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Soul Calibur

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Soul Calibur is The best Game all over the World :heart:
It's a collage of the original Artwork by NAMCO.
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too bad they didnt translate it,if they did i would have buy the whole set
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Oh yeah, that's right :(
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I always adore how Namco depicted the Soul Calibur characters in their illustrations. Their anime style really had a profound appeal to my taste.

And also, I gotta love the SiegxMina (the first and original hot/cute pairing of the Soul series, way back to Soul Blade) vibe, and let's not to forget KilikxXianghua (the next and second cute/hot pairing of the series).
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wow!!!!!!!!!I :heart: this game forever
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nice man! this game its awesome but i prefer Tekken :P
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Yes. Tekken is great too :)
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Anyone knows why the Soul Master or whatever he is called. The old man isn't in Soul Calibur IV? Sorry, i have only played a demo of the first game, watched when my friend played Soul Calibur II and i own Soul Calibur IV.

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Nice work, cool to see pics of the original soul calibur crew.
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This is so well organized and everything is done superbly. If I hadn't known better, I'd say this was done by a Namco concept artist. :thumbsup:
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Yes, you're right. It's a original Artwork by NAMCO. I don't know the name of this conept artist but he's amazing :)
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Oh yes it is! I love Soul Calibur too!:heart:
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>w< it totally is the best game! >w<
-has soul calibur 3- =3
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Ou Yes, Soul Caibur III is very great :)
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how long did it take you to draw this out it's fantastic
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It not was draw by me. It's a collage from the original Artwork :)
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Really nice fanart.
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