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By kenket
What of the hunting, hunter bold?
Brother, the watch was long and cold.
What of the quarry ye went to kill?
Brother, he crops in the jungle still.

~Rudyard Kipling
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hey, you're the orginal art of this piece, its just i saw something exactly like this

thought id bring it to your attention if it is yours or not, not taking sides but thought i'd try to help.

Hunter by screwbald
I'm pretty sure the link you have there it's another one of her accounts that she posts colab stuff on, this image being one of them
Helforge's avatar
Ah ok, just thought I’d help out, sry to bother you and great work btw :)
DragonesSaurusRex's avatar
ArcticLeapordFrost's avatar
Okay, who stole from who?

Because this picture,…, is the exact same.
Unless these are the same people.
WhiteWolfWiccan's avatar
I believe that the other file is the original, as the submission date is in 2013, while this is in 2014, and the watermark in the bottom left corner matches the other user's avatar.
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Shere Khan....
User48's avatar
  Remarkable talent! :)
Samariyu's avatar
Same look on my cat's face while she stalks my keyboard.
xDjurax's avatar
You've got a really beautiful style, love it! :)
MYPeanutGallery's avatar
Amazing painting! I love the Rudyard Kipling verse too. :D
Ellisaurier's avatar
Awesome work, keep it up! :)
Acethebuttface's avatar
This is beautiful! It looks like an actual tiger! The proportions and designs are all correct and you can see that so much time was put into this! Truely amazing talent you have, keep it up!
krisskk's avatar
love it!!!!!!!!
Pacislavek's avatar
MINDFUCK !!! :heart: !
analgetikum's avatar
uuuuh, i love it!
Sarah-L-S's avatar
I like his expression, he looks very focused 
rkastal's avatar
very beautiful
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
May I use this? I only want to use the pose. As a starting point for a drawing. Instead of a painting, I see a penciled and inked drawing on bristol paper perhaps. I like this because you see more than the usual profile shot; you see the shoulder and top of the spine.
kenket's avatar
Sure, go for it. :]
maria39's avatar
Uma Palavra: Perfeito!
Akimune's avatar
spledid work again ♥
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