Welcome to my home, please secure your limbs.
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Greetings and salutations whomever you are.

I've never used this account really, i currently only have two pieces up and available, and i've barely browsed this site to see what resources are actually available. Fact e i only ever set this account up because someone told me i should check it out. So here i am, realizing there is a journal here. I figured it would probably be good to leave something in  it for those who happen across my page. I also figure i should update with more art. However the art updates will have to wait.

Who is Kenji De Sade?

That's a fun question. With so many aspects of myselff it will be hard to pinpoint, with any decent acuracy who i am for anyone reading this out there, i promise to give it my best shot though.

I was born in a small town named Gallup in the U.S. state of New Mexico. There is absolutely nothing special about this location other then my parents and friends whom are still residents there. oh, and it has awesome sunsets. I warn thee: no good can come from visiting there, stay away.

I went to catholic school for three years (k-2) before i was kicked out for, and I'm not embellishing here, being stupid. My mother then decided public school would be great for me. The public school system decided rather then stupid, i was hyperactive and very intelligent. We, my mother and i, agreed. However i chose not to skip a grade and be placed in the special advanced glass for nerds as i was already facing social issues with my class mates. In these new public schools i won 2 first place awards and 1 2nd place award for short stories i wrote, as well as 1st place for a painting.

As a result of the social issues, perhaps not as directly as I'm painting it to be, but i don't want to get to detailed, i quickly became rebellious, grew a resentment for the scholastic institutions, and more so, began to despise those who worked for that scholastic institution. These feelings grew consistently as i moved up in each grade through till 9th grade when i'd find myself in high-school.

A quick side note. There were two high-schools in my home town, the regular public high school where everyone went, and the alternative high-school, where kids deemed undesirable or socially destructive were sent to keep away from the general populace. These were the unwed underage teenage mothers, the gang member kids with police records, and as it turned out me. To this point, i'd never had a run in with the law, i'd never gotten into a fight, in fact i myselff had never actually done anything wrong or good. I tride to stay invisable and make sure the other students diden't bother me. Come to find out, this behavior had the schools superiors questioning my stability, along with poor grades, they simply decided to shift me. While at the alternative high school my grades were good, i won two awards for video P.S.A.'s i entered in a national competition, designed the layout and logo of the schools newspaper (which are as of 2008 still being used) as well as being an active writer for said news paper.

I dropped out of school at age 17 and moved to indiana. I lived in indiana for 2 years. I hate indiana now.

Currently i live in san francisco, and have lived here for 7 years, I'm involved in a 3 year relationship. I'm also a lead singer for a band, a solo musician, have designed several album covers for 16 different bands, produced several pieces for private collectors as well as a few mass production poster projects.

We'll see how it all goes from here
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Love your work at niftycafe.com - "Addictive sub stances" is hot
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KenjiDeSadeHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you immensely, soon i'll have some art up here and you can let me know if i'm as good at that as i am writing :)

Thanks again for the compliment.