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Flash Reference Sheet by Kennaleecat Flash Reference Sheet by Kennaleecat
FLASH GORDON(yes, after the song haha)
Nickname Flashy
Occupation A traveling musician/inventor.
Residence: N/A - has a large pull wagon he lives out of (think gypsy caravan) - he travels the world.
Runic Color: #FFCCBF
Flash is a polo pouflon who is anything but quiet. From his loud outspoken nature, down to his outlandish career- he truly personifies his name.
Creative (bordering on genius) Flash is dedicated to sharing his passion for sound with anyone willing to listen. The so called "black sheep" of his family, Flash went against the tradition of becoming a mage.
While he's a natural when it comes magic, he'd rather use it on creating music. "There's so many possibilities" is something he says often and he's spent many sleepless nights looking for the "next big thing" in music and instruments. Many a mage has talked with Flash about his magic theories and still been left baffled by the strange concepts he comes up with. Quite a few conservative magic circles find his theories offensive- even uttering his name is considered rude. He doesn't let sour attitudes bring him down though- he's a happy guy who just likes to "go with the flow". Quick minded, witty, and a lover of puns- Flash can be the life of the party when he wants. A lot of the time though, he's more likely to be found playing a tune on one of the strange instruments he hoards in his caravan. Ingenious with craftsmanship and machines, he'll test the limits of any medium he can- all in the name of finding that "perfect noise" for his next musical composition.
Traveling throughout all of Bellacoste, Flash LOVES to socialize. He'll play music, sing, and talk with just about every flon he meets. He's quite the social butterfly! 
However, for all his positives, he has a few shortcomings as well. When he's crafting or researching he can become so focused he forgets to do the important things (like eat or sleep!). The life of a traveling flon can be exciting, but also lonely. Long nights spent alone usually leave him playing quiet, sad songs. His loud nature also means he sometimes has the nasty habit of getting so excited and loud that he talks over softer spoken flons. But he realizes this and usually is quick to apologize and tone things down.
Flash's biggest desire is for real friendship (and traveling companions). He hopes to one day make a traveling band with likeminded flons- who can work together with him to bring even more music to the world. 

Current Inventory: Star Earrings/Bracelets (came with design)
Current Coin Amount: - 

Build- Polo
Antlers- Star Horns (Super Rare)
Ears- Ribbon Ears (Uncommon)
Wings- Flair Wings (Uncommon)
Tail- Lofty Tail (Common)

Bullet; Yellow family    //    Bullet; Pink mate/crush    //    Bullet; Green friend    //   Bullet; Red enemy/rival/dislike    //    Bullet; Black deceased    //    Bullet; White unknown
Bullet; Green Theta's Group Registration 
Bullet; Green Overcast Registration
Bullet; Green COTTON: Pouflon Registration Sheet
Bullet; Green Koschei's Group Registration
Bullet; Green Samuel Registration sheet

Bullet; Green Haji Registration
Other Official Pouflon #445 by pouflopedia
TytoArts Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Could we discuss what kind of relation Koschei and Flash could have? I'd love to ut him in more prompts or quests and maybe rp with you if you're interested.
Kennaleecat Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Professional General Artist
Sure! That sounds like a lot of fun : ) I'm admittedly an awkward RPer but I love world building and story writing so I'd love to try!
Feel free to message me on discord: Kennaleecat#3665
TytoArts Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh great! World building and story writing is fun too! Ill definitely message you then.
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