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Kid Icarus DS



kid icarus DS game mockup, made just for fun.
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If "Kid Icarus" stayed relevant for 25 years.
-Kid Icarus (NES)
-KI: Of Myths and Monsters (GB)
-Of Myths and Monsters EX (GBC) 
       > Much like "Link's Awakening EX" this is a colored remake with new levels.
-Kid Icarus 64 (N64)
       > Basically a Kid Icarus game in the style of Kirby 64.
-KI :Tartarus Escape and Reborn (GBA)
       > In "Tartarus Escape", Pit gets separated from Palutena and ends up in mysterious prison filled with familiar foes and he must find his way back to SkyLand.
       > "Reborn" is a 16-bit remake of the first game with more levels and maybe a new game plus feature
- KI: Pandora's mirror (DS, The game in image.)
       > Pit encounters Pandora only to be captured inside her mirror. Now Pit must escape before the way back closes forever.
       > If this game was made, it would've probably been the game that introduced Dark Pit.  
-KI: Uprising (3DS)