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Kaze by Kenekochan01 Kaze by Kenekochan01
Name: Kaze
Age: 2 1/2 years
Gender: Male
Breed: Long Haired Feral Cat
Appearance: Long hair, gray, light gray spot on back/tail/toes/mouth, green eyes, pink nose and ears
Mate: Momoku

Back Story/ Synopsis:
Kaze was born into one of the most caring clans in the area. He was raised to care for everyone her met. But Kaze truly just wanted to be wild. He was crazy and always running off into the woods. He would be scolded all the time for attempting to hunt and kill birds. His best friend was from his clans rival tribe. They were the most vicious clan of them all. They had full forces of female warriors. Always standing on guard, he would have to sneak around the warriors to speak to his friend. One day, Kaze was spotted. He just barely got away from the warriors. They are quick and nimble and strong, they are virtually unstoppable. To prevent a full blown war between the two tribes, Kaze's friend allowed the warriors to take him captive as a prisoner. The sentence for contact with rival clans was death. Two days later, he was scheduled to be executed. Kaze risked his life to save his friend by running into their compound and rushing him out before the warriors got them. Halfway to the woods Kaze's friend was trampled by the warriors. Kaze didn't have time to see if he was alive, Going back would have killed him. When he arrived back in his own compound and they found out about the days events, they ruled to banish him. At only 10 months old, and never having any experience in the wild, his clan thought he was destine to die.

After sustaining an injury from a coyote, Kaze lay by a stream in agony until he spotted her. A young cat, about the same age as him. She saved his life. She took him back to her hide out, and cleansed his wounds. Learning more about her, he found out she was from his former clans rival. She was meant to be one of their warriors. She looked like she was born to be one. She was lean and muscular. Strong and fast. He never wanted to leave her side. Kaze loved Momoku.
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March 17, 2013
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