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So, I decided I wanted to do something for the mini-pageant contest that :iconjatgproductions: is holding here: [link]

I, of course, had to use my baby, Ultra Draco.
Here, she's shaved half her beautiful locks off! Also, the blue and black are reversed on her fuku. I also added the silver band around her arm.

I can't see why in an inverse reality all the colors would have to swap, you know? I mean... you're just looking at a moral polarity switch, basically, right? So why change -everything-?

Also! I took *JATGProductions's dragon wing idea from the chibi she made for me and incorporated it into IU Draco's design (bows). What do you think?

Draco is out for herself in the Inverse. She doesn't need or want help from anyone. Her planet was destroyed long ago and she was the sole survivor. Most think the planet destroyed itself to rid itself of so much good and light. What no one knows is that the true destroyer of Cassandrah was, in fact, Draco.
Upon arriving at the Moon Empire she set up in a cottage that she 'helped' the previous tenants out of. She liked it, she wanted it, she took it.
Wielding the power of the cosmic dragon, she shows up in the fights she wants to, providing there's something there she wants. If not, she either won't bother to heed the call, or she'll sit back and watch things unfold. Either way, she isn't in it for the team.
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