Pony POV Series Butterflies Ditzy Doo Pt 1

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Pony POV Series
Butterflies Optional Canon Ditzy
Greatest Mother

Written By Kendell 2 and Alexwarlorn

Hello, I'm Ditzy Doo. Or Derpy Hooves, I don't mind being called either. Huh? Do I find Derpy Hooves offensive? No, why would I? Both of my names mean I'm a little…clumsy, but I don't find Derpy any different than Ditzy. I don't mind being clumsy or that ponies think I am, why should I be?

Plus, the Doctor says he finds it kind of "whimsical". He has ever sense we met at the Summer Sun Celebration when Nightmare Moon escaped.

…I'll admit, I actually did consider changing my name after what Discord did…But my psychiatrist told me that'd be giving into the hate he forced into me…I'm still not sure…

How am I doing?…Well…I'm doing alright I guess…Wait, who are you guys? Oh, ok, just interviewers…Sorry, last time something like this happened was…was when…

Do you know what it's like to be afraid of losing the thing, the one, that means more to you than anypony in the entire world? That's what Discord did to me…He convinced me that Dinky, m-my little muffin…that they were going to take her away from me…He made me think there was nothing I could do that wouldn't hurt her…He made it seem like hurting her myself was the kindest thing I could do…Then made it so I didn't love her…that I didn't love anypony…that I HATED everypony for being mean to me, I even hated my own parents for the name they gave me…And I hated my little muffin for not being a perfect daughter, for anything I could find TOO hate her for…I yelled at my baby, hurt her, said she wasn't mine, that she'd never be mine, even when Discord turned her into a pegasus, that just made me hate her more, and I didn't feel one bit of remorse…I think I even enjoyed it…

Then the rainbow hit and it was like my entire world crumbled…All I could do was hug her, tell her I was sorry…We spent a lot of time doing that…I just couldn't believe I could be that cruel to my precious little baby…

Imagine not being able to feel guilt for a long time and then suddenly having it come on you all at once…That's what it was like for me…

Oh, thank you, filly. I needed a hug.

Huh? Are Dinky and Sparkler adopted? Sorry, I don't feel right talking about it with strangers…Just know I love them both and it hurts to know I've hurt either of my little muffins…Why'd you look sad for a minute? Oh next question?

Yes, I know that was Discord and not me! I've seen the psychiatrist ponies…But some of them…Some of them tried to take her from me for real…I'd never felt so scared in my entire life…Dinky had to go stay with Sparkler for a few weeks while we sorted it out…Thank Celestia the Doctor and Carrot Top were there to vouch for me, even though they still had a lot of their own problems they were dealing with.


"Now look here!" the Doctor said, glaring across the desk at the psychiatrist. I hadn't seen him that mad since…Oh wait, he told me not to talk about that…Just know when he gets mad its never a good thing…

"I don't care who you are, I shall not allow you to take this mare's daughter from her, understood?!" he stated, not taking his eyes off the psychiatrist for a second. Sometimes I forget just how scary he can be when he's really angry.

"I understand your anger, sir," stated the psychiatrist, he tried to stay calm, but I could tell he was shaking in his hooves. "But we have to think of the child-"

"Think of the child?" Carrot Top asked, looking madder than I'd ever seen her. The orange hair made her seem even more mad…I wish she'd let it grow out again, I think it looks so much better green… "That child has been with Derpy all her life! How is it thinking of her to take her away from the only family she's ever known?!"

"We can't be certain allowing a…challenged pony like Miss Doo to raise her isn't causing her harm. And even if she WAS perfectly fine, we can't be certain Discord hasn't damaged her."

That hurt…I normally don't let what other ponies say hurt me…But that was probably the second most painful thing anyone had ever said to me…I think the Doctor knew it too.

"Listen here, and listen good," he said, glaring straight across at the psychiatrist. He didn't raise his voice, he didn't yell…He sounded so calm. I think it was a lot scarier that way. "I've known Derpy for a very long time, I know her a lot better than you. You have my word; she's a wonderful mother, I've seen a lot of mothers, doctor, but I've seen very few who love their child as much as she does Dinky, or children that love their mothers as much. Nothing Discord did to her could change that, no matter what he forced her to do. I promise you that. And I promise you that if you do anything to hurt Derpy and Dinky without good reason, you will regret it."

Carrot Top stepped forwards just then too. "I'll vouch for her as well. Ditzy might be a little clumsy, she may not be the best houseguest, she may have trouble speaking sometimes, but she's a great mother. If you take Dinky from her, you're going to be making a huge mistake."


I don't know how much what they said helped, but they still testified on my behalf the entire way, even if the Doctor was still a bit afraid of going outside at the time. He said that the Princess paid him a visit and wasn't too happy he'd threatened to hurt the psychiatrist, I didn't even know they knew each other. He said that Princess Celestia was just being protective of one of her ponies, just like he was protective of me…I can understand that. That's how I am with Dinky and Sparkler.

Anyway, I'm sure having two ponies there to vouch for me really helped convince some of the doctors to look closer at my case…

Sparkler? She, er, couldn't give a lot of recent input. But she said what she could.

Didn't I have other friends? This is Ponyville, everypony knows everypony.

Berry would have said what she could but…the doctors hadn't declared her fit to testify yet.

I think Twilight Sparkle was helping out there and may have said something to the doctors about me, but I'm not sure.

They decided I wasn't a threat to Dinky and that she's better off with me as her mother. It took awhile, but the Doctor and Carrot Top stuck by me, even while they had their own problems to deal with, but the Doctor didn't threaten the psychiatrist again. I've never been so grateful to have those two as my friends in my life. I baked them both muffins to thank them, but they both said they were just doing the right thing.

It still didn't make me stop hurting though…me and Dinky still cried ourselves to sleep every night…I had awful nightmares…I dreamt that Discord had turned Dinky into a real muffin and told me to keep circling his palace with her on my back and he'd turn her back…But he never did…And the birds, they…they just kept trying to take her from me…And I couldn't do a thing to stop them but keep moving…

Then I wake up and hug Dinky close to me, whispering that I'll never let anyone take her away from me ever again…

Dinky told me that she's been having nightmares too…That I abandoned her somewhere and told her she wasn't mine…Only those were more memories than nightmares, I guess…She has the muffin nightmare too, she's still a little afraid of birds…I can't help wondering if that's what Discord had in store for us next…

Sparkler even moved back to Ponyville to be close to us, for both her sake and ours. Discord turned her into an amethyst statue and made her dance…I almost went to Canterlot to take a sledgehammer to Discord's statue when I found that out he'd hurt BOTH my muffins…

Anyway, Sparkler went to the Sisterhooves Social with Dinky, they didn't win but it made Dinky so happy to spend time with her sister. Having her here has helped us both and her too…but not enough…

But then something weird happened, something I still can't explain really…


"Mama!" called Dinky while I made us dinner in the other room. "Miss Applejack is here! She wants to see you!"

Confused, I walked to the door. I knew Applejack, but we weren't really close friends or anything like that. We talked sometimes, but that was it.

"Applejack, mellow…What are blue doing there?" I ask, looking her over, my speech impediment making itself known I think, it's hard to tell. I know what I mean, but sometimes things just come out all wrong and I have trouble telling except by how other ponies react. Oh, you noticed?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Yeah, it's been a headache editing the inter-OW!)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Please continue.)

I noticed Applejack was breathing heavy, it looked like she'd been running all over the place. I found out later that she'd visited Doctor Whooves and Carrot Top too that same day. Neither of them really knew how she did what she did next either.

"Howdy, Ditzy, Dinky," she said, panting slightly. "Ah just have somethin' Ah need to tell yah real quick," Applejack said, looking me in the eyes, then to Dinky. Her eyes seemed…different, I don't know how else to describe it, except maybe she looked…smarter…but that isn't right either. More knowing I guess is a better way to put it.

"You two are the picture of a mama and her young 'un. Ah've never seen a ma and her filly as closely bonded as you two! And Ah can tell ya right now that ain't an exaggeration on ma part! You two are wonderful for each other! And Ah KNOW what you two share is stronger than anything Discord could have done to ya. Ah gotta go, got some other ponies Ah gotta talk to before Celestia's sun sets."

And she was out of the house as quick as she came before I had a chance to even offer her a muffin. Dinky and me just looked at each other.


I wonder how she knew what Discord had done to us…The only ones I'd told were the Doctor, Carrot Top, and the psychiatrists. All of them swore they'd not told anypony else about it. In fact, the Doctor and Carrot Top said she'd visited them too, same way she had me…But what she said made me feel better, Dinky too…

We already knew what she said? From what Discord made me do to the doctors trying to take Dinky away, I wasn't sure anymore.

I know the doctors were telling me a lot of what she said, but just hearing it from her:

It was like she was the oven spray that cleaned the gunk off the used muffin tray and showed the clean shinny surface underneath.

Fluttershy visited our muffin stand…I bumped my head so I kinda forgot what happened next, but I know she visited that part of town I'm told to keep Dinky away from.

The next day, a flock of yellow and pink birds with blue eyes flew into Ponyville. My nightmares flashed through my mind. They came for my muffin.

The birds sang and she got this funny look in her eyes, like one of those swirl lollypops from Sugarcube Corner. Kinda like Discord's eyes when he brainwashed me. She began walking out of the house with a smile on her face talking about having wings and her father. I picked her up and told her the birds were bad and put her down. She just began to trot again so I tied her to the spot. I know it wasn't nice, but I just couldn't let them take my baby away from me again! She walked to the edge of the rope and kept walking against our kitchen floor like she was a wind-up toy.

I took a mop and made the birds go away. They came back. So I made them go away again. They still came back. So I just made them go away again. I think I scared them. Good.

As fog rolled into Ponyville, stallions and mares went in, and colts and fillies came out. The fog rolled into our house, so I kept Dinky on the kitchen table as she kept trying to go into the fog. I wouldn't let anypony take her ever again.

I saw the Doctor outside as a colt saying I should come outside and play with him, followed by Carrot Top as a filly.

And they both looked so -happy!-

Berry said I should come into the fog because it would make everything better. I could just play with Dinky all day and never have to worry about being judged for being different ever again.

I hugged Dinky tighter as I sat on our kitchen table above the fog as it pushed under our doors and through our windows.

Then the fog had a voice, it had a face, it had a name.


Protect muffin? Protect everyone's muffin? Have the power? Just accept her kiss? And muffin would always be protected. Be her knight. Not a bad thing? How could protecting foals be a bad thing?

All the birds and fog went away of their own choice. Fluttershy said when I was ready, just open the door.

Then Sparkler came, a little filly now, just outside, I heard her voice.

"Please? Ditzy? Dinky? Won't you please come out? I don't care if it's to be our Knight, mama, or sister. Just please be with us?"

I felt my heart crack at hearing her. I wanted so badly to be with her.

Sparkler never left. I heard the other foals wanting to play with her, but she stayed just outside. It couldn't be paradise without me there to enjoy it with her.

I trotted to and from the door several times. My heart spinning.

There was no pony there to tell me what to do. I wanted to be with her, I wanted to protect my muffin, protect both my muffins, and all I needed to do, was go outside and go into the fog.

But I was selfish. I'd spent most of my life struggling with the fog inside me, I didn't want there to be -more- fog! Fog was awful. It wouldn't let you see danger, it wouldn't let you see beauty, all you could ever see in fog was lights and shadows. And for all I knew, it could be another trick by someone like Discord, pretending to just be a "friend" and really it was all a trap…

Am I mad? No, I'm not….Well, maybe I am…She tried to take Dinky away…When that happened, when she reminded me of my nightmares, when she tried to use how much I loved Dinky to use me, it reminded me of what Discord did to me… I wanted to hurt her.

I wanted to hurt her so bad I baked some rock filled muffins and sat myself near the path from her house to Ponyville. I was ready to hit her in the head the moment she trotted by.

Then Sparkler 'accidentally' sold them to Spike and he said they were the best he had ever eaten from me. Thank Celestia.

Sparkler told me not to hate 'Princess Gaia', that she was just confused and hurt.

Fluttershy told me that she was sorry, that she knows she'd hurt me by doing what she did. She said she was okay if I didn't forgive her. I could tell she really meant it. So yes, I'm mad at what she did, I'll probably be mad for long time…but I forgive her, holding a grudge won't do anypony any good…And after hating everypony when Discord controlled me, I don't want to really hate anypony ever again…

Still, even after all that I could never have expected what happened after that…


It was after dark, Dinky was fast asleep in her bed. For the first time in weeks, she was able to get to sleep without me there. I think whatever Fluttershy showed her helped her get over the nightmares…That's another reason I forgive her.

I heard a knock on my door, I wasn't expecting company, especially not that late. I REALLY didn't expect who was there.

"Art thou the mare named Ditzy Doo, otherwise known as Derpy Hooves?" asked THE Princess Luna, standing at MY door, one of her bat ponies on each side.

All I could do was look up at her in shock, I think my eyes might have gone straight. Princess Luna was at my door! I mean sure, this wasn't the first time I'd met her...well, technically it was, but this was the first time she'd come to see me!

"We asked if thy name is Ditzy Doo," Luna said, looking me in the eyes. It was like I was looking into the night sky.

"Um…R-rest, by game quiz Ditzy Doo," I reply, then notice her Night Guards giving me a weird look. "Oh! I gave this beach thing, sometimes my birds come pout wrong!"

Luna gave a nod. "Yes, our sister has told us of that fact. We actually find it rather interesting, it makes thou unique, and a world can never have too many unique ponies…We have something very important we wish to discuss with thee, may we come in?"

I almost faint, but keep my hooves on the ground. "Y-yes, Princess Woona!"

We sit down at the kitchen table, though she stayed standing. I guess my chairs were too small for an Alicorn…

"Now, Ditzy Doo, what we have to say concerns thy youngest daughter, Dinky," said Luna, as she sipped her cup of coffee.

My heart stopped. "Blur knot baking her away, are two?!" I ask, feeling my blood run cold. She gives a small chuckle. "What's so money?"

"Ditzy Doo, why ever would we take away thy daughter?" she asked, looking down at me. "Thou art a wonderful parent, one of the best we have ever seen, and we have seen many. Our sister agrees fully, she has seen even more."

I almost faint. The Princesses thought I was a good mother? "Blue mean that?"

Luna nodded, seriously. "Yes, tis why we art here. We have decided such dedication to one's child and such strength of will in resisting Princess Gaia's temptations should be rewarded."

She walks up to me and puts a medal around my neck, a gold medal! "Ditzy Doo, for thy strength of will and dedication to motherhood, we christen thee Greatest Mother and Strongest Willed Pony In Equestria."

I think I fainted, because the next thing I remember is waking up in my bed, next to Dinky. I'd had good dreams for the first time since the day of chaos. At first I thought it was just a dream…Until Dinky pointed to something stuck to the back of my head. I guess it must have been on my pillow until I rolled over in my sleep.

'Dear Ditzy Doo;

You are hereby invited to Canterlot for a celebration in your honor at the date and time listed below this message, in which you shall be publicly recognized for your dedication and strength of heart. We look forwards to seeing you and Dinky there. You are free to bring guests if you so desire.

Her Nightjesty of Dreams and Nightmares Princess Luna Nyx Selena Equestria.


Dinky and I walked up to the Doctor's blue shed later. My head was still spinning. Of course I was excited, its just I'd never had anything like this happen to me before. The only ponies I'd ever heard be invited to Canterlot for a celebration in their honor were Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and they saved the world, so I was really nervous…

From the sound of machinery cooling down, the Doctor must've just come back from somewhere. He seemed a bit angry when he came out.

"Pony feathers, now just what am I supposed to do with several tons of-Oh, hello there Derpy, Dinky, I didn't see you there," he said as he noticed us.

"Mellow Doctor, its wood to see you too," I reply, looking him over and noticing something.

"Why are you covered in ice cream?" asked Dinky, before I could even think to ask.

Well "covered" wasn't exactly right, but he did look like he'd been rolling in it.

"Oh yes, that. Well you see, while I was under Princess Gaia's spell, I seem to have gone to the Planet Of Ice-Cream and filled up half the TARDIS' cargo holds. Its strange really, I have trouble making her cooperate as an adult, but I had no problem operating her as a little colt, not to mention that I was a colt of this regeneration instead of…Anyway I tried taking it back, but apparently they don't want to risk contaminating one area of the planet with ice cream already mined. Now I'm stuck with several tons of ice-cream I have absolutely no idea what to do with."

I felt Dinky nudge my leg lightly. "Mama?"

I look down into the big, cute little eyes of my muffin. "Yes, Dinky?"

"Can I have some ice-cream?"


While Dinky had a big bowl of ice-cream, I showed the letter and medal to the Doctor. "Well congratulations Derpy, I said you were an excellent mother, didn't I?"

I couldn't help blushing a little bit. "Fall I bid was might some birds…"

"Yes, but the same birds that reduced me to a little colt without much effort at all, and you know that is no small feat," he replied, giving me a smile. "It's amazing thing, in all my travels I don't think I've seen anything quite as fearsome as a mother protecting her young! Quite amazing really."

That made me think. Sure, Applejack helped me a good bit, but hearing it put like that from a close friend, it made me feel even better.

"So fill you come?"

"Of course, Derpy, assuming I can find something to do with all this ice cream in time," the Doctor replied, looking a little confused. "Seriously now, what was I thinking? I suppose I should be thankful I reverted before I filled all the cargo holds…"

"Are you mad?"

"Well I'm still rather miffed about the whole thing, but I suppose its not completely her fault. Giving mortal beings god-like power never quite works out, they have this nasty habit of going insane with it. Plus I'm sure Celestia and Luna will have a stern talk to her about it if Celestia's reaction to me threatening a psychiatrist is anything to go by. And I will say, that was probably the most enjoyable invasion I've ever been caught up in…But you know, its interesting, despite all the trouble this caused, it reminded me of something Discord had made me forget."

"And blots that?" I asked, a little confused. What could finding himself having to deal with several tons of ice-cream (despite what Pinkie Pie would probably say, that's probably not as fun as it seems) remind him of?

"It's rather simple, really. Being a little one again reminded me of just what it was like to enjoy being out and about, seeing amazing things, going on adventures. I forgot how much I missed it!"

"Anyway, I'll be there if I can, I'm pretty sure there's a garden party I've been to twice before, or will have been to, that night too, maybe I should go to it again…"


As I approached Carrot Top's house, I saw something I hadn't seen in a long time, her happily working in her garden. She was smiling before, but it was that kind of fake smile most of Ponyville was wearing for weeks. And she wasn't looking at her garden tools like they were blood-soaked weapons anymore.

"Mama, can I play with Orange Top while you and Miss Carrot Top talk?" asked Dinky, looking up at me pleadingly.

I give her a smile. "If Carrot Top says so."

"Thanks mama!" she shouted, giving me a nuzzle and running up to Carrot Top.

"Miss Carrot Top, can I play with Orange Top?"

I see Carrot Top look up from her gardening, giving my little muffin a smile. "Of course Dinky, she's feeling better now. She's right inside."

"Thank you!" Dinky shouted, running inside to play with Carrot Top's baby sister as I approached my old friend.

"Marshmallow Carrot Top," I say as I look her over. She just looks so much happier than she did before.

"Hello, Ditzy, how are you today?"

"Well I'm alright, bow are you?" I ask, I don't want to be rude but… "Blue teem a lot happier…"

She gives a smile and a nod. "Yes, I do believe I am. Going a day without any fears or pains let me remember the things that made me happy," she replied, making me feel a little uncomfortable. "I keep hearing at the coffee shop how Princess Gaia was going to ruin everything if she hadn't been stopped, and…I'm sorry for trying to lure you into the fog, but I'm just grateful that I can enjoy gardening again. And it was pretty fun playing with Orange Top as a filly, even if we both had to wash a rainbow of hair dye out of our mane."

I nod, I suppose that makes sense. "Yeah, I mess…Carrot Top, book at this…" I say and hand her the invitation.

"My word, what a surprise! I mean, I meant what I said to the psychiatrist, but I had no idea Princess Luna would reward you for it!" she exclaimed, making me blush again. "I'll certainly be there, congratulations Ditzy."

"Bank you…" I reply, circling my hoof in the freshly tended ground a little nervously. "Um…Carrot Top…Could I marrow a press for the celebration?"

Carrot Top shook her head, looking a little sad. "I need to get a new one myself if I'm going to fit in at the celebration myself, all mine were green and I threw them out when I couldn't stand the color after the Day of Discord…But I know just the place where you can get one. Rarity's boutique, she's a very reasonable mare, and even if I don't agree with her taste in hair color, she's still got an eye for fashion, and reasonable prices."


"Um, Swiss Rarity?" I ask, walking through the door of Carousel Boutique, somewhere I've never been before. I know Rarity, like I said, everypony knows everypony, but we haven't really been friends or anything.

She was running around, working on about five dresses at once when she noticed me. "Welcome to the Carousel Boutique," she said, I don't think she was paying much attention to me, just looking at the dress she was working on. "I don't have much time to talk, I'm very busy, what is it you need?"

"Um…I seed a press to visit Canterlot," I replied, thankful nearly all of Ponyville knew about my…problem.

She stopped instantly. "Did you say visit Canterlot?" she asked, looking at me in surprise.

"Um, yeah…" I handed her the invitation.

"You're being honored by Princess Luna?!" Rarity asked, I just nod. It was a few minutes before she spoke again, she just stood there looking kind of shocked with her mouth wide open.

"Um…if pow isn't a wood time, I can…"

She snapped out of it before I could finish. "No! I would never allow a pony to attend such an event without a proper dress. Nopony should ever be honored by royalty in their street clothes!…Or with no clothes, as the case may be. Especially not when that pony is being rewarded for something as great as their status as a mother! Come over here and we'll measure you for the dress!"

She got me up on this big platform and started measuring me all over. But I felt like something was strange, she seemed a little too eager to help me. "Um, Rarity, is every being alright?"

"Yes, everything's fine!" she exclaimed, sizing my shoulder with a tape measure. "How's Dinky doing, by the way?"

"She's…fine, doing a lot better…No offense, but you're acting kind of money," I reply, looking over at her.

"Oh, nothing, I'm just really stressed out is all! Lots of work to do, not much time to do it! Now look straight ahead so I can measure your neck…er, sorry I mean with your head, not your eyes."


Rarity said my dress wouldn't be ready until after the Gaia Festival, so I just went home and waited.

Did I go to the Festival? Well I wasn't going to, except Sparkler told me it'd be really fun for Dinky. I didn't have as much fun as most ponies did I guess…But it was pretty cool to see the Wonderbolts perform, I usually can't get tickets to any of their shows and after hearing Rainbow Dash talk about them so much when we have weather team duty together, I really wanted to.

Dinky had a lot of fun, so did Sparkler, so I guess it was a good day…

I'll admit, I was still mad Fluttershy got a festival for what she did. Even if I forgave her, she still hurt me again…But I was scared when somepony hit her in the head with that rock…it made me think of what I almost did before if Sparkler hadn't stopped me.

That zebra Zecora spent nearly the whole day with Fluttershy from what I saw. . . I saw a pony wearing a party mask come up behind Fluttershy with a ribbon covered knife in their mouth. Zecora chose that exact moment to pick a flower for her 'Princess' and rear-kicked the stallion in the mouth, sending him backwards and his knife into a pie on the Apple's concession stand. The two trotted on with Zecora giving a careful glance behind her.

Everypony knows how she began singing in two voices. Still wish I knew how she did that. But she was saying that she had learned her lesson and was fine knowing some ponies still hated her, she accepted that. And I looked down to find myself clapping with my hooves too.

Zecora stayed along side her after everyone stopped clapping and she stepped down. I gave Sparkler the responsibility of the muffin stand and flew after her, keeping to the air. I think the zebra saw me even before Fluttershy did because she was reaching for a pouch of something.

I decided to land in front and walk towards her with my wings out, showing I didn't have anything hidden under them. Zecora seemed to calm down a little at that. "Um…Fluttershy, are you alright?" I ask, even if I was mad at her, seeing someone hit her in the head with a rock still had me worried.

She looked up at me. I could see a knot already starting to rise where the rock had hit. "Oh…Yes, I'm fine…" she said, but I could see her struggling not to look like she was hurt.

"…Could I bit you some ice?" I felt so guilty that I'd thought to do the same thing to her somepony else had. I guess it's a different thing to want to do something and to see it done by someone else.

"No, it's quite alright," she replied, giving me a small smile. "But thank you for the concern…" I saw her lower her head, looking guilty again. "I understand why somepony did this to me, I don't blame them. Like I said, ponies have the right to judge me however they choose, I know I did good and bad, I deserved to be judged the same way."

I didn't know how to respond to that really…How could I?


I turned and saw Dinky on top of a slide set up for the foals, waving. "Watch me mama!" she called, sliding down with an excited cry.

I couldn't help but smile. It was good to see my little muffin so happy.

"…You were her dream…" I hear Fluttershy say.

I turn to look at her with a blink. "What do blue beam?"

"…I saw the dreams of all of my foals while I was Princess Gaia," Fluttershy said, looking me in the eye. "In hers, you and Sparkler were just there as her loving family, she didn't want your eyes straight, she didn't want you to be able to talk…normal, and she didn't want you to be a unicorn like her and Sparkler…She just wanted you to be there."

I give a gasp. I thought I knew that but…with everything that's happened I just wasn't sure…I didn't know. "Really?"

Fluttershy gave me a nod. "My spell didn't give them anything they didn't want in their heart…The only things she added were her father and wings for herself."

Wings for herself? I could understand her wanting a father, I can't think of any foal that wouldn't, but why wings? Why would she-

"Why did I ever take in a little unicorn? You can't fly with me or anything, you're just useless without any wings!"

That's why…What I…What Discord made me say…

"Ditzy, I'm still sorry for what I put you through," Fluttershy said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Even if good came out of it, forcing my vision of the world on everypony was wrong. I know I asked you but it still wasn't right…I'm sorry I let Sparkler just sit there begging you and Dinky to come out…I think a part of me was angry that you didn't want to come out…That's why I'm telling you this…I just want to make it up to anypony I hurt with what I did."

I thought hard about what she said. How my little muffin must still feel. Even if her nightmares had stopped, when her paradise was like that, there was still something I really needed to do…

"Banks, Fluttershy…I think blue did kelp be…"


"Mama, I think I ate too much ice-cream," said Dinky as I tucked her into bed that night, having carried her home from the festival on my back.

I get her a little of that medicine for an upset stomach and once she felt a little better, I set down on her bed beside her. I still sleep with her, just to make sure she's okay. We sleep so much better knowing we're right beside each other. "Dinky…Do you seal wish you were a pegasus?"

She looks at me a little nervous. She tries to hide it, but mothers can tell. "Well I…"

"Dinky, don't fly to momma, bell momma the truth," I say simply, making it as clear as possible.

Dinky nodded lightly, looking up at me. "…Yeah…I guess I do, momma…"

"Why? Is it because I bold you I didn't love you because blue weren't sun?" I ask, slowly rubbing her little head with my hoof as soothingly as I can. "Sell the truth."

Dinky shook her head. "No…It's not that anymore…" she said, looking up at me, I can tell in her little eyes she's lying so she doesn't hurt me.

"Well I do love you, you're my little muffin and you always will be," I say, giving her a little nuzzle and hugging her. "But if blitz not that, then why do you want to be a pegasus?" I ask, now even more confused than before.

"…Because I can't fly with you, momma…" Dinky said, her little eyes tearing up as she looked up at me. "You always have to stay on the ground when I'm with you…Some mean pegasus at school told me I was hurting you by keeping you on the ground…I don't like to hurt you…" she said, beginning to cry.

I give a small gasp…I told Cheerilee about that later. I knew what I'd said while "Discorded" didn't help matters any. "No, blur hot hurting me, Dinky, I promise," I said, hugging her close and letting her cry into my mane. "And you pan fly with me if you taunt to."

My little muffin looks up at me, tears still clinging to her eyes. "How momma?"

"I'll toe you in the morning," I say and kiss her on the forehead lightly. "I love blue just the say you are, my Muffin."

"I love you too, momma," she said, before wrapping her hooves around my neck. "Just the way you are…Momma…can I ask you something else?"

"Yes, Dinky?"

"…Can you tell me about my papa?"

What did I tell her? I'm sorry, that doesn't feel right to tell you…Just know there were no secrets, no lies. I wanted her to know the truth. I didn't want my muffin in the dark any more.

"Goodnight, Dinky…" I said, laying down beside her after all was said and done, after all the tears were shed.

"Night, momma…Tomorrow we'll go flying, promise?"

"I promise…"


"Faster momma! Faster!"

"Alright, pang on, muffin!"

I'm not the best flyer. I'm not the most coordinated. But it's strange, when I flew with my little muffin in one of those foal carrying harnesses I borrowed from the Cakes, I felt like I didn't have one little bit of trouble flying at all…

I think I learned something from all this…Something that I'm glad to know. When you're in a world where the thing, or pony, you love the most can be taken away at any moment…You fight to keep them by your side no matter what. You love them, you cherish them, and you keep them safe with everything you have. But most importantly, you make sure they're happy and know you love them…

I'm free.

Huh? What's that? You want to know about the trip to Canterlot? Well I guess I could tell you…
Discord's beaten, but invisible scars take the longest to heal for the mane six and all of Ponyville. Anyone can die, living is the actually challenge. This is a mother's tale of recovering from Discord's taint.


Well, an Optional Canon chapter, meaning this is up to you rather or not its actually part of the story line, but Alexwarlorn let me right a REAL chapter for the Pony POV Series! I'm a promoted Fanboy!

This also counts as a sequel to my original recursive canon So I guess that's Optional Canon now too KIND OF. Alexwarlorn told me it was ok to write it that way none the less. So this is also her Healing Ponies chapter, the Butterflies subtitle is just because its in that section of the story.

Alexwarlorn also wrote a few scenes, mainly the scenes involving Princess Gaia and her festival and did editting.

pumpkin-tlof19 also beta read once, if my memory is correct.

Part 2 is going to be her visit to Canterlot.

MLP: FiM: Copyright Hasbro

Pony POV Series belongs to Alexwarlorn! I'm just the guest writer!

EDIT: Made a lot of edits thanks to :iconalexwarlorn: ! Also had the Doctor refer to Ditzy as Derpy since it was mentioned he considered it

EDIT: Cover Art thanks to BigMackintosh !
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This just shows how great of a mother Derpy is. I have never read a story where Derpy isn't a good mom.
Kendell2's avatar
Thanks! that's what I was going for with this!
gamexpert1990's avatar
For starters, unlike the previous chapter where you wrote Derpy's "Discording," I have absolutely no problem putting this chapter into my favorites!!!

I think I'll go ahead and say this here (I will probably also say pretty much the same thing when I get around to re-reading, and commenting on, the particular chapters from the main "Pony POV" canon):

During my first read through of the "Pony POV" Series, when the fog and Princess Gaia's "troops(/thralls? I can't remember what they were actually called)" were at Ditzy/Derpy's house and trying to convince her to enter the fog, I could see Derpy make either decision and the story would have been awesome. But when it was revealed to us that Derpy received the medal for her determination, I pumped my fist onto the air and said "**** YES!" No, I am not joking or exaggerating, I actually did that (I'm just glad I was the only one home at the time)... [Side note: Before that scene, I've never really latched onto the background characters like most of the fandom. Since that scene, however...]

I guess now all I have to say is thank you very much for bringing Derpy's perspective into more detail, and this chapter made me a little teary-eyed...
Kendell2's avatar
Yeah, that is an epic moment, isn't it?

And you're welcome, I'm glad the chapter was enjoyable and got an emotional reaction :)
gamexpert1990's avatar
Yes. Yes it is... One of the many, if you don't mind me saying.

I have to say, aside from what I have already mentioned, I think the most emotional part in this chapter is the flashback scene where the Doctor and Carrot Top are giving it their all to vouch for Derpy's worth as a mother.
Kendell2's avatar
I'm glad that one worked :)
alexwarlorn's avatar
Now feathered on recursive fanworks theater.…
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The irony is in the alternate version it WAS Derpy who threw the rock. I guess uncertainty however is GOOD for an aspect of the story like that. Rather than all being certain.

Though what IS canon (via civic duty ) is that the rock thrower confessed to Mayor Mare, who ISN'T talking.
Kendell2's avatar
Given all the time travel both Derpy's do being the Doctor's Companion, it's possible BOTH versions are true.
alexwarlorn's avatar
STILL PART OF THE PONY POV SERIES AND STILL LOVED! (even if there are TWO VERSIONS of Derpy's story and they are BOTH equally optional canon!)
Kendell2's avatar

Once more, sorry it's taking so long. Life is getting in my way!
alexwarlorn's avatar
You're forgiven.

Derpy, "BUt finals are over now right?"
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Yeah, now they are. Hope to get work done over the break.
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Have you posted it on
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Hmm...I suppose I could, if you want me to.
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Might be a good idea.
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I'll get to that when I can.
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Thank you very much.
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Shall we ever see part 2?
Kendell2's avatar
*Sigh* I hope.
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Crowd outside build chanting, "We want part 2! We want part 2" Now you know how many video franchises have felt.
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