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Typographic Lindemann

Retrato tipográfico de Till Lindemann, hecho con la tipografía de Rammstein y dos versitos de la cancion "Zerstören" en Adobe Illustrator CS5

Ojalá les guste :)


Typographic portrait of Till Lindemann, made with Rammstein typography, two verses of the song "Zerstören" using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Hope you like it guys :)
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Una pregunta que fuente utilizaste para el rostro??
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Hi Kenjilia

awesome work....

mind blowing... even iam also done typography portrait... for contest... but... mine is not looking 3d...

your portrait as life...

just check mine....

my first typography portrait.... and if u can help me out how u got that result in your portrait.......

so might be next ... portrait ... i will do better...

nice to meet u

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Hi, thanks for writting, it's a nice job, but i think the trick for getting a better result is avoiding the straight text.

which software did you use for this?
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i use photoshop u got that 3d effect... r u used any gradient n bending mode.....?:)

thank u for comment

Kenjilia :)
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They is not to use straight text. Dont make of the line of yoru text a straight line, make it curve and adapth that curve to the volume you are describing. Do i explain myself?
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thanks a lot..... i will make it
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oh my, t's brilliant! I've sen a lot of typographic portraits, but this one beats them all!
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Thank you, very much n__n
I enjoyed to do this, i think it's a good idea to do another one
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So I wish you good work!
great work....can you let us know how you did this ? i'll really appreciate it.
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I'm glad you liked it, thanks for comment.

For this image, i firstly used illustrator and then photoshop.

I had to transform some words and phrases into brushes in illustrator, so i could give form to a speciphic part of the face (for example, if i describe a circle with my brush, my texto will follow the path i just made and with that circle i could make a pupil).

After making all the face with my text brushes, i exported this picture to photoshop and used all my type as a layer mask.

I hope this can be useful for you. If you have more doubts, feel free to ask me. :)
thanks very much. i'll give it a try and see how it goes.
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ok :) good luck . I would like to see your final result :)
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The world line up is superb. It feels like it's almost as a tattoo! Great work !
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thank you, i'm glad you liked it
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Muy bien hecho esta, lindo el trabajo y muy profecional .....
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Such an amazing use of letterform, great job :salute:
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este man es mi heroe, genial trabajo!
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