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Fixed It - The Lion King
Simba and Nala had managed to ditch Zazu wandered into the Elephant Graveyard. Little did they know it would be the last adventure they ever had. The two marveled at the sight, while hidden in the skull of a deceased elephant were three hyenas, marveling at their lunch. The two lion cubs were about to explore the skull, essentially delivering themselves to their fate, but before they could get very far in Zazu had somehow managed to find them and tried to convince them to leave. The three hyenas were afraid they’d lose their meals if they didn’t act soon, but lucky for them Simba had walked even closer to the skull, laughing in th
The Running of the Mice
~SlyCooper0213 (https://www.deviantart.com/slycooper0213) THE most popular food to the cats of Felidae, without a single doubt, was mice. Just think…an entire species whose sole purpose was to be your food! So every year, in one of the planet’s biggest cities, a special event was held. One where thousands of mice are captured beforehand and let loose in the streets, allowing any cat to go and devour as many as they wanted. “This is lovely Duchess,” Thomas O. Malley smiled, the white cat being one of the hosts of this year’s great feast. :iconetaris333: His mate just purred and ran her tail across his chin, attractively. She went up to the stage, and
[Old] AT: Hunting BIG Game (5/8)
The Vorish Lion Guard RP
~SlyCooper0213 (https://www.deviantart.com/slycooper0213) Kiara, princess of the pride lands, was playing out in the land she would one day rule. She liked to explore to the edges of the territory, and even beyond. "I'll be a great huntress one day," she said confidently. Little did she know, a certain group of animals was nearby… :iconetaris333: "Well, well, how touching," Janja, the leader of the hyenas clan grinned as he licked his lips at the thought of eating the Pridelander princess. "Cheezi, Chungu, go out and capture her. Bring her to me and make sure the Pride Lands don't see you." :iconSlyCooper0213: "Yes boss," Chungu nodded, as he and Cheezi took off. Kiara wa
Abigail vs Giant Swamp Lizard
Springtrap - FNAF
(MLP and FNAF) Springtrap Shimmer(2)
Dark SpringTrap and Light Bonnie
Springtrap FNAF 3
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legacy galaxy blocked me for no f----en reason. don't trust em  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      also I'm really angry.
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