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Elijah and the Prophets of Baal TTG
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
TTG style
Robin as Ahab,
Starfire as Jezebel
Beast boy as Elijah
Cyborg as crowd
Raven as Prophet of Baal
Everyone is standing on Mount Carmel. Prophets of Baal on one side. Elijah on the other. Ahab and Jezebel seated in the middle.
Ahab: Can we hurry this along?
Jezebel: Yes, I’d very much like to get the Killing Elijah once and for all part.
Elijah: (Flustered Stands between to both sides) When are ya’ll Fools gonna make a decision?! If Baal is God worship him, but if God is God worship Him!
Crowd: (multiple cyborgs in the crowd) Nod’s* Makes Sense  to me.
Crowd 2: Uuuummm hmmm.
Crowd3: That’s my baby!
POB: SILENCE!!! What do you propose Elijah?
Elijah: Mama, I propose the only thing I can propose….ALTAR PARTY!!!
Ahab: STOP!!! What on Baal’s Green earth is an ALTAR Party?
Elijah: Why I’m Glad you asked,
“Take some stones, Lay em’ on the Ground,
Then gather Fire Wood from all around,
Then go gr
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LarryBoy: the Bad Apple Returns New part 8
Chapter 8: Rumour has it
Lawrence and Nezzer inc. have merged but things are bad in the City of Bumblyburg! Larry/Larryboy has invited 3 girls to the Larryboy Celebration on Thursday! Just in time for all of Larryboy's Former Villians to appear and wreak Havoc on Bumblyburg Led by The Bad Apple Herself. Archibald disapproves the actions of his Former boss and best Friend Larry/Larryboy and distances himself thinking he can run away with his fromer girlfriend Lovey. Larry catches his uncle Nezzer on a phone call with the evil Apple in his own home? What will happen next?
Larry: Who was that? (Pause) On the Phone? That voice it sounded familiar.
Nezzer: (turns around nervously) Oh, uh Lawrence, I didn’t see you there….
Larry: (Coming closer) Uncle Nezzer, I’m not going to jump to any conclusions but I want you to be…
Nezzer: (sobbing) OH! Nephew darling caring Nephew, I’m sorry. I’m so, so, Sorry!
Larry: Sorry? Sorry about what?
Nezzer: It
:iconkenny-boy:Kenny-boy 1 3


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Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Hello it's been a while, I'm only realizing this now. I've been posting art on this site for 10 years. I went from 15 year old highschooler to 25 year old Animator. This is just a quick thank you to all of the People who helped me make it this far. You sat through my Bible, Veggietales, Cartoon Network, Disney, Warner bros.  and Original art and you even liked some of my bad stuff. THANK YOU for all your support it encouraged me to follow my dreams and become and animator.  Cheers to more years and better art!

I should probably catch you guys up on some of the stuff I've worked on that you can watch:

Wild Kratts seasons 3-4

Camp WWE (Which you can't really watch cause I only worked on the Pilot)
Image result for camp WWE

Pirate Express (Season 1)

F is for Family (Season 1)

Atomic Puppet

And the upcoming Disney's Tangled.

Feel free to ask questions, however I can't tell you any spoilers for stuff like Tangled until it airs


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Animator and artist whose worked on various shows such as Wild Kratts, Atomic Puppet, and f is for Family



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Happy holidaysF2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (Holiday ver 2) 
Squinky-Dee Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I'm very sorry I asked you if you were going to fav my 'The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants' pic - I should have let you make your own mind up instead^^;
Kenny-boy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018
Hey no worries. Keep drawing though!
Squinky-Dee Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ok I will, Kenny! ;)
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Happy Birthday!!!!! birthday cake :la:
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Happy Birthday!
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HOLY COW. YOU WORKED ON WILD KRATTS?! I WATCHED THAT SHOW ALL THE TIME WHEN I WAS LITTLE!! And I'm honored to see another fellow Christian. Keep doing what you love best, sir!
Kenny-boy Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
Amen to that. I grew up with their first Show Kratts Creatures, it was an honour to work with the Bros. They're just as cool as they seem on TV. 

Keep the faith and May God lead you in your career. I bet He has amazing things in store for you too.
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