a fine plan...... until Calibur V1.0 arrives and calls Ken out for his deceit!
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Well luckily Calibur has not been retrieved yet, but he may be needed to secretly swap Ken out.
SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

Knil goes through all of that and his final thought turns to be awe she stole my playmate

Knil are you a little boy or not make up your mind

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I think his tale was all about him agreeing that he is in fact... both :P
SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

The pieces would start drifting together easier with that outlook

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Lupus1Professional General Artist
Let's hope he doesn't regress more during his playdate
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Even growing up would be a problem, she'd instantly know he isn't Calibur.
Lupus1's avatar
Lupus1Professional General Artist
Yea but growing up he could get away with less excuses or embarrassment
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