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Makarov's Song (Full) (Intentional ripoff of Ruber from Quest for Camelot.


Makarov:Let’s go back to war and violence
I’m so bored with peace and silence.
Nightmares and dreams filled with fear.
All your dreams, by me they‘re now run!
Let darkness find it’s sad ways;
Let’s go back to good old bad days!
No more foalish acts of kindness!
Cadence and the world will be mine!

Years from now, no one will bother
To remember the times of wonder!
Because all of it will be mine!
It will all be mine!

I have a plan; it includes you
But, Shining Armor, just enjoy the view!
Where I will claim the world as mine!
From the sky sunlight and moonlight will rain
Engulfing cities in misery and pain!
Now watch me create havoc and mayhem on all your hold dear!
With this poison of my own grand design!
A drop on this dragon;
Just watch as it melts from my lovely weapon!
Ta-dah! Behold:
Take a peek!
Control over all will come quickly!
My Engine will transform cities
Into nightmares to break all will!
Yes, power up the engine! Quickly, go, you fools!
Prepare for the dawning of a new age!
The Hooviet Age!
Year One!

Hooviets: (Roedinian Chanting)

Makarov: Only one will be revered,
Worshiped, hated, loved, and feared!
I’d just like to say a few words:
I, me, mine!
You were mistaken if you believed
I was the villain who would crumble and leave!
I am the hero, and now this story will be mine!

I told you once.
I told you twice!
All the world, everyone in it!
Every last bit of it will…
The full version of the song Makarov sings in chapter 17.1 of the Pony POV Series Shining Armor Arc

I may have quit the SA Arc, but I still wanted to post this song in full.

It's a ripoff of Ruber's song from Quest for Camelot. To show Makarov's status as a Parody Sue, I intentionally left more of the original song in than I normally would and picked the worst, but still fitting villain song I could find (no offense to anyone who likes the song or Quest for Camelot). So yeah, stylistic suck.

Everything belongs to who it belongs to, I own nothing but the parts of the song I wrote.
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yoshiegg64's avatar
So that was his full song.

Oh man, I forgot how bad that song was. That link had me laughing. :iconlaughingplz: Two-thirds in and I felt like Ruber was just making it up as he went along. 

Good choose of song. Fits Makarov perfectly.
Kendell2's avatar
Hehe. Yeah, that's the point!

Glad you liked it!
soradical's avatar
practicing my Russian accent just so i can sing this
Kendell2's avatar
Sounds cool!

Thanks for the fav!
soradical's avatar
your welcome. makarov may just be my favorite villian in any form of media mostly because i sympathize with him both of use being completly unoriginal
Kendell2's avatar
Hehe. Well, I'm looking forwards to it :)
eric-emanwu's avatar
Truth be told, the more I think about the song, the less I like it. It might have its points, but it just feels a little, unmusical truth be told. There've been far better villain songs in comparison. But, those might not work as well as expository songs. Still, imagine if Makarov was a little different and decided to parrot Friends on the Other Side. Now that might be a bit more awesome.
Kendell2's avatar
That was actually the INTENTION behind this song. It was supposed to be bad, honestly. Stylistic suck since Makarov is a Parody Sue, if that makes sense.
Trooper924's avatar
That song is probably the clunkiest villain song ever devised by mankind and is the only song that Makarov deserves. 
Kendell2's avatar
That was honestly the idea. I tried to find a pretty bad villain song to rip off for his since he's a Parody Sue.
I'mn sure you explain it just for the lyric and only just the lyrics that would be fine and won''t ruffle any feathers.
you know about not taking sides.
Kendell2's avatar
Ah. Well, more or less, I'd already written out the full song and thought it'd be a waste not to post it.
LightNazoYagami's avatar
The ogre's butt...
ardashir's avatar
Well, I just lsitened to the linked song, and it's impressive. Then again they DO have it sung by Gary Oldman. He's like Tim Curry (who would make a great Pony POV Discord) and James Earl Jones (who would work great for a Sombra with actual lines); he can read the phone book and you''ll be scared to death.
Kendell2's avatar
I admit, it can grow on you, but as far as Villain Songs go, I did pick it for not being extremely good. No offense.
ardashir's avatar
No, it's alright. I seem to have read (probably on Tv Tropes) that the movie itself wasn't all that good?
Kendell2's avatar
Lauren Faust likes to pretend she didn't work on it.
ardashir's avatar
Ah, it was that "good".
Kendell2's avatar
Most of the crew is like that actually.
ardashir's avatar
I have to admit, I never even heard of Quest for Camelot, but I will be listening to that link.

And ugh, Makarov's plan as revealed there. Though it feels odd to see him as having any real long-term goals beyond 'make everyone see how awesome I am'; he's a great villain, yes, but at the same time something about his personality comes off as shallow and childish. The best I can compare it to is either General Custer or William Quantrill (leader of the infamous 'Quantrill's Raiders' during the American Civil War); someone obsessed with their own legend to the point where other people are valued only for the role they play in enhancing their glory, and capable of reacting with wild fury when said other people refuse to play along.

And I do love that song!
Kendell2's avatar
The plan probably wasn't long term, actually, given Makarov, the required materials probably just sprung into existance the moment he came up with the plan.
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