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clapton in acrylic

By kenmeyerjr
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This is a small 'test patch' done for an Illustration class (about 4 x 6 inches), but it turned out pretty good, considering my limited experience with acrylics. I always love real painterly looking work when it works, and may try to do more work like this.
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What type of paintbrush did you use? This piece is simply splendid!~
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Thanks...actually, the brush was pretty unimportant...probably just an average brush or two I had laying around. Acrylics tend to destroy brushes pretty quickly.
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good work!. I like it, the colors came out very well.
keep working hard
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Hey, thanks....lately, it seems I am always working hard!
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Very nice! I love the colours you used and the strokes showing. The beard highlights are sexy +10!
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Really cool technique! good job!
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Very nicely done! Reminds me of the emotion of the Layla years
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funky colors i like

especially the red it gives it that sorta look at me i am going to get u look lol
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Really nice - very emotive!
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thanks, that is what I was going for...and that painterly quality...
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That's really great... makes me think of Van Gogh's work :clap:
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Hey thanks, missie...I love the really painterly pieces that are sorta like this (but much better), so I might do it more...
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I think you should do more, they look great :)
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Man...there is some emotion in those eyes..isn't there?
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thanks for that, I hope something shows thru!
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