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New Coyote

It's Coyote from Michael Bergey's latest book New Coyote, get your copy from today!
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      So is the saying of this masterpiece, "Can't be collared" or "I don't work"?     Anti_Death eyebrow wiggle 
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Loved the book
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epic. I love that book
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What is coyote in the book is he a anthro or a regular coyote?
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He's a psuedo regular yote. The 'newer' embodyment of the Native American trickster god, Coyote. If you've a taste for mythological characters in a modern world, you'd like this series.
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That sounds FANTASTIC
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awesome *-*

I love coyotes ^^
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This picture was the icon in the 'about the author' blurb on Amazon. :D
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I wish I could favorite this twice. This is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen in the history of all my life's history... I am just speechless. :O
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beautiful ^^ 4 paws up !!
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this might be my new favorite picture, 1. because of the color, 2. the sly look in the coyote's eyes, and 3. cause the two in the background are up to typical coyote shenanigans
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After seeing this the first time, I ran to Amazon and ordered the book, first and second. Too bad there was no edition with your picture on the cover available! *sad* I would have liked that very, very much....
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"I'll kill you last."
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i love your art and would like to see it in our groups gallery!! :hug: If you'd like to join heres the link [link]

:heart: sorry ran out of invites! other wise I'd send you one!
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Woah, amazing job :)
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That expression is so superb. Good job
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I bought this book and it is nothing like this picture you drew here. The coyote lives with a pot taking human! :disbelief:
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Hi Kenket! I've finally signed on to Deviantart! Thought I'd post New Coyote, and see how it does. Thanks again for this painting. It is still my favorite.
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