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Going Under

Oozing slowly out of sight...

but is there someone there?
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4288x2848px 4.12 MB
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10/2000 second
Focal Length
250 mm
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Date Taken
Aug 21, 2010, 4:16:17 PM
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The quicksand would have to be quite thick to not instantly cover her face so was it hard for her to work her way down and work her way out?

Wow man I so easily see myself doing this and watching the quicksand close in on my face, feel it pour into my mouth, cover my nostrils and then slide onto my eyes to plung me into total dark and then cover my nose making me go out of sight forever, then I let out my breathe and hear it hiss and bubble on the surface above then I try to take a breathe and get the quicksand shooting through my nose and down to my lungs as I swallow more and more of it and it fills my ears and hurts my eyes and lungs and I hear my heart poudning fast and hard as I steadyly go deeper and deeper and away from air and light until I lose consiousness and then lose my life and later decompoze and blend with the quicksand leaving no sign of my body at all.
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What I am thinking more is a beautiful woman who is secretly into this hobby introduces me to it. Me being keen on it I am willing to try it but I am far less experienced so she guides me on how to sink but takes me to one of her favorite mud pits that are bottomless. We both sink all the way together many times and share the experience. 
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The video this still is associated with may be purchased from
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hey look an elephant anus
So much of what you do is so sculpturally tactile and almost spell out the very definitions of sensually sensitized senses!  This model's an extremely handsome one to stage this event! 
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Yes,  Hannah is a babe :D  I dont think she has done a scene that hasnt looked good
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I like the sinking down part
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OH Gosh I would be SO freaking out! @,,@
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That would be good for the dramatic, peril reaction though...
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because does not create about a woman sinking in quicksand?
kenham1's avatar
No, it would probably be more real :)
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you know the site "muddle puddle visual"?
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yes, I have shot for them :)
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Been a while though, they busy usually at new site :)
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Great shot!

One thing.

How on earth do you get the opportunity to do this style of photography?

I look and search online and still have no idea how to start!
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Volunteered :)

Well, its a matter of eye, in any camera work, and practice. Some technical knowledge helpful. Although these days the hardware makes it much easier :)
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I love shots of the quicksand about to close over the face of the damsel in distress :-)
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Thanks :)

Hopefully get more this season ;)
this is great!!!
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Thanks, glad you like :D
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That looks seriously freaky, what are you covered in?
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