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Update Nov 21, 2017

Tue Nov 21, 2017, 2:46 AM
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This past week, I went to an advanced medical center a few hours away from where I live. It took me a while to get an appointment and it was an exhausting journey to get there, but it was worth it. I saw two neurology specialists and they were finally able to determine that I do NOT in fact, have MS. While that was a huge sigh of relief for me, it brought up a LOT more questions about what is going on with me.
They were able to prescribe new medicine for the migraine disorder I have, and while it's helped me a LOT pain wise- it's also left me tired. I've admittedly been incredibly quiet online the last month. Which I feel guilty about, given my determination to be more active in my last journal.
My next steps are waiting for more testing results to come back, and keep my chin up in the meantime. 
I want to thank everyone who's followed me all these years. I'm sincerely trying to get back on my feet and draw more. Especially since I don't currently have a steady income. I'm going to be needing some way to live/pay rent until (hopefully) I can go back to work. I miss my job, and it's honestly really sad being out of work and sick. I can't drive, so I my time is spent at home. My beloved friends on here and in RL have encouraged me though- when in doubt, DRAW. And that's what I'm going to do!! 
If anyone wants to chat or draw together, please feel free to message me! I'd love to do art trades or just chat!! : )

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November 21, 2017