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Dog Pillows

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This is gorgeous! I love the lighting!!
Robot1X's avatar
WOW! Amazing :-)
Wolfgirl11928's avatar
Is it done digitally or traditionally?
the13wizard's avatar
Warm and touching.
dragon-vine's avatar
My jaw hurts from the prolonged Dawwww I did when I saw this picture.
Volinfer's avatar
very interesting style))
CloudedHeu's avatar
awww, my favorite dogs Meow :3
Ohkwaricua's avatar
You really captured the feeling of just chilling.  It makes me want to go back to sleep, ha.
FeatherSpiral's avatar
I wanna go back to sleep too, but I have no dog pillow to snuggle against. :(
KyleTheBrownFox's avatar
This is such a beautiful painting, I love how the dogs look and the background also looks great as well. :-)
Askrwayy's avatar
Where do i get one of dem pillows
MoonyMina's avatar
this is so totally adorable!!! I'd like to fave it at least ten times!!
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MayaBR's avatar
Holy cow. How can you be this good with colors? And on canvas.. thats even more impressive. 
Storiel's avatar

Btw so amazing  pic, i was inspired <3
You drew it by oil, am i right? if not, fix me x3

Keep going!
MollyMcMolly's avatar
The best kind of pillow!
somerandomplayer's avatar
African wild dogs sleep in colorful piles and yet, they camouflage quite well into the background here.

And it's fun to have painted painted dogs.
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TheDrunkenDarkHorse's avatar
Dawww, that looks sooo comfy :D
ElveinAC's avatar
That is such an amazing picture!!!!Love it when I see animals in peaceful and loving pictures!!!
Fiercesoul's avatar
I love this so much, I would love to have this hanging on my wall Puppy-love :D  Amazing work!
Chibiscuit-of-Efrafa's avatar
African Wild Dogs!!! This is so cute and gorgeous and relaxing and aaah I love it!!
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