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But they are afraid of him too, because Tabaqui, more than anyone else in the jungle, is apt to go mad.
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Are the scarf and goggles because this is what he'd look like if he appeared in TaleSpin?

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I found out about this artwork because I was at the Coyote BBQ Pub and they had a very large uncredited print of this work on the wall, and I posted a picture on my Discord and someone immediately recognized this as being yours.

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Oh, and then I saw your tweet about how it was in fact properly-licensed. Yay!

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I think some restaurant stole this?? Idk, I saw it on twitter.
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He looks mischievious
Poliwogable's avatar… I found this here. Didn't know if they were using it without permission or not... Just making sure.
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He looks like he's plotting something evil, judging by his facial expression.
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It's the best *-*
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This looks great! I love the design and style!
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Oo, this is one portrayal of Tabaqui I had yet to imagine. Very cool. :) Takes me back to reading kipling's the jungle book, indeed.
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beautiful style! <3
I like this comic mixed with realistic coloration thing! :)
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I like the touch of steam
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Ooh, this is very cute and animated! 
Out of curiosity, how big is the work?
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Is this from something? and if so, what?
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Well, Tabaqui is a character from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. He's a jackal (I think) that follows Shere Khan around.

He doesn't wear goggles or a scarf in the original, though.
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Oh, Ha ha. Thanks. ;)
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Glad to help. ^^
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It's unbelievable that this is drawn! :omfg:
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He's so evil and cute
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Apt to go mad? I think he's already there.
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You've inspired me with the beauty of your work.
I wanna have a go at painting when I've got time. :D
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Love that devilish grin!
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this smile and the lenses in the head is so awesome!!!   wowowww
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