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lowpoly boat

lowpoly boat

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Awesome texture!
nann0rs's avatar
You have a DA?QQQ?Q?Q

*gasps forever*
Kook5's avatar
Nice figure. :O

I love the doors. xD
castle-crasher's avatar
looking at this now remind me of Megaman Legend
the PS1 one NOT the N64
Converted one
twingloxx's avatar
This is officially one of my favorite 3d models ever.
bagatzky's avatar
so lovely. to convey so much style with so little geometry. great work!
Pyroxene's avatar
I've had this boat saved in my inspiration folder for a while, glad I found you on DA. :3
MightyLeafy's avatar
I saw this picture first on 4chan. I sourced it in order to hopefully find the game it belonged to, cause it looks like something that belongs in a nice PSX or DS rpg. Damnit!! Great job tho, I wish it was actually in a game, so I could go to the port and ride it!
Lowpoly-Workshop's avatar
oh i love this ship, i saw it on polycount a while ago
jpbbantigue's avatar
Cool and nice color choices!
MrDrayton's avatar
I'm always amazed by your lowpoly art... And this is awesome too! :D
raitheoshow's avatar
Nice little tugboat Kenneth!
MichaelLinkJr's avatar
That is to cute! I love it. Looks like something out of Megaman Legends. =)
madPXL's avatar
nice pixel 3D boat :)
BenHickling's avatar
Great to see new stuff from you Ken! :D
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
Has anyone ever told you that you make 3d models look a lot like the style from the Megaman Legends games?
This is wonderful
Uxdragon's avatar
I love your art style :D
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