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January 29, 2014
Very realistic piece, love the viewpoint!! Spaceship by KennethJensen
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Spaceship is something i've wanted to do for a long time, but have been unable to do because i didn't have the right resources to pull it off. But now that i do, i had to give it a go. The thing here is that games such as Mass Effect and Dead Space, can really make you feel that you're in space. And that's what i wanted with this one, to make you feel that you're in space, alone and afraid in the cold abyss known as space. I have used alot of pictures in this one (something i rarely do) and i have also used resources that i have made myself and some painting. But again, much less than i usually do.

So anyways, i hope you like it and i will post something new once i have something worth showing:)

Kenneth Jensen

Some resources from Media Militia mixed with my own photography
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Dear Sir,
I hope the following will help you create even more outstanding art.

The particular topic that you choose is of course nothing new. Like you mentioned in description, we could see very similar shots in Mass Effect and other games as well, as in some movies. The last one that pops to my mind is Love (Angels & Airwaves Love) from 2011, where the producers tried to achieve the same effect of loneliness, despair, fear and anxiety. This could have been one of the movies posters. You obviously tried to give it a "human" touch, with what I consider partly smudges on the window, instead of this "perfect synthetic" shot. Therefore originality in this work
is not that grand. However, since one of my dreams is to see exactly that view with my own eyes at least once in my life, I give you extra credit.
Overall, all elements of the image melt into one piece nicely and create a very convincing picture. There are some quirks however. You have overdone it with glass scratches, they make the image very unnatural. Even more so, because left scratch seems to go all the way to top right part of the window, which by closer inspection is not true. This is very unlikely to happen.
Our moon, I assume it is, seems somewhat too little prominent. Normally reflection of sunlight from its surface should be more dominant and even create some glare, similar to what you have done with Earth. It is very unlikely to see the surface of our planet that clearly, more atmosphere should be visible (clouds, volcano ashes, and smog, if it was over china for example). You should be able to see Grand Canyon from this altitude, but not roads or buildings.
Then there is the matter of human eye dynamic light range, which is almost impossible to achieve with many analogue and almost all digital cameras. If you were going for a camera shot, those stars should not been that visible. If a POV of a human being was your goal, they still should not have been that dominant, maybe only a few of them, especially since we are looking at our sun. Yes it takes a great deal away, but that is our outer space and it creates a effect of emptiness, the unknown.
The glare, reflection and somewhat of a bloom effects are almost perfect. Only the right bottom part does not convince me fully. Window interaction with the light source is splendid. I assume it is a airplane window, you used it really well. If I may suggest, use something panoramic for a greater mpact next time.
I have to comeback to the smudges on the window, which actually may be some artefacts you left for that fear of the unknown effect or deep space nebulas. Whatever your intent was, they awake my imagination. Sadly, because of the image format, I cannot be as curious and terrified at the same time as I could be with widescreen format, where the blackness would almost surround the observer.
You clearly spend a lot of time on this and I respect your work and follow through. I hope my little critique will encourage you to do even more of your astonishing work. There are many aspects to research on that topic. Not only visuals, but also interesting facts, anomalies and legends/prophecies could be build into such a work, like our nearest
system Alpha Centauri, or the death of Betelgeuse from the Orion constellation or even ancient stories of Dogon people.