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Winter Wanderland (Flash Style) by Kennaleecat Winter Wanderland (Flash Style) by Kennaleecat
Once Amaryllis sent out her request for berries- Flash knew immediately he was going to answer it and ROCK IT! He'd already been visiting Snowhurst with his musical caravan, so it was perfect timing. He'd heard of how fast Wanderoots could be, especially in the snow. How could he get them to drop their precious berries, but also not have to chase them? And then, like always- Flash found the answer in his music. He eagerly built a sled and harness and strapped on one of his loudest horns (at least, of the 20 he had with him). 
Dashing through the snow, Flash would happily slide his sled in front of him any time he saw a tree with berries. He's blow his horn as loud as he could, hoping to startle a Wanderoot. After a few hours in the cold- he FINALLY found a small tree with red berries. Aligning his horn just right, he blew into the metal mouthpiece with all his might. And lo and behold- a terrified Wanderoot jumped so high it came right out of it's hole in the ground! The startled creature scattered it's berries and pine needles everywhere as it scuttled away as fast as it's little legs could take it! 
Needless to say- Flash got the berries he was searching for- and had a mindblowing time while he was at it. 
- - -
Rewards: 3 coins + 6 bonus coins
Flash Reference Sheet by Kennaleecat
Aaannnnd I'm scooting in across the prompt deadline finish-line-.... with like, 10min not even to spare! AH
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TOOT TOOT!!!!!11
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