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Thank you to everyone that participate.


It's pretty easy to get these points. I'm running a promotion for my Motion Novel on YouTube, Atis's Gaze. As an alternative to writing a book, I've used RPG Maker to tell the story. If you like the Fantasy genre this project may appeal to you. Check out the channel and watch Episode 1. Here is how to earn the points.

1. If the project doesn't appeal to you then you can always drop a comment on any one of the Episodes (I'm now looking for comments on Episode 2) and you will still earn 15 pts. Comments need to be cool. "This sucks", "Yay", or any type of trolling will not earn you points. Something like mentioning your favorite character, commenting about a map, hating a character is fine, even a criticism like, "the voice actors don't match" is fine.

2. Also if you're not much of a fan, and think others might like it you can go to the Atis's Gaze Facebook page and share the link of Episode 1 from the Atis's Gaze page. PM the link or your name. The video post is pinned to the top so all you need to do is click share link that pertains to the Episode 1 video. It is right below the video and It usually pops up for me when you share the link. Don't worry I won't friend or stalk you :) You will earn 35 pts for this. The points are given only if you have a valid account with real friends on the Facebook, so creating an account just to share will not work. If you do not have Facebook, I will give points if you post/embed the project in a forum (here is a great example) in which you are quite active in (this excludes DA forums and RPGMaker forum). Sorry no Google Plus, Imgur, Twitter, or any similar posting will work.

3. If you really like to project go ahead and subscribe to it on YouTube. Please subscribe only if you're a fan of it, I would rather not have anyone unsub considering that you will be receiving points. Episodes do take a little while to come out just to give you an FYI. This subscription promotion will stop after 100 subs are reached until further notice. In some instances you may have your sub on hidden and I won't be able to see if you've subscribed. I'm not sure how to workaround that but send me a suggestion (screenshot maybe) and we can take care of the points for you.

Note: that you can only earn a maximum of 50 pts. You will be able to do #1 and #2 and still earn 50 points. If you wish to do all 3 you will still only earn 50 pts, but maybe I can do something in return (like maybe Ilama badges, get a sneak peak at another episode, or I can sub you back on YouTube or like you on Facebook). If you want me to help you with your promotion or you would like me to sub you back on YouTube for doing all of the above please don't be afraid to ask!!!


***This promotion will run for an indefinite/unknown length of time***
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owo mehn i'm late :"/
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I'm not sure if the promotion is still going or not, but I did like your Facebook page and I subscribed to your Youtube. : )
KenKrath's avatar
This promo has ended. The new one is the 10pt raffle, which it looks like you entered. You can still drop a comment on one of the episodes for an additional 5 pts.
HotaruThodt's avatar
Okay, I'll watch some episodes tonight. My Youtube handle is "Focalor". : )
KenKrath's avatar
Got it. I saw your name pop up in my notifications :)
HotaruThodt's avatar
Awesome. I plan to watch some of your videos later. : D
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Awesome. Points sent. You have been entered into the raffle. Good Luck :)
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TruArtist79's avatar
Commented on the first video and subscribed! I enjoyed it ^^
KenKrath's avatar
Thanks! Points sent.
jayneeq's avatar
I commented and subscribed!~
really good story!
KenKrath's avatar
Thanks! Points sent.
ShinyLynxx's avatar
I've subscribed to your channel and left a comment on the first episode, it looks like a very interesting story :)
KenKrath's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. Points sent. Took a while to get back to you guys, but we finally got Episode 3 up.
PrincessLuna1996's avatar
I commented on the first and I subscribed to the channel, I love your series!
KenKrath's avatar
Thanks!! Points were sent.
Golden-Flower-Art's avatar
Hello ^-^
I commented and subscribed.
Wonderful work!
KenKrath's avatar
Thanks so much. Points sent.
Golden-Flower-Art's avatar
Thank you! Your work is awesome La la la la 
shoop-ah-rainbow's avatar
I appreciate the time and effort you've put into this, as well as the many different artistic approaches.
I understand that it's quite tricky to match different styles. I'd like to see the colors -of the characters- remaining truer & more distinctive between the different style.
Although i can see it's almost there!


I've watched the first couple of episodes, left you some likes & comments. I'll also sub to check out more in the future! Keep it up ~ ^-^
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