Like a Warm Kiss

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The sky is pink.

That's not all it is, though. There's tangerine where fire meets the earth, and dandelion fluff clouds floating soundlessly thousands of miles above the planet. There's the stark silhouette of well-trimmed basswood and ginkgo trees as they cut straight through cumulus and shoot down into the black line that separates day and night. There are the distinct yellow leaves of the ginkgo tree floating gently, like lost umbrellas, like a combusting plane from far away. They litter the green carpet of grass, scattered like the freckles on her cheeks.

She watches languidly as the world about her changes. It's almost vicious, the way it changes with such tenacity. Night, day, night again. She's waiting for the signs of the night, for the holes stabbed in blankets and the great face of the moon to glare down at her. She's waiting for it, she's hanging on. She can't move her body anymore, no matter how hard she tries. She's already gone and she knows it, but she's holding on, holding on for this, for this change she once lived for.

It seems to move slowly tonight. Every night, every night before this seemed instant, seemed too short. Someone's leaned a leaky purple pen against the sky and it's bleeding into the sunset. She's waiting. The sun is doing it's last sweep over the city down below her. She doesn't know how long she can hold on. The translucent shadow of the moon is a mirror of Earth's surface. She's laying down, but she can feel herself slipping. If only it would hurry.

And suddenly it's there. On her like a lonely night's breeze, it sweeps her up into the heavens, climbing among the stars. The sensation is distantly cold through the numbness in her bones, but she can't care when the moon is far beneath her and the stability of earthy ground is long gone. She's finally there, finally shrouded in the oblivion of space, and she can touch the Pillars of Creation and linger with the gods. Like a warm kiss, she is there and then she is gone.
I wrote this little tippit in November as well as an attempt to express some beautiful emotions I was feeling at the moment. I have become fond of this little story since then, although the ending still feels flat to me. Regardless of what I think, I hope you enjoy.
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