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Oy the Billy-Bumbler

By kenket
Ake! Ake!
Oy from the Dark Tower series!
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I love this so much xox

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My heart :) it's Oy to the very life
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Finished the series a long while back. Thank you again for bringing this sweetheart to life. 
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An amazing rendition! Fits perfectly with how I envisioned Oy myself!
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Apart from the stripes, this is almost exactly how I imagined him (though all the illustrations in the book show him striped so now I've been picturing him that way more and more).  This is pretty much the best!  

Ake ake ake!
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i love him so much
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AWESOME!!!! So glad that I started watching you when I did! I am a huge King fan and have been reading his books for 35 years now.
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I love those stripes....
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Your wonderful work has been featured here MyLovelyPet 

Lucy's Favorites Vol. #78
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SO FLUFFY AND SO CUTE!! The pose! <3 <3 <3
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Oy was my favorite character in the books. Smart, loyal and fluffy. A good boy. Poor Oy. :(
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Oh he looks exactly as I would have imagined him,amazing job!!
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BEautiful details :heart:
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Aww, this is so cute :aww: I love it's face and it's fluffyness! 
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Macha: very cute and very vivid eyesClap Clap Nod 
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Oh my god! I'm reading the Waste Lands now (for a 100th time), a few more page and I will meet with Oy again! So it's really on time for me now. It was Ka that I found your picture >< Thank you, you made my day! He looks so cute! Just like how I imagined him. Very nice work! 
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Oh my god. <3
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That's one cute mammal.
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I love you so much right now. I'm half way through book 5 and the movie comes out on July 28th. I have to read faster.
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