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A Planet's Passing

What if a planet devoured itself? What if a planet's core got so hot that the weakest parts of the planet just melted towards the core of the planet?

What if a planet ate itself?

A Planet's Passing in 2560 x 1600

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Lovely artwork! A few thoughts:

you'd expect a significant number of quakes and volcanic eruptions if a planet split up like this - this looks almost like an uber-nuke was fired into the side of the planet or something. it looks very cool, but strikes me as scientifically unlikely - the sort of thing you'd see if someone used a magic staff to break a planet apart

that said, I'd be interested to see it "more torn apart" - with more space between the segments, and perhaps some asteroids forming from cooling lava exposed to vacuum drifting off

if that's what you're going for though, awesome work - and the faded starscape also adds that "magical" feeling to it
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Do you know a planet named Nibiru or Planet X
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No, i am not familiar with those. What are they?
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He is an evil bizarre planet that wants to DESTROY earth! People suppose that it might pass or hit Earth
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This is great. How did you make the planet?
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Well thank you! I made a tutorial a while back and the bottom principle is still the same: How to make a Planet by KennethJensen
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Any interest in contributing to NAEV, an open-source Escape Velocity-type game?

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I'll look into it, but no promises;)
Oh, I'm just asking if I can reuse your existing work - like from off here. Would that be ok?
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Send me a note on which you want to use and i will send you a reply:)
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My new wallpaper it be!!

Thank you
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So glad you like it:D
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great art i love space... :) check my Pandora planet [link]
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Thank you! May i ask, how you made your planets on your Pandora Planet?
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Also check this images [link] .This is planet earth in background using earth image :)
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Awesome, thanks for the link:)
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I use earth images and use some filters.Also using crack brushes to create cracks on planet and add some shadows.Green part is duplicated layers and playing with colors.I hope this helps :)
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Ok, i was curious how you made your planets. But now i know, thanks!
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Great! Mind if i use this?
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Depends on what you mean by "use it"
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A photomanipualtion i had in mind (just for fun nothing commercial or anything of that sort) :P
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