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Your Turn
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Published: February 25, 2016
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I never really fully appreciated just how much animation has changed until this day.
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Black-WolfeHobbyist Digital Artist
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MC4E84Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sadly it didn't work and the movie was about the bunny and everyone likes her then Nick. And everyone treated him like a punching bag and think he nothing but a joke. Sigh I hope one day they make a sequel and give Nick a huge development so everyone respect him a little and not treat him like a punching bag or a joke. 
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idk, i honestly like Nick.
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MC4E84Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think he deserves better 
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Kodimarto Filmographer
Awesome work on all the detail and style.:)
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I could actually imagine that if there's a second movie coming up (I'm pretty sure it is), then there will be a scene in which Nick's practicing the bow, "just for fun"
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I always wounded that Robin Hood might be Mick's Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa.
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generalrusty78Hobbyist General Artist
Oh boy you just said a really bad word, to sum it up Mick is like the N word for the Irish. Anyways I like the idea.
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aliamelodyStudent Digital Artist
oh god! this is really cool!
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SnowShoyuHobbyist Digital Artist
Your turn to make everyone a furry lol 
(Robin hood is most of why I'm a furry I would watch it on vhs over and over)
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Oh wow they do look similar, despite the different style and how far animation has come.
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SilverSugarHobbyist General Artist
This made me tear up and I'm just not sure why.
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Catch-The-WolfHobbyist General Artist
Oh my God! I love it!
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louisisaassholeHobbyist Digital Artist
My mind just blew up a little
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SJF-PenguinHobbyist Writer
Two great Disney foxes.
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AliaUmbaHobbyist Traditional Artist
What beautiful contrast! There sure is a big difference haha!
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And then they started to wank each other of.
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Fanfictions in a nutshell
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FlaringTigerHobbyist General Artist
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This got me in the feels because I headcannon that Nick is Robin's descendant. I love it so much *puts it in faves* :3 
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The furry tradition 
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Looking closely at their designs... they're very similar.  Did Disney basically render Robin Hood three-dimensional to create Nick Wilde?
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TheCosmosQueenHobbyist General Artist
The nostalgia, it's wonderful. Your illustration is very heart-warming!  New technology brings new ways for animators make our beloved Disney movies. This is very sweet.
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