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Doctor Burton 1

By Kenilem
One Day, I shall come back...
Yes, I shall come back...
Until Then, there must be no regrets.
No tears.
No Anxieties.
Just go forward in all your beliefs,
And prove to me,
That I am not mistaken in mine....
And well you look at that... a print available for all you parasites…
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© 2013 - 2021 Kenilem
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RufusScridgemore's avatar
Amazing! Can't wait to see 13th doctor. Jodie Whittaker
Kenilem's avatar
I've moved on from the Tim Burton style and haven't seen Doctor Who since the first season of 12th's run. So nah.
Have a funny instead:…
thedevilwearstophats's avatar
reminds me of Barkis Bittern from "The Corpse Bride". Amazing!
X-DeusExMachina-X's avatar
Favouriting all of these. Fantastic!
FFXluvur12's avatar
And yet, his hair reminds me of Benjamin Franklin.... 

I went back and watched what they had on Netflix (not a full collection, mind you) of the older Doctor Who episodes. I liked number one's personality. He was cool. 
aus741's avatar
Hope you don't mind that I used this as part of a video for my TAFE course, and you are being credit for it
Kenilem's avatar
No worries, go right ahead
Amai-Rose's avatar
This makes me want to break out in an evil laugh.
Cps43327097's avatar
Shame this is the only Doctor Burton work with a quote. This will not do. Allow me to do the honors.
Cobrafirefly's avatar
reminds me of Vincent from Tim burton
MalphLink's avatar
the begin from an ecxit
Kenilem's avatar
RackleArts's avatar
Are there mooore? *A*
Kenilem's avatar
I don't think so.
RackleArts's avatar
palaina's avatar
These are amazing. Are any of these going to be available as prints?
Vaheirr's avatar
Really awesome!
artistafrustrado's avatar
this collection is absolutely perfect <3 im expecting to see the 12th Doctor in action to see how cool he will look in your Tim Burton style =D
lol-the-time's avatar
really great work :)
LupinMaru's avatar
Ten has the most comments. A great idea, they look just like they should!
DoctorMick's avatar

outstanding again!

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