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You will be a magical girl

I think... he looks like too much to trollface meme....

I sould call this piece: problem?? XD

Ummmm some fast drawing to get some relax form work XD It's funny because i work drawing and relax drawing..... Star to feel i'm a strange person...

This character is Kyubey from: puella magi madoka magica

Please watch this anime it's quiet good... well it's not good... it's the god of the animes!!!! : D And my favorite roght now >,<
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that's scary and cute at the same time XD...
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What is the name of the anime?!😽🍰🎂🍼🎂🍰🍥
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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now i wish unlimited wishes :D
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Me: "I don't want to make a contract with you!"
Kyubey: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Does This Look Unsure To You?!"
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me: No! I will not!* runs away*'

Seriously though... it looks too cute to be evil. UGH
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Me: Pfft, I will not be a magical girl. x3
Kyubey: You will.
Me: Make me. =w=
Kyubey: I'll take that as a wish.
Me: ...shit. o_o'
Kyubey: :icontrollfaceplz:
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Me: -3-' Next time a witch attacks you, I'm not gonna be coming to rescue you.
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Me: I can take care of myself because
other me: there's two of me
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(one has cat ears and tail, the other has glasses)
Cat ears: oh, and these'll help too (two katana's appear)
Glasses: (has a sythe resting on shoulder)
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Me: ...:iconwhutplz:... Split personalities. Creeeepy. ._.'
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Glasses: not really, it's normal, oh yeah, there's a witch behind you
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XDD I want my wish!! Want to became in to a magical girl!!! >///<
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Kyubey: Is that a wish I hear? Very well then. I'll grant your wish of becoming a magical girl. Now you'll be a zombie. .w.
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Yay!!! I love zombies! Can i eat myself as you? I would love eat my self as you!! *^*
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Kyubey: O_o Lolwut.
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I want eat my self as you! If you can't take my wish see you!
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Kyubey: Pfft, you wished already. =w= Just one wish/person.
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Baka Kyubey... So *take him* Now you are my slave! *Hug Kyubey*
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( me encanta aun que de miedo X,D )
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XD ke amenazante el bicho.
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Jojo, tengo que ver este anime de una vez!!! xD Y no me parece un meme para nada o.o Es una técnica estupenda esa para dibujar, y te ha quedado fantástico!!
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