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Icebreakers- Wow, you're really pretty.



So my first shot at drawing these two adorable things together, and I simply love it! Took me a few tries to get it right though. Anyway, this came about a little after I finally got a Ralph figure for my Infinity game (Along with Vanellope). I already had both Elsa and Anna, so I figured, why not see how both Ralph and Elsa react to each other in the game.

The first thing to come out of Ralph's mouth was "Wow, you're really pretty."

I almost died from squeeing so much! But it got better.

Elsa replies right back "I can see you have a warm heart."

Gah! That did me in right there.

(Then while playing around with Anna Ralph says the same thing. I smacked Ralph for that one. Ah who cares, he said it to Elsa first.)

Anyway, it inspired me to make this little fluffy moment with them. Probably their real time reactions to each other's compliments.

Man I have the Icebreaker fever so bad at the moment!

Wreck-It Ralph and Queen Elsa both (c) by Disney.

Icebreakers for the win!

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"Ralph's got a girlfriend! Elsa's got a boyfriend!" Elsa and Ralph would have been annoyed at Vanellope and Anna's quiet, mocking sing-song but they were a bit... busy trying to think of what to say to each other.