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Mowgli and Grey Brother, from Kipling's Jungle Book.
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TherianThot's avatar
what a pure showing of concern between bonds-TT
Thewhiningrhino's avatar
Beautifully done. Both of them have so much emotion in their faces and postures!
Leonca's avatar
Nice, not much non-Disney Jungle Book art out there =D
Lobo-the-Wolf's avatar
this pic is great!
akikoookami's avatar
I love the detail and expressios in this piece, amazing work :love:
hwei-hway's avatar
Liyoht's avatar
Love the expression on the wolf as he seems to be thinking his brother must be nuts :>
Huskyteer's avatar
Oh goodness, that's lovely. Grey Brother looks so anxious, and Mowgli so solemn.
Cuiyu's avatar
Wow what a beautiful idea! I love it. Not only the concept, but the style and technical execution are both amazing. fave for sure!
Oscelot's avatar
beautiful ^_^ I wish I could remember the book.. I know I probably read it at some point.. heh. great scene though.. I especially love the eyes..
jmsnooks's avatar
nice. Did you use pencil?
Betta-Fly's avatar
^^ detailed, clear... all things that i love in a picture!!!! Really well done!
terrabolt's avatar
love the details!
koosh-llama's avatar
these kipling pieces you've been doing are fabulous. Something about your style (coupled with the black and white inkwork) really fits well with the time period of the work.
awsome stuff 8)
ashtinwolf's avatar
awsome work, i love the detail and pencil work, you inspire me ^.^
agm-65's avatar
aw3s0me w0rk :clap:
-wolf-spirit-'s avatar
you seriously do the most amazing detailing!! beautiful!
ManiacalLupine's avatar
Incredible! It's astounding..
equinoxtiger's avatar
i love this style of drawing... or painting... or digital work--what is it and how do you do it?
Varivalge's avatar
good idea :D
i like the details!!!!
chibi's avatar
Yes yes beautiful! I wish I saw more Jungle Book art... such great stories! This really illustrates the scene =D very nice.
Kata's avatar
awesome o.o look at that detail o.o I just cant fathom the amoung ot patience you have Lol ;)
giselleukardi's avatar
wow... well done... awesome detail and such... :clap:
ChristopherMarx's avatar
wow what amount of details and love are in this pic :heart:
nice wolf ^-^
hmmm id never ever saw in my life jungle book :/
not from disney and not the original.
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