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Our story begins with a setting sun.

A boy dressed in green resting upon the grass of Romani Ranch as he enjoyed the cool breeze.

His yellow fairy companion gently flying through the air as the pair took a moment to relax.

To all who'd pass by, they'd simply see an ordinary kid lazing around after playing all day.

Of course, we know better. That tunic-clad boy is a legend. Carrying the title of hero!

Link; the hero-of-time. An adventurer capable of traversing the timeline.

Hailing from the land of Hyrule, he carries quite the complex backstory.

Link was born a normal Hylian, but raised by the Kokiri, eternal children of the Lost Woods.

Forced to leave his home by the age of nine, grow up quickly, only to be sent back in time.

Beneath that young pudgy face lies the mentally matured mind of a heroic warrior.

Childish. Courageous. Playful. Responsible. A total goofball with a horrible past.

Matured Hylian or childish Kokiri? Not even he knows anymore.

But Tatl does. The yellow fairy knew him well.

When the young-looking boy found himself in Termina, the two had become unlikely allies.

They teamed up to prevent the destruction of the land from a threat with a three day timer.

Wielding the ocarina-of-time, Link is able to take them back to the beginning of this cycle, trapping them within a time loop of repeating events that always lead back to disaster,

but providing them with an opportunity to bond... when they are not bickering.

The two understand each other. Rely on one another...

Of course, this also makes it hard to hide secrets, and it doesn't help that Link is a terrible liar.

So when the little hero decided they'd spend the third cycle in a row here, Tatl grew curious.

Link's view of the orange-stained sky became obscured as Tatl flew in front of his face.

"Not that I mind taking a couple of days off from saving the world, but why are we still here?"

Silence. Most would consider the little hero to be mute with how little he tended to talk.

Still, Tatl was far from done. Floating down beside his ear, she tried a new approach.

"Perhaps it's love! Coming back for your precious, Romani!" she playfully teased.

Link's cheeks turned pink as his face twitched, but he remained silent...

Let's take a moment to talk about Romani.

The young red-headed girl is one of the two lone sisters currently running Romani Ranch.

Perhaps more interestingly, Romani bares an uncanny resemblance to one of Link's friends;

a fact that had them on friendly terms rather fast. After Link's initial shock upon arriving.

That first cycle at the farm lost all productivity as the two kids wound up playing games,

with Romani constantly taking charge and luring out the hero's inner Kokiri nature.

Ever since, Tatl had relentlessly joked about them being a cute couple.

What are you hiding? Tatl wondered, landing atop Link's bent knee.

Upon rewinding time, starting this new cycle, her companion wasted no time in coming here,

spending two days helping out with easy farm chores and occasionally playing with Romani.

Why go to all that tiresome effort, doing nothing different, if not to spend time with her?

Tatl was stumped, looking into the distance as she watched the girl in question.

Romani ran into the barn, no doubt to talk to her older sister...

The devious fairy begun to piece it all together.

"Well, if not her, then maybe you came all this way to see big sister, Cremia?" Tatl coyly asked.

Link was suddenly alert, pushing himself up into a sitting position, forcing Tatl to fly away.

"No! Why would I be?" the blond boy responded, panicked, his face as red as a heart-piece.

He turned away, but the damage was done; Tatl laughed at his inability to properly lie.

The kid was truly that, a kid, at least when it came to his poker face.

Link buried his head, unable to deny his focus on Cremia.

She was the older of the two sisters, a young adult also resembling a friend from back home...

Like Romani, she too treated him like the kid he seemed to be; constantly patronising him.

Though the little hero had grown used to this treatment, the familiar face made it worse.

Every time she removed a heavy box from his hands, or rustled his hair, telling him to

go and play with Romani instead. It felt like his old friend was belittling him.

He wanted to finish things up and leave. Until the previous cycle...

Witnessing his archery skills, Cremia requested Link to ride along with her to Clock Town.

Hesitant at first, his long ears perked up at the sound of trouble as she mentioned bandits.

Understanding that she was treating him maturely and asking for help, he agreed to go.

A good thing too. The local bandits struck, attempting to destroy her delivery of milk.

Link had managed to save the stock and protect the wagon. Earning him a reward...

Grateful for his actions, Cremia embraced Link in a tight hug...

The mind of a young adult in the body of a small child...

Link was overwhelmed by complex feelings, only able to describe the hug as nice and warm.

Had he enjoyed it due to his older Hylian nature or some Kokiri desire dwelling within?

He wasn't sure, but the confused kid decided to do it again to help him figure it out.

That's right! Our tiny hero is spending this cycle attempting to get another hug!

Let's focus back on the blushing boy.

Growing frustrated, Link leapt at Tatl, missing as she dodged, crashing into the grass instead.

Lightly landing on his raised bottom, Tatl chuckled before mocking him, "Nice moves, kid."

Tatl was forced to fly away as Link rolled to the side, getting up before leaping again!

Rather than another crash, he rolled forward before reaching out to grab her,

the mischievous fairy remaining just outside of his small grasp...

He grinned as she laughed. They were having fun.

Thus began their childish game; catch the fairy!

Tatl would continue to dodge, taunt, and flutter away; never remaining entirely out of reach.

Link would constantly pursue, retort, and reach for her; making sure to be somewhat gentle.

The two giggled as their game took them across the grassy fields, bringing them to the barn.

Running out of energy, Tatl was ready to end things, but found doing so to be difficult.

Link's Kokiri nature had taken hold as he gave in to his childish desire to play.

Thinking fast, Tatl flew around him in circles, slowly dizzying the kid.

It was working; Link struggled to keep up as he lost his footing-


Link fell on his bottom, giggling like a lunatic!

"So. Did you you get that out of your system?" Tatl inquired, hovering in front of his face...

Link's response came in the form of flicking a bit of mud at her; amused despite missing.

"Grasshopper?" Link froze upon hearing Romani's voice.

Slowly turning, he discovered the happy-go-lucky girl to be towering over his muddy form.

His cheeks burned red as his younger persona receded in favour of his older Hylian mindset.

Humiliated to be caught 'playing' in the mud, Link tried his best to ignore the situation.

"Hey Romani. Did you need something?" he stammered as mud dripped from his hand.

His ego took a hit as she began to giggle, amused by the situation.

"Yep! Big sister said to come get Grasshopper!" Romani cheerfully announced.

Grasshopper is the official nickname she'd gift the green-clad boy every cycle he came here.

Link found that irrelevant, more focused on the important detail; Cremia asked for him!

Like last time, that meant she'd ask for his help with travelling safely to Clock Town.

He was a mere conversation away from the event that would lead to his reward!

Daydreaming a little, Link raised his arm, silently asking Romani for help.

With a smile of her own, she happily took hold and pulled him up-


Link cried out upon feeling a sudden pain in his arm!

Link rubbed at his sore arm, unsure how he had hurt it...

Upon looking back up at Romani, he nearly jumped in fright from her scarily stern expression,

now more aware than usual that despite being the same age, she was clearly bigger than him.

His cry of pain had managed to trigger a maternal response from Romani's caring nature.

The tiny hero was helpless to stop her as she took his hand and dragged him away!

Forced to watch the barn shrink into the distance along with Cremia!


Sat upon Romani's bed, Link endured her painful examination.

The bubbly girl went as far as forcing a thermometer into his mouth, silencing his protests!

He dared not dwell on the alternative she suggested, worried she may have been serious.

Link tried to patiently outlast the invasive check-up until hearing her latest command.

"Hmm, Grasshopper needs to take his tunic off so we can check for more ouchies!"

"That's enough!" a frustrated Link shouted, having spat out the thermometer.

"Sorry, Romani got carried away," she said, speaking in third person.

Link sighed, forgiving his naive friend without hesitation. He knew she truly meant well.

Flexing his arm, Link winced at the pain that shot through it.

Together, with the help of Tatl, the duo had determined the pain to simply be from overuse.

Link had spent the last two days helping out around the farm along with showing off a bit.

He had been overzealous in displaying his archery skills for Cremia this time around.

Now his left arm could barely function; he'd be incapable of wielding his bow...

Meaning he'd be unable to accompany and aid Cremia tonight!

Romani watched in awe as Link searched through his endless enchanted pockets for a potion.

But he found nothing but empty bottles, having forgotten to resupply during this cycle.

Desperate and running out of time, he turned to Romani for help.

At first she had suggested seeking her sister's help. That would cause Cremia to dismiss him!

He begged her for an alternate solution. Unable to tell her why they couldn't just get Cremia.

Romani was of course confused by Grasshoppers odd request, thinking this to be a game.

Contemplating for a moment, she recalled something big sister used to heal herself.

"I got it! Grasshopper just needs Chateau Milk!" she enthusiastically declared.

Romani left the room, forcing Link to follow after; travelling down stairs and into the kitchen.

Link watched curiously as Romani moved a chair against the fridge.

She opened it up, the sudden cool air created by the magic ice within, had both kids shivering

Romani quicken her pace, reaching up into the top shelf in order to retrieve a bottle of milk.

Closing the door, she placed the bottle on the nearby bench; allowing Link to examine it.

A simple glance at its contents had him baffled, wondering how milk could help him?

It was only when he noticed the label that Romani's name for it finally registered.

Chateu Milk! He had heard of it. It was drunk exclusively at the Milk Bar!

He tried to get in there once before, only to be denied...

The Milk Bar only allowed adults to enter...

He looked over at Romani, silently asking her to explain.

"This is Chateu Milk! Big sister drinks it whenever she gets hurt. So it should help you too!"

Link looked back at the bottle, wondering if it had magical properties like LonLon Milk.

He slowly reached for the bottle, hopefully optimistic, only for Tatl to intervene!

"You should be careful; that stuff is meant for mature adults," she warned him.

"I am mature!" he defiantly countered before taking hold of the milk.

Removing the cork-lid, he greedily gulped down the contents!

There was a strange tingle...

Link twisted his body and flexed his arm. He felt no pain, fatigue, or any kind of exhaustion!

Chateu Milk is a miracle! As effective as a blue potion while remaining tasty to drink!

"Does Grasshopper feel better?" Romani asked, anxiously awaiting his answer.

"I feel amazing!" Link exclaimed, unable to believe how effective that was.

He was shocked that the adults of Clock Town hoarded this stuff.

If I had more, I could overcome any challenge! Link realised.

The kids heard a door opening; Cremia had come searching for them.

"There you are!" She exclaimed upon seeing them "Romani I asked you not to get distracted!"

The younger sister was unabashed in her apology, saying a simple sorry while giggling.

Cremia groaned, used to her sister's antics, before turning towards Link with a smile.

"Link, I was wondering if you'd ride along with me tonight to Clock Town?"

The young boy hid his excitement, trying to agree in a mature manner...

"Sure! I'd love too!" he blushed as Tatl giggled at his failure...

Cremia gave a soft laugh before going into detail.

Link nodded along, listening to her recounting the possible dangers just as she had last cycle.

However, he began to lose focus; a sensation in his bladder slowly consuming his attenion.

His dignity dropped as he began to wiggle in place, his body demanding immediate relief.

"Cremia,"-Link interrupted her-"Can I use the bathroom?" he desperately asked.

By this point, his wiggling had devolved into a potty dance!

Caught off guard, Cremia took a second to respond.

"Of, of course! It's right around the corner-" she stopped as she caught sight of the bottle...

Quickly survying the room, she turned towards Romani with anger in her eyes.

"Romani! Did you give Link Chateu Milk?" she demanded an answer!

The young girl told the truth, unfazed by her sister's tone.

"Yep! Grasshopper was hurt, so Romani helped him!"

Link watched as the sister begun to argue.

Cremia was quickly reminding her little sister that Chateu Milk was not for young children!

Romani countered by teller her big sister that both she and grasshopper were old enough!

Their bickering went back and forth, both girls eventually forgetting about his need!

He tried to find the bathroom on his own, but failed to take even a single step.

His bladder was ready to burst! How had this sudden pressure come about?

"Kid, you okay?" Tatl asked, genuinely concerned for Link.

He looked at her, a pained expression on his face, attempting to answer her-

His bladder gave way...

Everyone watched as he began to wet his pants.

He pressed his legs together as he clutched at his crotch, trying in vain to obstruct the flow.

All this effort only to gain a pair of piss-coated hands and a sizeable puddle beneath his feet.

The rushing slowed until there was nothing but drips and drops sliding down his legs.

Wobbly legs. It took all his strength to keep from collapsing into his own mess.

He had soaked his shorts like a common infant. A total baby...

Link looked up at Cremia, tears in his eyes...

Not since he was a toddler had he done something so humiliating as that pathetic display.

His spirit momentarily broken, he just stood there until Cremia took hold of his hand...

The older sister began to lead him away, ordering Romani to grab some towels...

He had just learnt the hard way; Chateu Milk is for adults only...

Younger bodies just can't handle its drastic effects...


Steam hung in the air of the rustic bathroom.

The humiliated hero sat quietly in the bathtub, unable to enjoy the surrounding hot water.

Tatl rested on the edge, the humidity of the room making it quite difficult to use her wings.

"You okay, kid?" she asked, her soft tone conveying her worry for his well-being.

Link slowly nodded, having reverted back to being his usual silent self.

"At least they won't remember any of this," Tatl tried to console.

It was a statement they had both used many times in the past.

When rewinding time, only the two of them would keep the memories of occurring events.

The rest of Termina would remain oblivious to their struggles and various shenanigans.

They'd mutter those words in contempt as they reintroduced themselves for yet again.

They'd speak those words while laughing after repeating the same hilarious prank.

They'd say those words apologetically when forced to abandon everyone behind.

Yet, one thing remained constant. Those words never erased the memories.

For Link, he will always think of this cycle when coming back here...

If he still had his Ocarina, Link would have rewound time already.

It, along with all his other equipment, had be taken away when he was stripped of his tunic.

Cremia had yanked it right off of him, leaving him to bathe while she tried to clean it.

They were stuck in this cycle for the moment. No escaping this humiliation...

Not like things can get any worse, Link glumly thought.

But how wrong he was.

There was a knock at the door, suddenly swinging open to reveal Cremia carrying his clothes.

Link blushed, sinking deeper into the warm water until only the top half of his head was left.

Privacy is a luxury that he had once tasted. A treat the world reserved for the older Hylians.

A little kid like himself? Cremia had no issue waltzing right in while humming a tune.

Placing his clothes upon the toilet; Link's eyes focusing on something white.

Atop his tunic was something quite infantile in nature. A diaper!

Cremia quickly noticed where Link's attention went. She calmly explained,

"Link, the milk my little sister gave you is called Chateu Milk. It has a lot of magical properties

but when children drink it, they experience a range of side effect. Including your accident."

Despite her attempt to soften the blow, Link winched as she brought up that incident.

"It will take a couple of days before the effects completely wear off, but until then..."

Picking up the diaper, Cremia brought it over to Link, showing it off to him.

"You will be better off wearing one of these," she suggested.

Link remained submerged, now glaring at the offending object.

Cremia sighed, having anticipated this. To her, this young boy was no different from Romani;

he tried his best to act mature, wished to grow up faster, and objected to everything childish.

Requesting him to wear a diaper would mean a losing battle against his determined desires.

That's okay, because she came in with a plan that would let him maintain his dignity.

"It's just a precaution. We won't have any time to stop during tonight."

Link's ears perked up once he realised what she was talking about.

He emerged from the water with a look of shock, so sure that he was going to be left behind!

Yet Cremia was willing to bring him along so long as he willingly wore one silly little diaper?

With a goofy grin, our happy hero gave a nod as he unknowingly played his part;

acting like the little kid she believed him to be, accepting without hesitation.

I'm sure you can relate; Agreeing to something silly in your tireless pursuit of what you crave?

Poor little Kokiri...

Having signed his fate with a bottle of milk and acceptance of padding. Just for a simple hug.

The little guy even went the extra step, declaring he had no need of her changing assistance;

he'd be perfectly capable of diapering himself once ready. Cremia did not dare to argue.

Trusting in his capability, she left while reminding him to hurry and finish his bath.

A comment that should of stabbed at the hero's ego, but his mind was elsewhere.

His only thoughts now were that of tonight's coming reward.

Tatl was unsure if she should laugh or sigh.

On the one hand, the idea of Link toddling around in TushyTot brand diapers is hilarious!

On the other? Her friend was just tricked and is now well on his way to further humiliations.

"Don't you think we should be resetting now?" Tatl asked, worry outweighing enjoyment.

Pulled back to reality, Link dismissed his friends concerns as he climbed out of the bath.

"But we already came this far! I don't want to start all over." It was a lousy excuse.

"If you insist. Baby boy," Tatl gave up, choosing to tease him instead.

"Not a baby," the baby mumbled as he grabbed a towel.

Drying off, he threw the towel aside and took hold of the infantile underwear.

The naked kid just stared for a moment. Unsure of what to do, he looked to Tatl for answers.

"Don't look at me! How should I know!" Tatl's glow shifted to red, her version of a blush.

Shrugging, Link looked back down, getting a feel for the diaper. It felt very soft...

The little Hylian didn't even know these things came in sizes meant for kids...

Enough delaying! He'd figure this out! How hard can it possibly be?


Link felt self-conscious as he stepped out into the cold night.

His tunic had failed to conceal the lower half of the diaper while every step taken felt difficult

The thick padding between his legs forced him to waddle as he made his way to the wagon,

uncomfortably aware of what he is now wearing due to his inability to simply ask for help.

His inexperience leading to one wing being too tight with the other being too loose.

It was a miracle that the tapes hadn't come undone already from loss of adhesiveness;

the result of rushing to change before waiting until he had been completely dry.

To call the thing around his waist, a mess, would be a generous description.

Even Tatl found it too cruel to continue jesting as his expense.

"Ready to go?" Cremia asked as she noticed him approaching.

Link nodded, not up to the task of talking while feeling flustered. Cremia gave a soft laugh.

Without asking, she picked up the small boy, plopping him down in the front of the wagon.

Our tiny hero could only blush from the embarrassing treatment accompanied by crinkling.

Cremia paid his feelings no mind, instead focusing on the poor state of his underwear.

"Hold on a second," she instructed, confusing Link before the unthinkable happened.

The beautiful woman reached down to the front of his diaper, undoing several of the tapes!

She brought the loose side in before re-tapping the wing for a more proper fit...

Link could only blush as she finished up by ruffling his hair...

"There we go!" she enthusiastically announced.

"Don't worry, Romani often needs my help too," she tried to comfort the red-faced hero.

At least that explained where the diapers had come from; Romani needed them too.

Possibly a bedwetter? The thought did little to ease Link's current discomfort.

Without a doubt, this had been the single most humiliating cycle so far.

He could only hope the rest of this side-quest went smoothly...

If you've been paying attention so far, then you already know.

His troubles have only just begun.

Okay, here we go, first proper FanFic that isn't a story book.
Of course, I went with my favourite game of all time; Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

A cute little story follow Link as he attempts to redo a sidequest, only for things to take quite the turn.
Please let me know what you think, if you enjoyed it, want the second chapter, as well as other fanfics.
These take a while to write, and I'm happy to do so, so long as they are desired.

If some of the spelling or grammar seems off, it's possibly on purpose.
DA's new word limit per line forced me to make some sacrifices to keep my usual style.


Link to chapter 1,

FanFiction - Link's Milky Fate (2)Night is upon us.Somewhere out in Termina Fields, fearsome monsters are awakening to the howls of Wolfos.The residents of Clock Town are flocking into their homes, feasting before soon sleeping.A cold chill blows down from Snowhead Mountain threatening to freeze lost explorers.But no sound entered Milk Road, a small path that runs through a narrow canyon.The silence gave way for two distinct sounds echoing off of the rocky walls;wooden wheels of a wagon rolling along the rocks and dirt of the road, and plastic crinkles emanating from a fidgeting child.Link struggled against the loud diaper in an attempt to get comfy.In truth, he did find the thick piece of padding to be quite the comfy cusion in comparison to the wooden seat of the wagon, but his constant awareness of its presence distracted him;leaving the little hero squirming in his seat, failing to forget about the thick thing.It left him more silent than usual; his inability to sit still not going unnoticed.Cremia, who too had remained silent, voiced what she suspected,"Are you okay? Did you have an accident?" she inquired, assuming the diaper had been used. Link blushed, his movement coming to a stop for the first time since they left the farm. Unable to face such a question, he shook his head, looking away in shame. Cremia thankfully accepted his response, focusing back on the road. It had technically been a lie...Link's absorbent undergarments had greedily soaked up a minor wetting only moments ago!But Cremia did not need to know this, nor how he had been incapble of feeling it happen...In desperate need of a new distraction, Link turned his attention to the sky.The rain-carrying clouds had finally begun to part, starlight cutting through the dark night.A beautiful sight only ruined by the menacing moon threatening to fall upon all of Termina;pulled down by the dark magic of Majora's Mask! Unless he could successfully stop it...Sighing, our little hero's thoughts began to wander, now thinking only of defeat...Saving the world required him overcoming four intricately designed dungeons;risking mutilation and death, the recent dungeon still giving him nightmares.Link could still recall his brush with an icy death...Feeling prepared, he had entered Snowhead Temple, traversing through it without a worry.He pushed giant blocks, defeated many White Boes, overcoming every challenge before him!But upon reaching the Wizrobe, things took a dire turn as he was hit by an icey attack!It had been a shock! Hit from behind! Next thing he knew, he was encased in ice!Not a new occurrence for the hero; he had been frozen several times during his last journey!But, he had been physically older at the time. Strange as it may be; this time frightened him!His child body brought with it a younger brain that forced him to feel rather than think,leaving Link incapable of reasoning with himself as he silently begged for his life.He broke free of course, fighting like a wild animal desperate to survive!But once the adrenaline wore off, he had been reduced to tears...Even now, the mountain's chill carries a haunting reminder of fear, for the shivering Kokiri.It didn't take too long for Cremia to take notice of him once more.Lost upon her was the idea that her travelling companion was currently recalling the tragedy,instead, she saw a young boy with no pants, shivering from the cool air of the cold night.Without asking, she pulled him from his memories as she physically pulled him closer;a sudden shock turned humiliation as Link felt his diaper struggling to keep up.He'd forget all about that however as Cremia brought him right against her,wrapping one arm around him in an attempt to comfort and warm him.Shock soon turned to happiness as Link realised what had happened.Receiving his reward early; he was held in Cremia's embrace, his head laid against her breast!It felt a lot like how he had remembered it. It was warm, comforting, causing him to smile!Yet, something about it felt different. Maybe it was just his exhausted mind, but...He felt tired rather than giddy, capable of peacefully resting at any moment...Link struggled to remain awake...It would be the final straw in this situation; falling asleep like some little kid in need of a nap!Desperately, he tried to fight the urge to sleep, forcing his eyes open every few minutes...But the constant motion of the wagon helped soothe his physically exhaustion...And cremia's warming embrace brought peace to his troubled mind...He closed his eyes... just for a second...Everything came to a stop.Link opened his eyes, rubbing at them, wondering how much time had passed.Sitting up and wiping away some drool, Link realised where they were.They had reached a fork in the path, with the quicker road to town, blocked by a metal gate."Wait here a moment," Cremia instructed, climbing down from her seat to go investigate. Link would have followed her like disobedient child, except as he when he tried moving, he became immediately aware of his diaper's soggy condition; it was utterly drenched! In his unintended sleep, Link had managed to fill the diaper up to its full capacity... Blushing, Link sat back against the wagon as he just stared at the thing... Even the colorful prints had faded away, replaced by yellow stains..."What are you waiting for, kid?" came Tatl's playful voice.She had left the safety of Link's hat, having already examined the little hero's soggy situation; poking at the padding for extra measure. Link glared, silently demanding an explanation."Well, you're wet, aint'cha? Go ask mommy for a change," she painfully mocked him! Going the extra mile, flying up and pinching Link's bright red cheeks!"Leave me alone!" Link yelled as he brushed her away.Tatl could only giggle at her friend.True, her words risked hurting him and harming their close friendship, but she couldn't resist!Besides, they were both aware of the irony; Link wanted Cremia's affection, just not like that.The thought of having his bottom change by her...Link shuddered at the thought, truly believing there to be no worse fate a Kokiri could suffer!Though with that said, he is in desperate need of a new diaper before his current one leaked.Looking back to Cremia, Link bit his lip, contemplating telling her about his diaper's status.Humiliating as it may be, he won't get another chance to change until they get to town.Announce his accident and get to change himself? Or stay stuck in it until they arrive?"It's locked tight," Cremia announced, seated once more."We'll have to go through Gorman Track. It's a little dangerous, so we won't be able to stop." She pointed to the alternate path while staring at Link, as if awaiting some specific response. Link sheepishly nodded, resigning himself to soggy discomfort for the trip's remainder. Cremia sighed, aware but not willing to push the issue of his obviously wet diaper..."Well, if you're ready?"-giving him one final chance-"climb into the back." Squirming for a moment, Link ultimately chose to remain silent.Getting up, the infantile boy began moving into the back.His diaper, heavy with piss, sagged, barely clinging to his body, swaying around as he moved,an audible squish could be heard with every step; louder when he finally fell on his bottom.Tatl followed behind, more ashamed than amused by her companions clumsy movement.Link rubbed his body, grimacing as he felt the squishy texture of the soggy diaper.To add insult to injury, he had landed next to an open packet of spares;Cremia having brought along extra diapers for this very reason.Finally positioned, Link gave a weak thumbs up.Shaking her head at the soggy boy's poor choice, but amused at his attempts to be sneaky,Cremia gave the command, taking the reins of the horse and ordering it take the other path.They were heading into a trap, though only the time travelling duo were aware of this.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Silence; unseen danger drowning out previous sounds.Upon entering into a wider area known as Gorman Track, the trio of travellers had tensed up.The area is filled with dangerous bandits looking to cause trouble for all who passed through.No doubt the locked gate had been their doing; a ploy to lure unaware travellers into a trap.Despite living through this before, aware of what is to come, Link felt frightened;Kokiri emotions ruling over the little Hylian's ability to assess the situation...His younger imagination warping reality into horrifying visuals...Through fear, his mind caused the trees to grow in size as shadows began to engulf the world.He tried to resist, tried to recall his past adventures that had been filled with actual dangers,but shamefully, the only thing that kept him brave, was the soft glow of Tatl's light.Nervously, Link equipped his bow as he crouched in the rear of the wagon;his drooping diaper barely distracting him from this feeling of fear..."I'm going to get us through here as quickly as possible," Cremia reassured him. The vehicle picked up in speed, the intense shaking threatening to topple the scared warrior. Steadying himself, Link got back into position, pulling out an arrow as he patiently waited; his job is to defend against any bandits intent or damaging the cargo of Chateu Milk... The realisation of what he had been protecting caused the child to glare and groan... He had been tasked with guarding the source of his infantile predicament... A lesser hero would have abandoned the evil milk to its fate...Deathly screams echoed around them!Unearthly and monstrous; Link jumped in fright from the horrific sounds!Link began to get to his feet, freezing as he saw them approach.Two bandits riding atop shadowy steads, wearing demonic masks that concealed their heads!"Get your bow ready!" Cremia commanded with authority, taking charge of the situation. Scolding himself for getting distracted, Link scrambled to regain his dropped bow. The first of the bandits began to approach, readying to strike with a pitchfork. Pulling back the string, Link had a moment to aim before firing the arrow!Direct hit! The bandit clutched as his arm as an aura of red flowed across his body.Perhaps I should take a moment to talk about magic and its many passive protective abilities.Every Hylian, Kokiri, and any other living thing, has some form of latent magic within them.The most common being Heart Magic; a barrier around your body preventing injuries,allowing the user to take massive damage, feeling the pain, but remain physically fine!Minor injuries can still slip through, while powerful magic can break the barrier,but Link would have fallen in battle long ago, if not for his many Hearts!Back to the battle, both bandits attempted to attack!Despite his earlier fears, Link found himself feeling at ease once the actual fight had started.He fired arrows left and right, slowly pushing the bandits back whenever they came close!Tatl helped too, flying out and lighting them up, allowing Link to lock on to them!Together, they were unstoppable. Making short work of the bumbling bandits!Link smiled, finally feeling back in control of the night-Link clutched at his stomach!The diapered boy felt his gut rumble, pained by sudden pressure! Blushing as he farted...Link's eye grew wide, aware of what his body demanded...Fighting the rapidly growing urge, he focused back on the bandits, firing an arrow at them...The arrow hit the ground, as did the next, and every following shot he would attempt...The struggling Kokiri barely managed to lift his bow as he tried to keep clean..."What are you doing?" Tatl frantically asked, flying back into the wagon. Link could only look at her, red in the face with pain in his eyes..."I, I need to..." he tried to explain. His words failing him...Confused, Tatl quickly darted around him, searching for the source of his pain before realising"Seriously! You're worried about crapping yourself? Just do it before you get yourself killed!"Tatl's 'gentle' words were followed up by one of the bandits striking at the cart!The many boxes of bottled milk began to shake, threatening to shatter after another hit!"What's going on back there?" Cremia called back, worried for Link and her precious cargo. The boy in question attempted to fight back, but his shots barely came close to hitting. He knew it was impossible to properly aim and fire while pushing back the pressure, but he refused to give in! Unwilling to solidify his status as a diaper needing baby! He is a mighty hero! A mature Hylian! Willing to let the cargo be destroyed!...He is a Kokiri constantly acting like a bloody baby!In his desire to prove himself a hero and a mature Hylian, he had been reckless and selfish.It was his rash actions that had led him to this point. He could have simply rewound time!No. He chose to let things play out and play the role of an infant in need of diapers.All because he wanted a ridiculous reward to satisfy his uncertain desires...Perhaps the most mature thing he could do right now, is be childish...A mature Hylian acting like an immature Kokiri to save the day...Link released his hold; allowing his body to act on its own...instantly, he felt his bowels evacuate their loaded contents into the back of his soggy diaper!The feeling disgusted him; brown sludge pushing out of him, spreading around as it collidedwith the padding, filling into every vacant space between the used diaper and his bottom.It felt hot and squishy, like some nasty prankster poured warm mud down his back.He could feel the diaper getting heavier, the tapes threatening to come loose...But what he could not feel, was the painful pressure holding him back!Getting back on his feet, trying not to gag from his own smell, Link readied another arrow.Channelling his own, more complex, magic, Link focused on feelings of disgust and anger.He recalled the fight with the Wizrobe and what these bandits had just forced him to do.His arrow sparked before igniting in flames fueled by his intense fiery emotions!Then he let go; releasing both his emotions and the empowered arrow...*BOOM!*The ground exploded between the two groups!Link was thrown back by the mini explosion!The mighty Hylian landed with a sickening *squelch,* making a bigger mess of his used diaper.He took a moment to be disgusted by his filthy state before looking back at the bandits.They had been thrown from their horses. Unable to catch back up to the wagon.Cremia declared something about being safe while Tatl praised his actions.Link didn't really pay attention, too exhausted; both magically and emotionally.Simply wishing for this horrible sidequest to come to an end.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our story picks back up at the west entrance of Clock Town.Cremia brought the wagon to a stop beside the tall concrete wall surrounding the small town,taking a moment to rest from the eventful encounter, before checking on her passenger.She stepped down from her seat, walked around the concealed sides, reaching the back-She covered her nose! Trying not to gag from the revolting assault on her nostrils!Upon realising the only source, she withdrew her hand before looking to Link,spotting the young boy silently sitting in his filthy mess of a diaper...Thankfully he had failed to notice her rather rude reaction...Cremia slowly approached him, deciding it best to be delicate, trying not to make this worse."We're here," she announced, talking in a gentle tone, "Everything go okay? Any problems?" Link didn't respond. Silent as usual but no longer bothering with physical communication. Growing worried for his well-being, Cremia climbed into the wagon, sitting beside him; trying her best not to react to the putrid stench slowly tainting the air around them.The dirty diaper wearing Kokiri had adjusted to his own horrid smell, no longer ashamed of it.Why should he be? It's perfectly natural for a baby...He couldn't change himself, he soaked his shorts and he dirtied his diaper like any other baby.All evidence painted the perfect picture of a babbling baby unfit for the duties of a hero...His previous mature choice had been forgotten in favor of this train of thoughts...So, when Cremia finally took action and asked if he wanted help cleaning up?The baby found no reason he should object. Allowing himself to be lifted.Cremia brought the small boy to the centre of the floor.She pulled out supplies she had thankfully brought along; wipes, powder, and a spare diaper...Bracing herself, she began to pull the tapes off, not particularly fond of cleaning this mess...A rip was heard, followed by another; the wings were undone but still clung to his body...Taking a deep breath, Cremia took hold of the front section and pulled it open...Link awoke from his depressive daze as the cold air hit his exposed genitals.His cheeks turned crimson as he pulled his arm over his eyes; refusing to watch this play out...Link felt Cremia taking hold of his legs, maneuvering him as needed before beginning by-The bashful boy jumped as he felt something cold and wet press against his messy bottom!Cremia begun dragging wipe after wipe along his skin, slowly removing the foul filth.Link squeaked as she brushed over his prepubescent penis; thankful for his lack of puberty...Clean, Link's diaper was pulled out from beneath him before being replaced by the fresh pair.His bottom was lowered into place before having a sizeable amount of powder applied to it,clouds of white leaving his lower half the same shade as the diaper currently being taped up.Cremia ran her fingers through the leak guards, examining her handiwork for faults.Satisfied, the young adult pulled the even-younger boy to his feet."Better?" she asked, giving the little Kokiri's fresh diaper a pat and disposed of the used one. Link could only blush and nod, unwilling to admit that the snug-fitting diaper does feel nice. If not for the social stigma surrounding the infantile underwear, he'd enjoy wearing them, but both his Hylian and Kokiri mind agreed; he is too old to be stuck back in diapers! This had been a mistake! He should of rewound time before things got this bad! As soon as he has enough magic, he'll rip the diaper off and use the ocarina-Cremia hugged Link!"Thank you for helping me tonight."Comfy and warm! Link smiled.Held tight against Cremia's body, he could feel her heat and hear her heart through her chest!Her hold brought peace to his mind as all his negative emotions and thoughts faded away!This is his reward! All his suffering made valid by this one perfect moment of caring!An interaction of affection! His diapered state somehow making this even better!He did feel like a baby! He felt like her baby! Happy for his mother's love!Link pulled away from Cremia, falsely smiling up at her...He didn't wish to hurt her feelings, even if she won't remember this interaction, next cycle...The pained Kokiri wanted to be kind considering the gift she had just given to him...He now understood why he had enjoyed the hug. Why it brought him happiness...It won't work again. It had been nice, but Cremia is not his mother...She can't substitute the family he desperately wishes to have...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All alone...Link laid in the grassy field just outside of the town; sighing as he looked up at the starry sky.He had completed the mission and been rewarded for his bravery! Gifted with spare supplies!Truly with these diapers and wipes added to his equipment, saving Termina will be easy!A reward befitting the mighty hero who purposely chose to endure this humiliation!Who else could end up padded and have his bottom wiped clean for nothing?It had to be him! Link, the hero of time! The infant without a family!The diapered boy began to laugh at his own misfortune, barely keeping himself from crying..."You okay, kid?" Tatl asked, nervous about his sudden amusement... Link grew silent, turning to stare at the yellow fairy with teary eyes, ready to shout out, 'No!' The emotionally confused kid wishes for the words to describe the pain he currently feels! To convey how he no longer feels at home back with the Kokiri who had raised him! Wanting to talk about the Hylian heritage that flowed through his young blood!He resorted to silently answering by shaking his head, knowing those words will never come.Tatl sighed, landing atop Link's chest before resting with him.To see her charge in pain brought agonising misery upon the fairy, wishing only to help him.She, better than anyone else, could sense the many conflicts currently waging in his mind.As a fairy, she is drawn to children, with a strong sense of duty to assist them as needed.At times, Link's soul cries out for her. Begging for assistance like any other child.But how could she ever truly help him overcome his complex problems?The little guy is a young Kokiri at heart with a matured Hylian's understanding of the world!She'd start with cheering up his inner child!"You know, I heard this neat little rumour the other day," Tatl tempted, talking in a coy tone. Link didn't seem to respond, but this didn't slow her! Tatl flew up and continued recounting,"They say there's beavers up in the cliffs; gifting bottles to anyone who beats them in a race!" Tatl put on a show as she spoke; flying around and making use of her very tiny arms!"Really?" Link inquired; sceptical yet intrigued by the outlandish sounding story."Really!" Tatl eagerly lied, unsure if the rumour held any truth to it."Then let's go!" Link shouted, jumping to his feet before cutely tugging at his stained diaper; it had turned green from the grass beneath him, but at least he had managed to keep it dry! Tatl could only giggle as this display, happy that for the moment, he is just an Kokiri... Her Kokiri! She'll never stop trying to keep that goofy grin on his face!

If you'd like to read this in my usual storybook format, here is a link:
FanFiction - Link's Milky Fate


Images if any :icondcrisisbeta: Story was designed and written by me..

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Good story, bad grammar...

Sorry, but I had to call you out on that... If you want a proofreader, I am available.

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can you explain the bad grammar?

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I spotted a few mistakes... You used improper tense once... Ie. Link use his sword to cut grass vs. Link uses his sword to cut grass vs. Link used his sword to cut grass...

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I'll save the lecture for another time as I am about to read the second... Btw does DA no longer let you use italics? (Referring to underlined text in the second one)

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I could try to find them...
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This was pretty great! A little heavy on exposition and backstory but I did enjoy someone acknowledging Link's Kokiri upbringing and how he can be childish. It was good :D

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Exposition/narration tends to be more my style -.-''

And yeah, not enough people work with his Kokiri side in content.

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Hey what a cute story Kenny! It was adorable x3

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Thanks :)

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This was a A-M-E-Z-I-N-G story. I really laughed because of you know... ''the accident'' XD Can't wait for chapter 2!

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Thank you :)

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Amazing story dude i read it all its really nice

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Thank you :)

Hopefully chapter 2 is just as great.

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Very cute story :3

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I am a very happy boy right now.

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alright, i'm on board. when can we expect part 2?

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If I can get it done on time, next Friday.

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You repeated a paragraph in this during when Cremia brings the diaper into the bathroom, but other than that, great read!

Kind of hoping we may see a cameo from Anju and Kafei too xD

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Thanks, updated it now.

The new DA writing system is not very friendly to work with >.<

I'd love to include them, though I won't push for them.

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Milky fate sounds fun and concerning simultaneously

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lol, it's what I aimed for :P

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