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A New Year
The Kou Empire was celebrating the coming of a New Year in the style of the Draconis Empire, Daciana had talked to Kouen about it and to the surprise of everyone (expect those close to him, Kouen had ignored the looks that he had gotten from Jasmine and Aaltja) he had agreed to it. So the Kou Palace was decorated with Draconis decorations which consisted of dragons and fire. It was a large festival and party that lasted for three days, and it took a week to prepare for. Jasmine had said that it looked bigger than Sinbad's parties.
Daciana had shrugged and said that Draconis know how to throw large, long and epic parties before she went to finish decorating the city and Palace. She had the servants help with the preparations and would chase her friends away when they tried or even offered to help her. Her reason was that she wanted them to join the festival when it started officially.
There was a lot of Draconis foods and games that Jasmine, Aaltja and Kougyoku had tried and played. And
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A Gift
Daciana gives Aaltja a gift...
"Here you go." Daciana said with a smile as she handed her blonde haired friend a hammer that had a dragon's head at the hilt and dragons carved into the handle but that wasn't all that was carved into the handle. There was snow capped mountains as well as bears that Aaltja had seen from her homeland.
Aaltja blinked in surprise and wonder as she gently took the hammer from her friend, testing its weight even though she knew it would have no flaws. Draconis knew how to make weapons and armor.
And she also knew that it was heavy, no one else would be able to wield it like she and Daciana can.
"...Thank you." The blonde haired girl mumbled, her fingers running over the handle in tenderness. "It's beautiful..."
The black haired girl smiled kindly and said, "You're welcome, it's a backup weapon in case yours get destroyed." Her gold eyes then widen in surprise, her slit pupils thinning and then widening in surprise, when Aaltja hugged her. Then she smil
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Merry Christmas!
Daciana: *throws red and green confetti* Merry Christmas!!
Kaida: *pops out of a present, tearing the wrapping paper and top* Kaida wishes you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Laeta and Ilithyia: *mother and daughter are holding Christmas candles* Happy Holidays!
Mikaela and Michael: *the twins waved, holding their Anti-Akuma weapons who were chewing the opposite ends of the same string of Christmas lights.* Merry Christmas!!
Seraphina: *is holding a plate of cookies* Merry Christmas!!
Sienna: *is holding a cry of mugs filled with hot chocolate that had a candy cane inside* Happy Holidays!
Danielle: *jumps on Guinevere's back* Merry Christmas!!
Guinevere: *grunted and shot her a glance before she looked back at the reader* Happy Holidays!! 
Erika: *Slungs her arm over Samia's shoulders and waves* Merry Christmas!!
Samia: *she slings her arm over Erika's* Happy Holidays!
Dominique: *waves her hands and fireworks appears above them* Merry Christmas!!
Zakira: *She waves as Halo
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Blanket Fort
Daciana, Aaltja, Jasmine and Kougyoku make a blanket fort....
Daciana dragged the last heavy chair that was in her room to where her friends were waiting at with blankets and pillows in their arms, she spun the chair around and placed it next to another heavy chair.
"It's nice to have someone here that's so inhumanly strong." Aaltja said with a smile as she and the other two girls started to put the blankets and pillows on top and inside the chairs and chests.
"You would be lost without me." Daciana said with a smirk.
The blue eyed girl shot the taller girl a smirk that immediately had her narrowing her eyes at her, "Yeah, I wouldn't have anyone to open any stuck bottles that I would come across."
"I see how it is, I'm your glorified bottle opener."
Kougyoku smiled at Daciana and said, "'re our glorified bottle opener."
Daciana winced and placed a hand over her heart as if she was struck there, "Ouch..."
"Don't forget that she's also good for getting anything that
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Daciana and Aaltja gave a chat on their way to Sindria...
"You seem out of it, Tja." 
Aaltja jerked in surprise before she looked over her shoulder to see Daciana walking towards her, she wore a flowing ankle length white dress that has a side slit on the skirt so it would be easier for her to fight in. She wore white sandals on her feet and wore the gold jewelry that she normally is seen wearing.
Unlike Kou robes.
"Just been thinking about how hard I should punch Sinbad." Aaltja said with a small smirk.
Daciana leaned against the railing next to the blonde and hummed in a thoughtful manner before she looked over at her friend and said, "That's part of it, Tja. You boarded the ship after talking to people."
The blonde sighed heavily and said, "Just found out that Kouha was the one who
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Dacia and Fenris
Dacia was walking next Fenris, she was holding the leather handle on the back of the wolf's collar as they walked through the corridor of the Kou Palace. She had easy control over the wolf with the collar then any leash because it allowed her to stop an attack quickly. Dacia had a light hold on the handle but it would tighten when they passed a Kou Noble.
Fenris would look behind them as he watched the nobleman or woman walk pass them and a gentle tug snapped the black wolf out of his predatory stare, the wolf continued to walk his tail wagging as he walked. Dacia reached down and stroked the animal between his ears as a way of rewarding him.
She pulled her hand away and placed her hand on the hilt of one of her daggers, Dacia knew that she didn't need to but it brought her comfort feeling the hilt of her dagger in her hand. Especially with that woman around who watched her for any signs of weakness that she could take advantage of.
So when Kouen went to conquer his last dungeon, she w
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Happy Halloween
"Happy Halloween, Deku!"
Seath ran over to Deku and wrapped her arms around his arm, she nuzzled her cheek against his as her ears laid flat and her bushy tail wagged in happiness. The teenage artificial created hero was wearing a steampunk fused Red Riding Hood costume, she had old fashioned boots with thigh high fishnet stockings.
"Hello, Seath." Deku said with a smile, he returns her hug and she released him. "I like your costume."
Seath smiled and spun around, "Riding Hood meets wolf girl!" She smoothed out her skirt before she linked her arm through his. "Let's go meet the rest of our friends and get candy!" 
Deku smiled and said, "Okay, but no jumping out from behind bushes or corners."
"Seath promises Deku not to scare her new friends!" The wolf girl pouted as she ducked down to
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Kouen was standing at the window of his chambers, staring out the window when he heard the faint rustling of fabric and caught a whiff of honeysuckle from behind him before he turned around slight and looked to see his wife, staring at him as she walked towards him with a loving smile on her lips and her golden eyes sparkling with the emotion. In her arms was their sleeping son, Kouta Ren. Their son looked like Kouen but had his mother's eyes and her sharp canine teeth.
And let's not forget her freakish strength too.
He was well loved and respected by everyone though his uncles and aunts seem to love him more, Kougyoku liked to carry her nephew around everywhere she went. Kouha liked to dress his nephew up, Aaltja always makes sure that he doesn't dress him up too girly. Koumei likes to read to his nephew. Kouta didn't seem to mind, he loved the attention that he was getting as his parents only child. 
It was easy to tell that Kouta would look like his father when he got older but
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Chapter 2
Arslan Senki: Born of Fire
Chapter 2

Three Years Later


Seraphina doesn't even flinch at the sound of Arslan being disarmed once more, the two female servants close by her startle at least that's what it sounded like by the sound of fabric rustling.
She heard Arslan's voice as he said, "Again...? No matter how many times I do it, it's no use..."
"That's not true." Vahriz's voice said. "You are most certainly seeing improvement Arslan, Your Highness."
"I can't sense the truth of your words in my sorry state..."
Seraphina laughed as she stood up and stretched before she walked over to her brother.
"Perhaps my progress would become clear were I go into battle..." Arslan continued to say.
"Indeed." Vahriz said. "Though I can't imagine there's any group that would challenge our kingdom of Pars to a war right now." He started to chuckle. "It will be quite some time before you get to see battle, Your Highness."
Seraphina raised her free
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Chapter 1
Arslan Senki: Born of Fire
Chapter 1

"Yes. Up. Okay. Center. Down. Yes. Okay." An old man said as he sparred with a white haired boy.
"Wh...Wait...! Ah..."


Two maids startle when the sword landed close to them.
"How cruel, Vahriz." The boy panted from his spot on the ground. "How could you use a technique like that...?"
"Ahaha! That was nothing more than basic swordsmanship. It could hardly be considered a technique." Vahriz said. "Still, one cannot build a technique without mastering the basics. Therefore, please continue to work on your skills, Arslan, Your Highness." Vahiz then smiled and added. "Your bodyguard, Lady Seraphina, is working on her skills even as we speak with Daryun."
"I know." Arslan said as he stood up. "And Seraphina had been trained with spear work before she even came to our kingdom."
Arslan started to walk towards a step, the Prince sat down.
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Arslan Senki: Born of Fire
Seraphina let's out an undignified yelp as her legs were wiped out from under her and she fell onto her back on the hard ground then she gritted her teeth when the butt of a staff pressed against her chin. Her head was tilted back in her teacher's in direction as she pressed her lips, she was blind so she really couldn't see him but she could hear and smell him just fine. Her long black hair was pulled back into a high pony tail though there were some loose strands free and sticking to her face thanks to the sweat.
"You're distracted again, Sera," Daryun said as he pulled his staff away from her and helped her up. "What prevents you from your training?"
She rubbed her lower back and winced when she felt a sting pain there, yeah that's going to be a bruise later. "It's just how the King and Queen treats the Prince, Master Daryun... I don't like it." Seraphina said.
"Don't let it bother you, Sera," Daryun said though not unkindly. "In fac
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Girl Talk # 11: Adventures of Sinbad
Daciana has noticed that the people in the story seem to be more ridiculous...
"That's it! I can't read anymore or else the rest of my brain cells will die!" Daciana shouted as she threw the scroll away. "Why did I let Alibaba talk me into reading this?! It's ridiculous! Why is Ja'far different in this one?! Ugh!!!!" She threw her arms up and pin wheeled them around.
She didn't care if that was overly dramatic, she needed to release all that pint up annoyance that had formed while she was reading those scrolls.
"Why are these stories so famous and well liked?! I don't understand!!" 
Kougyoku, Aaltja and Jasmine all looked up when Daciana shouted that and threw the scroll away.
"I'm surprised it took you that long to get annoyed with it." Aaltja said.
"I was foolishly hoping that it would get better..." Daciana groaned as she pinched the bridge of her nose.
"I take it that it didn't?" Jasmine asked.
"Nope! Burn the darn the things! Put them out of my misery!"
Kougyoku picked
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Girl Talk # 9: Pink Rukh
Daciana learns something interesting about the does Kouen.
Aladdin was watching Daciana and Kouen very closely as he sat in Aaltja's lap who was playing with his hair, the blonde haired girl may not have big boobs like Daciana and Jasmine but he found that he didn't quite mind because it meant that he had someone else whose lap he could sit on.
Anyways back to the matter at hand...
The Rukh around Daciana and Kouen were pink but their color didn't match the two King Vessels tone with each fact if one wasn't a Magician like him or Aaltja they would have assumed that they disliked each other.
But Aladdin knew what that color did Judar who was also watching them.
"It's not my fault that you built such weak walls!" Daciana was saying.
"Our walls are fine, it's you control over your strength that's weak." Kouen smoothly said as he stared down at her with his arms crossed.
"I can control it just fine!"
"It doesn't look like that to me," Kouen retorted.
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Girl Talk # 8: Always Knock
Judar learns the hard way to always knock first before entering a room that had girls in it...
Daciana unties the rope around her waist and let's her robe fall around her feet, around her the other girls were doing the same. They were getting dressed in clean clothes after their accidental dip in the harbor.
"You people need to build stronger piers or at least put a sign that says that the wood is rotted through," Aaltja said as she towel dries her wet hair.
Jasmine tosses her wet clothes onto a chest as she dries herself off and said, "Yeah, the water was cold and I couldn't feel any part of my body."
"You couldn't feel anything? I thought I died for a second there," Daciana said drying herself off.
"I'll make sure to tell my brother that next time I see him," Kougyoku said as she steps out of her wet clothes and dries herself off.
Judar was walking in front of the Ren brothers, heading down the hallway when Judar stops suddenly in front of a door cocking his head to the side
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Girl Talk # 6
A conversation between Kouen and Daciana is misunderstood by certain passerbys....
"Don't touch that!" 
Kouha, Koumei, Judar, Aaltja, Jasmine and Kougyoku all stopped walking when they heard Daciana's voice coming from her bedroom. They all looked at each other, wondering who she was talking to but they didn't have to wait or wonder long because they then heard Kouen's voice.
"Stop complaining...and stop squirming, it won't hurt," Kouen said.
"You're not actually being gentle! And-ow! What the hell?! That hurts! Be gentle!"
"Relax and let me help you," Kouen said. "I'll try to be gentle and not hurt you even more..."
They heard movement coming from within, the rustling of clothes and sheets. They all looked at each other, mouths gaped open. It can't be...Kouen couldn't be doing that to her. Aaltja was the first one to shake out of her shock and she pushed open the door causing it slam against the wall, "Kouen! What are you doing to Daci!?!"
Kouen and Dacian
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Girl Talk # 5
The girls dance at a festival...
"Oh wow! It's so lively and pretty!" Kougyoku said as she looked around.
"Yeah, it is," Daciana said.
Aaltja saw some cute stuffed animals on a stand and walked over, "Aww, so cute~ I'm going to get one for Kouha." She picked up a dolphin and smiled before she payed for it and walking back to her friends.
Jasmine smiles as she looks at the dolphin and pokes at it, "That's a cute one...he'd like that." Though he wouldn't have cared what Aaltja got him as long as it was her who got it for him.
Upbeat music started to play and Jasmine smiled widely when she heard it before she grabbed Aaltja's and Kougyoku's wrist and pulled them after her as Daciana followed after them, they broke through the crowd and Jasmine waved to an older man who was watching the musicians.
The older man smiles when he sees her and walks over to her, engulfing her in a big hug and lifting her in the air, "Why if it isn't little Jasmine? I haven't seen you since that one city
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The Kou Empire was celebrating the coming of a New Year in the style of the Draconis Empire, Daciana had talked to Kouen about it and to the surprise of everyone (expect those close to him, Kouen had ignored the looks that he had gotten from Jasmine and Aaltja) he had agreed to it. So the Kou Palace was decorated with Draconis decorations which consisted of dragons and fire. It was a large festival and party that lasted for three days, and it took a week to prepare for. Jasmine had said that it looked bigger than Sinbad's parties.

Daciana had shrugged and said that Draconis know how to throw large, long and epic parties before she went to finish decorating the city and Palace. She had the servants help with the preparations and would chase her friends away when they tried or even offered to help her. Her reason was that she wanted them to join the festival when it started officially.

There was a lot of Draconis foods and games that Jasmine, Aaltja and Kougyoku had tried and played. And each girl had their personal favorite.

Daciana liked the spicy meats but she really couldn't say what her favorites were because she grew up with it.

The meats varied from spicy to mild even sweet. There was various desserts and fruits, Judar had gone nuts when he saw the different types of peaches.

Daciana was standing in the middle of the largest garden, Aaltja was sitting on a pillow near the Draconis Princess and around the two girls were members of the Kou Empire as well as their guests. They were waiting patiently for the song and that would signal the passing of the old year and the arrival of the new year. The skirt of Daciana's costume had a slit in the front that exposed her leg. She smiled and nodded her head to the blonde who started to play her Okarina.

Daciana had her feet planted firmly on the floor, she made sure that they are pointing forward to protect her knees; her feet were bare since she liked to dance barefoot. Her feet were hip width apart, with her knees nice and loose. 

As the song began, Daciana began her dance with a grace befitting her race. She spread her long, slender and toned legs and took a small step onto her right foot, pushed her butt out, and then thrust her pelvis forwards and up, then she stepped onto her left foot, again pushing her butt out. She continued moving forwards in this manner; her abdomen was making a fluid front to back circular movement as she proceeds. And of course as she danced she began to move her arms gracefully and fluidly.

Kouen watched her dance, his eyes were narrowed as he followed her movements. No matter what she was doing, she always moved gracefully. Though he had never seen her dance before but from the expressions on Kouha's, Kougyoku's, Jasmine's and Aaltja's faces they had seen her dance before.

Daciana placed her feet hip width apart, her knees flexed, and keeping her body upright, slightly flexed and then straightened her knees alternately. The Draconis started off slowly and gradually built up her speed. She allowed the momentum to travel up into her hips and every male liked that move, if the whistles and murmurs of appreciation from those watching were anything to go by. She stepped with her right foot flat on the ground and closed her left foot up to it.

She kept her left foot flat on the floor, raised her right foot onto the ball, and then pushed. Daciana lifted her right hip and then let it drop. Her knees were not locked out rigidly, they were loose. She did several hip drops before she changed to her other hip. The Draconis opened her eyes and glanced over at Kouen, she smiled softly before she closed her eyes again. She let the music flow through her, guiding her movements.

The Draconis then took her right hip forwards and round to the side, as she moved to the back, her other hip started to come forwards and round to the back and she alternated each side into a figure of eight. Daciana lifted her rib cage and slid over to the right, then back to the center and over to the left. With her arms limply at her sides, she lifted her right shoulder up and to the back, and then down and to the front and so on. The Draconis then concentrated on the muscles in her belly, pulling them in and out and up and round, until she achieved a rolling motion. 

She gently slid her right hip to the right, then back to the center and over to the left, Daciana was happy that she still remembered the dance moves despite the fact that she doesn’t dance as much as she would have liked.

The Draconis Princess had learned this dance when she was a child, her mother had taught her it but when she had left her Island Daciana never bothered to dance again. She hadn't felt the need to at least until she had accidentally let it slip that she knew how to dance to Gyoku and she had begged the older girl to dance for her.

Kouha had came across her dancing and had insisted that Daciana should dance for him as well.

She discreet did a small jump, barely lifting her feet from the floor before she took up her usual stance once more, pushed out her butt, concentrating the movement into the pubis. Next she brought the lower part of her pelvis sharply forwards and up, then back again. In her normal stance again, she started to do small hip circles, she crossed her right foot on the ball over her left and pushed herself around, finishing the movement still doing the hip circles.

As she danced she took steps that had her moving across the floor and near either the blonde who was playing or the guests. Daciana did some spins that caused her skirt to flare up around her waist but ignored the whistles and continued her dance. 

Daciana stepped out onto the ball of her right foot and gently stroked the floor as she lowered her foot. Her left arm moved forward as she stepped on her right foot. The Draconis lifted her head and put some attitude into this move. 

She sensed the song coming to the end and as she moved forward, she dropped down from her waist, then come up slowly, with her head and shoulders first. Then the Draconis raised her arms above her head and once again keeping her left foot flat on the floor, raise her right foot onto the ball, and lifted her right hip then she let it drop but this time she did it a little faster, and when the song ended her arms were crossed over her chest.

Her dancing elicited a roar of applause and whistles, Aaltja stood up and bowed with a smile while Daciana lowered her arms and bowed as well.

"That was so beautiful!" Kougyoku shouted as she ran over to the two girls and hugged them, causing them to both laugh and smile.

Daciana laughed and said, "Thank you."

"Thanks, the song wasn't hard to learn." Aaltja said with a smile.

Jasmile joined them and clapped her hands together, "I don't know about you guys but watching you two made me thirsty and hungry."

"Let me change first and then we can get something to eat!" Daciana said and before she could walk off, both blondes grabbed her wrists.

"No need!" Jasmine said with a smile.

"Yeah, you're fine as you are!" Aaltja said with a smile.

Kougyoku had an idea about why they didn't want her to change but she didn't say anything as she followed after her three friends, she had noticed the looks that Kouen had been giving Daciana during her dance. And from the looks of things so had Tja and Jas which was probably why they didn't want Daciana to change. 
A New Year
Happy New Year!!!

Aaltja was taught the song by Daciana during the week long prepartion of this great big party...and Sinbad thinks his parties are big? Ha! 

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Jasmine belongs to :iconangelgirl121:

Daciana belongs to me as well as the Draconis Empire.
I had a really random thought today but what if Tja ( :iconkannaasa: ) Daci, Jasmine ( :iconangelgirl121: ) and Gyoku were in a band in a modern day AU? Daci would be the main vocalist but what would her friends be?? 


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