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You Talkin' To Me?

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Symphony 2.1.1 ROM

* ADW Launcher EX
* Icons are "GAIA ST", by wHITE
* Talk Bubble mClock theme, by sasha2015: [link]
* WidgetLocker theme from TheUltraLinx: [link]
* Homescreen wallpaper is "neversummer", by j3concepts: [link]
* Lockscreen wallpaper was found on tumblr: [link]
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Alixy's avatar
reupload the LS Wall please
RACaird's avatar
Can u reupload the LS Wall please?
edrequiem's avatar
Greetings, I have the ADW launcher ex, how can i put two different wallpapers and prevent the zoom of the image, it cuts in half when i applied
Hi, you need to use MultiPicture Live Wallpaper and set the wallpaper for each screen.
ECadro's avatar
O she is talking to me!!! :D Nice bro
Haha, you lucky mofo ;-) Thanks :-)
SEQXTER's avatar
Thanks! Kenno78 for update :)
You're welcome :-)
melissapugs's avatar
Nice wall and icon combo on the hs. That mclock mod is way cool :)
Thanks melissa! :-) I have an absolute tonne of cool shit from years ago when I used to customise my desktop like a mofo. I'm discovering it again, and realising it works just as well on a smartphone screen too ;-)
melissapugs's avatar
niiiiiiice. Can't wait to see more :) On a purely pathetic and almost funny note, you and other amazing desktop themes have inspired me to share the untold horror that is my desktop : [link] Don't laugh to hard ;)
SassyMrsK's avatar
i see you're getting sexy on us lol Super Nice setup ;P
Haha, thanks Sassy! :-)
SassyMrsK's avatar
kgill77's avatar
looks awesome, can i get a link to that mClock? :D
Thanks mate :-) After a quick Google search I found it! Link added, enjoy :-)
kgill77's avatar
no prob and thanks :D
koolumair's avatar
Lockscreen wall please
SEQXTER's avatar
can u post the lockscreen? please :) thats so awesome!
Thank you :-) I have updated the details with the link, enjoy!
JayDean03's avatar
amazing bro.
-featured on SV0 Bl0g :+fav: :peace:
Thanks mate :-)
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