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Event Horizon



Event Horizon is a test i have been keeping to myself for some time, as it started as something totaly different for me, as i wanted a reflection of me mirroring the image (like when you see yourself looking out the window) and making it so i was inside a spaceship, but i never got pleased with the results as i had trouble making it believable (it stood out guite good as i was hoping, but in a bad way) so i scraped that and started over again. Now this time i was adding frosting around the edges, like if it was cold and still looking through glass. But again it didn't turn out as expected, so i went down the road i know and this is the result.

I'm more focused on quality now, so there will be more time between each upload i'm afraid

Anyways i hope you like it and i will try to have something up soon.


Lens flare from Media Militia
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