The Gaara Song

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Here's a Gaara,
There's a Gaara,
And another chibi Gaara,
Sandy Gaara, Funny Gaara,
Gaara, Gaara, Lee.
Gaara, Gaara, Ten-Ten, Gaara,
Neji, Hina, Kanky, Gaara
Gaara in a gourd,
See a Gaara, Gaara, Lee.

I was once a bijuu,
I lived on the plain,
then some stupid humans came,
and sealed me in this babe.
Now he's just a killing thing,
Sleeping's not his gain,
so get this kid a pillow
Before this song gets kind of lame.

Have you ever seen a Gaara,
Touched a Gaara,
Tastes of Gaara,
Seen a Gaara bleed,
A Gaara, Gaara,
Gaara, Lee.

Half a Gaara,
Twice a Gaara,
Not a Gaara,
Gaara in a bird,
Revive a Gaara,
Gaara, Lee.

Was this story true now,
was it not so old?
Is it made of Kankuro,
Served with ice cream cold,
Now Temari's getting pissed,
I've run out of Trees,
Time for me to run away,
and leave this all to Lee.
Heh...based off of the Llama song. Just thought that I would pass this by and see if anyone was interested in animating this.
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Ok I swear I sung this out to myself in tune with the llama song without even reading the memo first! lol