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Momoku by Kenekochan01 Momoku by Kenekochan01
Name: Momoku
Age: 2 years
Breed: Short Haired Feral Cat
Appearance: Short hair Tortie Shell, Orange/Gray/dark Gray, Blue eye, blue/gray left eye (Blind in that eye, no pupil)
Charactaristics: Blind in her left eye, Very smart and inteligent, loves hunting.
Mate: Kaze
Kits: Tsuri

Back Story/ Synopsis:
Momoku's birth name is "Shiryoku", meaning "Sight" in Japanese. Her mother named her that because she was the first of her siblings to open her eyes. Shiryoku was very light on her feet, basically unheard all the time.But when Shiryoku got in a horrific battle at the age of one with a rival clan member, one of her beautiful eyes was battered. When she returned home all bloody, after washing up she realized she couldn't see out of her left eye. Looking in her reflection she saw it had a marble effect, and she noticed she couldn't see a pupil. She had become blind in that eye. After she wasn't quite so light on her feet. she became clumsy and hopeless. She was the best hunter in her clan and was in training to be one of the great warriors. In her clan the women were always the warriors. Six months after she became blind and finally learned how to be light on her paws and hunt well again, she wanted to go back into training but they rejected her. She then changed her name to Momoku, meaning "Blind", and left her clan to live alone in the wilderness.

After a few months alone wondering the wilderness, Momoku met another outcast. He was banished from his clan for helping a member of a rival clan escape exicution. He had been friends with that cat, but they had to keep it secret because they come from rival clans, but when he found out he was due for exicution, he had to save him. Momoku found him injured by a stream one day and took him to her hide out. His name was Kaze. Her and Kaze became inseperable after that day. Months alone in the wild had wore them down and they loved the company.
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March 16, 2013
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