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well its my resume... hehe...

updated: 7/25/09 [link]
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Nice resume :) can help you with more resume templates.
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Very nice!! Like it!may you send me the template at
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An eye catching resume without all the graphical gimmicks, just well placed text with hierarchy. I like it. 
This is nice. I would like to share the tool that I found online. The site is…. This site will help you create a resume that is really impressive and impactful. It would definitely stand out from the crowd.

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hmmmmmmmmm.really nice...can you pls send me the template at tnks
Like it may you send me the template at
like may you send me the templet
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I kept telling myself things would get better my expectations were more than exceeded this is proof that miracles do exist seriously consider this
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Nice. I saw other resumes, well too many of them were diagonal and if I had to hire people. I would screen those out. I am not going to spend hours tilting papers or my head. So yeah, yours is easy to read.
This is amazing!
Hi - What are all the fonts you are using in this?
I don't have clarendon, and univer. any other suggestions close to those? thanks
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This is outstanding great job :)
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how do you make a design like this on your resume?
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You make applying for a job an art! This has an amazingly clean look.
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cool dude....

visit my and join me on:
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