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Madoka and Homura Chibi

Just said, normal edition doujin version had been shipped. Special ones will take a little more because i'm taking more time i tought on the chibi version of the straps.

I think i can star the sending this tuesday or wensday. I'm sorry about the waiting, i'm trying to so something really special with the chibis as you can see.

This pair can be choosen with the special version doujin. Wait for the other two pairs if you want sayaka, kyoko, mami or charlotte : )

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Is it okay if i use theese chibis in a stream, and link to your account as source ? 
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Aww Madoka looks adorable! Love your style!
It looks fantastic!
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theyre so adorable
how do i become one of these pretty little girlish people's?
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Your Madoka Chibi's are really really cute!! If you permit I think these would be great to make t-shirt transfers for myself :D So adorable!
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aww so cuuuteee<3 should do kazumi and yuma and then kirika and oriko X3
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so damn cute O.O
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They. Are. So. Cuuuute :D
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REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :333
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they look so cute!^-^
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wow ... it's fantastic ... ! :meow:

I apologize for my English, because I did not know him too well ... :shrug:

"Jeśli kochasz dwie osoby na raz wybierz tę drugą , bo gdybyś naprawdę kochał tę pierwszą nie zakochał byś się w drugiej ..." - Johnny Depp <3
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awwwwwwwwwww....k monda,s me encanta la edl traje rosa, se ve tan inocente
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I want Kyouko and Sayaka~~ ><
about doujinshi I'll pay it soon!
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don't worry don't need hurry : ) I have to send you too the payment of your last doujin >,<
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están muy lindas :3
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I want these two!!! They are so cute!
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Qué preciosidades!!! (>w<)
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Se nota el nuevo coloreado ¡Cuánto detalle! O_O
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Que adorables te han quedado!!:3333333333
Y encima los colores ahora me gustan muchísimo mas, mas vistosos y definidos!!>w<
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Completamente de acuerdo con lo que dice Bollito^^
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