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apple tree

By kenglye
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Analog Gear in a Digital World

painter IX
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very awesome work, friend :)
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Wow! what detail!
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you are very talented and gifted
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Wow, it's so creative! :clap:
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You took what Van Gogh gave us and made it your own! Wow amazing job!
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Thanks or your encouraging comments
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awesome job, i like the industrial vs. nature theme, very interesting.
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thanks for the compliments
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What a great idea! And so well executed... I think I'll just have to add a link to this piece into my recent journal about apples.
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I really love this piece... the colours and the texture are just amazing... the cogwheel theme is really inspired. Very clever piece of art.
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Amazing detailing! Almost an impressionist painting!
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Thank you! keep up the good work Joana.
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hey i love this! why only 2 pags of comments??? -.-
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dunt mention it ^^
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great work! :D
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This is really excellent. I'm always fascinated by how digital and analog go together (especially when it comes to music). This painting really brings the two together in perfect harmony :D
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thank you very much!
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Oh my goodness, I thought it was flowers and trees, until I viewed it closer, how did u come up with a idea like this, I wish I can do stuff like this :)
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I am very sure u can do that.
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believe me, my ideas are boring, I can only draw from ref :)
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amazing work! this is one of the most creative landscape paintings i've ever seen!
i'm featuring this in my journal if you don't mind ;D
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