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I haven't done any art in so long, I've forgotten how to do it. Everytime I try drawing something i just cant do it. I hate this, I used to be able to pop out these big digital drawings at least once a day, now I cant even make a line art worth shit.

Im trying guys I am, I feel like ive let all of my watchers down after not being on line for 1 year+. Im gonna try to get some art out for you guys soon.
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Hey everyone! I know i haven't been on here in pretty much a year, im sorry about that. I dont know, i just hit a really bad art block and pretty much havent done any art in a year. I might be back on here sometimes, im not sure. 

But i just want to do a quick update for you all!
You can also find me on some other social medias, the one id most likelt be able to be reached at is Tumblr. 

so not a whole lot has happened in the past year, im pretty much out of my depression (Save a few down parts of the year) which is good, pretty much have my sexuality all figured out (Took me a long time) and ive been learning a lot of things about art but i havent really been practicing that much.

I'll probably be on for the next few days so you guys can message me if you have questions or anything if you want
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so i got a brand new graphics tablet, its a Turcom TS-6610 but i need some help setting it up? I installed the drivers and such, the instructions weren't much help because i didn't have an option to do any of the stuff it was telling me to do so i was just kinda guessing on that. but how do i change the pen settings and fix the hot keys because the hot keys are all the same shortcut. the pen is supposed to pressure sensitive and change depending on how much pressure i put on it but it doesnt change? I just want to start drawing again so any help is very much appreciated.

oh and Sie Sind Das Essen Und Wir Sind Die Jaeger 
Uhg I have been so busy lately! I haven't had time for any drawing! Well right now Im looking at drawing tablets (I don't have one but I really want one) And I have a few questions I hope you guys can help me with. So I know some tablets come with programs you have to install on your computer, but can I use the programs already on my computer? (Like i draw in photoshop cs 6 so can I use a tablet to draw in that?) And the other one is really just like, whats your favorite type of tablet?

Im currently looking at this one-…

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How are ya guys? Sorry I haven't been on in a while, oops. Ive been really busy trying to bring my grades up but ironically in the process of trying to bring them up, i brought all of them down. My math teacher said she might move me down into an easier math (Thank fucking god) But anyway my Drama class is super fun. our school is doing a musical this month so my drama class has been building the set for it the past two months and making the props and stuff and sometimes we dont do anything. Like seriously our teachher just doesnt show up for class because shes working on things for the musical. And naturally, because we are all highschool students with a maturity level of 5th graders, when that happens you have the group of kids playing tag in the black box (Thats what the class room is called because it is literally a giant black box) kids playing hide'n'seek, girls gossiping, that one kid writing gay fanfiction, the one fat (but extremely funny and nice) guy eating donuts, guys making dirty jokes, and me, sleeping in the darkest corner of the room. Drama is by far my favorite class.

Ive been artsing a lot lately i just havent posted anything on here because ive been doing it all on paper and I dont really feel like uploading a bunch of shitty cell phone photos them. But I am working on something now that I will most likely put on here. And this one is actually human haha I never do humans so im practicing them :P 

Oh and if anyone has any animated movies to suggest I watch, PLEASE TELL ME I NEED MORE ANIMATED MOVIES TO WATCH AND SOON
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So I'm about a month and a half into my first year of high school. I hate it. There is not one thing about my school that I enjoy. It's too hard. I can't do all of the work. I have 3-5+ hours of home work every god damn night. My classes completely exahust me so it takes me extra long to do my homework so I go to bet at around 3AM every night. Im already basically failing all of my classes except for drama and all of my teachers gave me the whole "youre falling behind" speach. I hate school. WHen I say I hate school people think I also mean I hate education. But theres a difference. I love education, its importaint, but I hate school. theres a difference.
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Golly its been a long time!! I just havent had time at all to get on here lately! I promise I have been working on some pieces so I will have stuff for you guys soon! Gee i wish i had more time but school is so much work now! I have hours of homework a night, im not even joking! Well I have been working on a commission for my dads friend and he is visiting colorado this month so I am really pressured to finnish that within the next few days. All I really need to do is the back ground an dshading but I have no clue how I should do the back ground! UHG

Well I just wanted to check in with you guys! I miss you all so much!
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So my dad surprised me today with a new lap top. Its an Acer Aspire V5 :D its a touch screen too! I new he was going to get me a new laptop soon because I have been using his, I just didnt know It would be this nice! the screen is 15.6 inches, I like larger screens because its easier to do art work on :D and my dad also said he will put the newest verion of adobe photo shop on it and get me a tablet :D 

On of my dads (well I wouldnt quite say work associates, hes more or so just a close friend of my dad, and my dad and him do currancy trading together) friends wants to commission me! He wants me to draw him a Phoenix. I dont have all of the details, my dad just texted me earlier saying "Rob wants to commission you! He wants you to draw him a Pheonix. Tell you more later!" So that gives me something to do. Ive been working on a wolf picture and a wild kitty picture, I just havent really had the motivation to work on them lately x n x

So yeah thats just a quick little update :)

Also I start high school in like a week :S 
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So goingskyward and I have started a blog on Tumblr deticated to helping people. So basically, you go to the "Ask" and you can be on anon or not, and you can ask for advice, help with your problems, vent about things, stuff like that. And then one of us will reply to your ask with our help :D
thats the tumblr :D We need asks people!
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So my mother, of all fucking people, is actually trying to help me go to Warped Tour. Its crazy to me because my mom hates me and i would have never thought she would be willing to let me go to warped. She doesnt even let me go to the movie theater (Which might I add, you can basically see from my house) without having a panic attack.

SO yeah, mom mom is trying to convince my dad to take me to warped. But the thing is, I wont be able to go with Lara. And it wont be as fun if I don't have my friends there. So that would really suck. And my dad would be fucking miserable the whole time because he cant smoke his weed wail hes there. so Its like- pros: You get to go to warped! Cons: With just your dad, he'll be pissy because he cant get high, no friends.

more cons than pros in my opinion.
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My dad won't let me go to warped tour. My dreams are crushed. I'm gonna go sob now. Bye.
  • Listening to: King for a Day- Pierce the Veil FT. Kellin Quinn
I might be going to waroed tour this year!!!!!!!!!!! My friend and I desperatly want to go and her step dad said if we get the money and buy tickets, he'll take us!!!!! You guys dont understand how excited I am. Going to warped tour and meeting some of my favorite bands is my life dream. But All Time Low and Pierce The Veil wont be there *sobs self to death* I really wanted to see them But Sleeping With Sirens will be there :D Yet again you guys dont know what im feeling right now. Im like hyperventalating. I might finally get to go to Warped after TWO FUCKING YEARS OF BEGGING MY PARENTS. They never let me go, but two days after my birthday they'll be in Denver and weather my parents like it or not, if i get the tickets, lara and I are going to warped.

On another note- my friend Lara (As mentioned above) are gonna start a band C: shes gonna be on the drums and im gona be the vocals. And then we need some guitarists. I was also gonna be on the guitar, but then my guitar decided to break and i dont have the money to either get it fixed or just buy a new one :(
But we kinda suck at coming up with band names so andy suggestions would be great!! We are gonna start out covering songs by All Time Low and Sleeping WIth Sirens. So like alter/rock with a bit of punk
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So ive been such a band whore lately. Like seriously. And my guitar is pretty much broken, i mean I can have it fixed, but I dont have enough money to fix it, but there is a guitar on amazon I really want and its only like $40 bucks so i really really really want it. Its a 38'' Sunburts.…

Isnt it lovely :3 I want it so much. I sucks having a broken guitar :(

So family... My parents are complete assholes and i cant stand them anymore. We'll be having a nice convorsation and then out of no where they start bitching at me and I cant stand it. They freaked out about me dying my hair, and im gonna do it again because the purple like faded out and it looks black now so im gonna redo it. Im also gonna pierce my cartilage becaus ethey are fucking lazy and say "Yeah ill take you this weekend to get it pierced" But they never do so Im just gonna have Bri do it for me or ill do it myself.

Om Bulls in the Bronx is such a great song :3 I cant stop listening to it.
So I was really bored today and I found some old blue/purple hair dye in my bathroom so I decided to dye the under pars of my hair with it. So i dyed my hair and showerd and styled my hair, then i walk down stairs and my dad starts bitching about my grades, so I got kinda mad because I know my grades are lousy, and I dont need to hear the same lecture everyday about it. and then my dad realized I had purple in my hair and he flipped. a. bitch. he started yelling at me for my hair and the whole time im standing there thinking "Its my hair, why do you give a fuck what I do with it?" and so I started yelling at him and we were just standing in the kitchen yelling at eachother. and so I got really pissed (and Im not gonna lie) I stomped off up stairs and slammed my door so hard it ay or may not have broke.... They're just lucky I didnt punch (Yet another) hole in the wall. and then they took my phone away. they said they will probably keep it until the purple comes out of my hair. Which should be in like two months. and i I get in another fight with them, they will take my computer too. so... Fuck.
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So a few (Like 2 or 3) people have asked me if I do free line arts and stuff. And I was wondering if I should? I mean, ts just like everyone who puts up free to use line arts, im scared people will take and claim it as their own.

And honestly Im not super great at line arts either. I did a pretty good howling wolf one (I honestly liked the line art better than the actual finished piece) but thats about it....

So Yey or Neigh on line arts?
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Ive had a lot going on lately so my brain is sorta frazzled, and because of that I keep fucking up my art!!!!!!!!!!!
It really pisses me off because I have been working on these for a while (One is for my ma for her birthday, WHICH IS TODAY, and i'm not even close to done because I keep fucking it up) and I just kinda want them over with. But yeah, if i keep fucking these up, i swear I will either kill someone or punch a fucking hole through the wall (Ive done that before....)
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Ive just had such a long and exahusting day. SOrry for not being so active lately. Im actually working on three pictures right now and expirementing with fur and stuff. Its just so hard to do fur with a track pad -.-

I'll have something up for you guys soon! I'll probably just whip up some spacy pictures real quick for ya guys :)
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Any of you play pokemon and want rares/shinys/event?

So I'm a pokemon addict.
And I have a shit ton of rare and shiny and event pokemon so I kinda wanna do a free giveaway type thing. I have them for Pokemon Black/White, Diamond/Pearl/Platnum, HeartGold/SoulSilver. Yup. Thats all. I practically have any shiny or rare or event pokemon.

Yeah thats about it so if ya want any send me a note with the subject "Pokemon" or something of the sort.

Please Please participate in it!

Day of silence is when people all over the world take a vow to be silent the entire day to refelct on the silnce faced by people of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans) community. We, the LGBT community, are constantly being bullied and harrasted, verbally and physically, because of our sexual orientation. This needs to come to an end. We need to end this silence. So in the 19 of this month (Friday) Please take the pledge and remain silent the entire day. This is to raise awarness of the silence of LGBT people who are afraid to reach out for support from them being harrased.
Every year more and more people join the act, and there are less *reported* cases of LGBT harrassment/ Bullying.

Now because I absolutly suck at explaining things just go to their website..... :…
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Going Out Od Town :)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 12, 2013, 4:19 PM

Well my Aunt had her baby today, so tonight we are making the 12+ hour drive from Colorado to Texas :D

Yeah so I'll be gone for a couple of days ; w ;

His Name is Lucas. Or in my dads words "Baby Skywalker" (Hes a starwars freak)