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3dsmax & photoshop
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Hello! I am fan of your works and i am glad that i came across your DA account weeks ago.
I just learned how to use 3d programs and I currently use Blender. I would like to ask how do I achieve
a pixel-y feel on my 3d works , like this one? Hope you can help me. Thank you so much. Regards,.
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Style is like in megaman legends  8DDDDD
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OMG. I'm in love.
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This is outstanding.
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i absolutely love your work. Your simple models and emphasis on movement bring a tear to my eye :')
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Beautiful model as always, I love the wings!
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Agh!  I can't stop faving all of these amazicute 3D things of yours!
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Great as always, wonderful animation as well

These need to be put to use!
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this is so awesome!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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god that is so sexy... ~
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Oh my god this is awesome.
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very adorable style :D
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Default 3dsmax render with AA and texture filtering turned off.
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I think the point of this work is that it ISN'T being rendered in real time. Most 3D programs have a "shadeless" option which is what this is using. Probably with mipmaps and anti-aliasing turned off for the pixel look.
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Lol, you wanted an answer and I gave you one(the correct one apparently), so I don't know what your issue is.
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Again, I gave quite literally the same exact answer. And as to why you care about where you get you're answer from I don't know. But whatever, guess that'll teach me to try helping someone out.
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Ahhh it's even cuter in motion!
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