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Giving Away 50pt Points to Comment, Sub, or Share

Giving Away 50pt Points to Comment, Sub, or Share

***CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING*** Thank you to everyone that participate. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER GIVEAWAY/RAFFLE HERE It's pretty easy to get these points. I'm running a promotion for my Motion Novel on YouTube, Atis's Gaze. As an alternative to writing a book, I've used RPG Maker to tell the story. If you like the Fantasy genre this project may appeal to you. Check out the channel and watch Episode 1. Here is how to earn the points. 1. If the project doesn't appeal to you then you can always drop a comment on any one of the Episodes (I'm now looking for comments on Episode 2) and you will still earn 15 pts. Comments need to be cool. "Th
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Loves writing. Been working on a project for 5 years now and turned to Deviant art to bring my piece alive visually. I do not believe I have the writing skill to bring a book to life so I'm trying an alternate method :)

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C.S. Lewis
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Accounting, Finance, and Spreadsheets - Go Figure
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Atis's Gaze: Episode 7 - Your Blasphemy Isn't Going to Help [Uploaded]
I'm giving you 10+ Points to enter my raffle. (Re-pinning to the top)
Atis's Gaze - Episode 6: The Tiding Turn Darker Still is now uploaded.

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LucinhaeStudent Artist

Floating hearts 1 Thank you so much for the watch and favs!!! Floating hearts 1  Tight Hug
Indy-cbc Digital Artist
Hello there!!
How are you? :happybounce: :happybounce:
Please consider getting to my profile and participate on my raffle to get a Christmas gift!!! :happybounce: 
A drawing request!! Wow! Wow!
Go there and read the rules!! Don't miss this opportunity!!! +favlove :love:
If you don't mind, check out my artworks too! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart Heart Hug F2U | Cutesy Girl Icon
LadySeshiiriaHobbyist General Artist
I just read this and it made me sad. > "Loves writing. Been working on a project for 5 years now and turned to Deviant art to bring my piece alive visually. I do not believe I have the writing skill to bring a book to life so I'm trying an alternate method"

You need to believe in yourself more. Look I'm struggling to write mine to but its best to struggle with a buddy! <B If you need help or have something you would like to talk about let me know alright. Two heads are always better then one. Better to have company than to go it alone? Am I right?

Hey!! I've been away from this project for a couple of years. I'm just starting to get back on it again and working on some new episodes.

Yep I'm confident in most things in life, and sometimes I admit arrogantly so, heh heh. But my writing and this project I'm a bit insecure - even with the compliments I get I'm so insecure that I think folks are just praising it to be nice. The lack of "success" doesn't get me down or anything because it's not really a life's work.

Well now I feel bad for typing about myself so much. I hope everything is going well with you and that you're staying safe and healthy. I really hope your writing is coming along fine as well. If there is anything you'd like me to look at I'd be happy to look at it too. Be warned though I'm not that great at critiquing because I am a bit critical. :(

LadySeshiiriaHobbyist General Artist
Ah that sucks? Did life get you? Awesome looking forward to seeing more work!
That's okay, I am with my project too! :/ It seems to come with the territory.
Honestly it can be hard to tell sometimes, having held raffles myself and such. But there will always be attrition, you will reach your audience. I started seeing a boost. The more I talk with people heart to heart and my personally, the more friends I have been making on here. Its not a bad thing actually, as even though I value their friendship way more, I made enough friends on here when I upload things now that its starts hitting undiscovered and a few times the pop 24. I think as long as you have enough loyal followers, you'll start reaching out more and finding a following! 
Don't worry about it! I asked how you were doing for a reason. :d XD
So far we are okay. It's been really psychologically hard on us. 
Ah, thanks for the offer. Will do, when I get there more. Still writing and working on fixing old story ideas and plot holes. XD Being a teen writers doesn't help the adult me. XD Teens, have good ideas, but lack great execution, so I look at my older work and myself and go wtf? where you writing here! lol XD Or wth? On something that was written while good it was messed up. I tended to expand too much on the violence in my story. D: So I'm dialing it back for a more or so larger audience. It's great to have grit but I started running into that grit for the sake of grit coming off as cruel. So there's been a lot of scene deletions. lol 
Right now more focused on amping up art skill level so I can start drawing out the characters and launching their profiles to start with. Maybe perhaps that will help with some relatability and marketing? Who knows. 
Keep in touch! Eclipse is coming so if you are wanting to have a keepsake: If you want to save your profile page forever-read
LadySeshiiriaHobbyist General Artist
What up long time no talk! How are things, good I hope?
SassanMeetsTsukiHobbyist Digital Artist
hellodah!!! i hope you are having a good day dude c: let's support each others and grow here nwn