Pony POV: Fading Future

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By Kendell2

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Fading Future

By Kendell2

"Oh Twilight Tragedy, you've failed me?" asked Discord, in that sickening false compassionate tone he likes to as he set on his throne.

"I… I'm sorry, master. An older pony was there, they knew you'd send me and had a trap set. I managed to "erase" that one, sir, but I had to retreat for the time being. They laughed and said you must be slipping, letting your second-in-command walk into a trap so easily," I reply, looking up at him, bruises covering my face and upper body. I have a pleading, miserable, fearful look in my eyes, like beaten dog expecting to be punished.

Discord get furious, his faux sympathetic personality giving way to fury. "Oh did they?! Well, I think it's time those precious little fillies get a visit from their master! I'll punish you when I return. And do get that dragon ready for my next ride, I have a feeling I'll have a few corpses to parade around my kingdom!" he growled, disappearing in a flash of light.

I smirk as he goes, standing up tall and wiping the blood from my mouth. Apple Pie still knows how to give a good buck, even if the Apple Family's farm has been destroyed for years. Watching Liarjack for so long has made me a pretty crafty liar myself. Discord never even guessed I'd told her give me these bruises to make this convincing.

My name is Twilight Tragedy, at least that's what "Master" Discord calls me. Oh, I remember when I called him Master and believed I meant it for real, he thinks I still do. I don't know how long we've lived in this rotten dystopia of his, it's easy to lose track of time when you're immortal. But given how long it's been, it was only a matter of time until the old man slipped up and one of us got free without his knowing.

I head into my room, opening an old book I found in the "master's" personal collection. I know Apple Pie and her friends won't be able to hide from them, I feel a pang of guilt in my heart, but I know that if this succeeds, their sacrifice won't be in vain, I can't LET it be in vain.

Time magic is a tricky, risky thing, you know. If the times weren't so dire, I'd never do this, but it's not like there's a possible future WORSE that this one. Summoning as much power as I have, I concentrate it all on my memories, forming into scrolls that floated and swirled around me. In a flash of light, they vanish into thin air. I can't help feeling a rush of guilt hit me. I know this all would give Spike a lot of pain, I wish there was another way...

The effect is immediate, new memories rush into my mind, ones that weren't there before. Memories of letters rushing to me from "Celestia", my own friendship letters. I see my own darkness be washed away. I see myself pinning my friends down one by one and restoring their memories, them to their old selves. I smile as one glorious memory enters my mind. The look of shock on the "master's" face as he's beaten… Soon it'll be time to see it again.

It'll take Discord far longer to make it here than before, if the effect will be as I've read it should be on him. First I find Liarjack, looking torn and conflicted. I see little bits of light coming off of her, heading towards Ponyville. That's a good sign. Until she fades away completely, I spend the time with her, not saying a word, not until the end. "Applejack… you don't have to lie anymore, not now, not ever again…"

The darkness fades from her body, reverting her to her normal colors. She smiles. "Ah know, Twi'. Ah know…" she said as she fades away completely.


I did the same with Fluttercruel, though hers was a bit strange, as if there were two ponies, but both of them were kind… I couldn't think of much to say, she… They hugged me instead…

"It's alright, Twilight. Everything will be ok… But don't say we never have to be cruel again," said "Fluttershy", at least I think it was. "Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, the actual cruel thing is to let a thorn fester that needs to be pulled out, no matter how much it hurts…"

She, they, smiled and faded. I don't know what to think about that one… But I feel strangely… Good… I think I see a different Cutie Mark as they fade, were my eyes playing tricks?


Rarigreed broke down sobbing that she'd missed spending time with Sweetie Belle, that she'd let her life slip away lost in her own greed.

"Rarity… You're getting another chance now… I don't have time to explain, but… You'll have a second chance… You're probably ever going to remember this consciously… But never forget how much Sweetie Belle means to you, how important she is to you… Don't ever let your desires get between you and her ever again! Promise me Rarity that you won't!" I plead, looking her right in the eyes. "Promise me!"

Rarity's colors return as she continues fading. She gives me a smile. "I swear… I shall never go sisterless again…" she said, tears running down her face as she too fades away.


Next was Angry Pie, who was strangely calm as she began to fade, almost more sane than I remember her.

"It's ok, I've seen this happen before… Kind of… It's a long story…" said Pinkie Pie, giving a smile as her colors returned, oh how I missed that smile. "And this time, I understand why it has to happen, just don't keep us waiting too long! I think I'm going to be throwing a big party!"

"I… I wouldn't miss it for the world, Pinkie," I said, hugging her. She hugged back as she too faded.


One left, Traitor Dash. I find curled up in her room, confused and distraught. She looks up at me as I enter, her body fading like the rest. "Twilight… I'm sorry… I…"

"I figured that out a long time ago, Rainbow," I saw, once more using her REAL name. I pull her to her feet and hug her. "… And I forgive you…" I reply, tears going down my own cheeks as she fades in my grasp. "… And I'm sure the me I'm going to be will forgive you too…" I see her mane slowly turn back to it's proper color as she fades away too.


I head into Spike's chamber, the protective spell I put on myself to keep myself tethered here just a bit longer is beginning to weaken, but it's got to last, I'm not done yet. There's still some things I've got to do. I put my hoof on the massive dragon's snout, seeing bits of him fading as well. He can't speak anymore, he lost that capability when he annoyed Discord too much. All I do is lean in, resting my head on his as he fades, tears streaming down my face.

I know what's happening, I know this is for the best… I wonder why it still hurts to see my friends fade away. Why I feel guilty knowing Apple Pie and the others probably died at Discord's claws when I know the life they'll receive will be so much greater? I don't know, some things we'll never know… But I know one thing, one thing I'm going to make SURE I know before I let myself fade.


I find HIM crawling weakly towards his palace, his body turning to stone slowly but surely, those parts fading afterwards.

"Twilight Tragedy… What's going on?" asked Discord, fear and uncertainty in his voice. He can barely move, his power is gone. Perfect.

A let my colors rush back. "It's Twilight Sparkle, Discord! And what's happening is things going back to how they're MEANT to be," I say, it feels good to call myself that. Is it wrong to enjoy seeing him like this? Maybe, but after so long, I don't care.

"But how can yo-"

"Because you slipped up, "master". Remember all those times you let me off your leash just to pull me back?" I ask, enjoying every second of this. "I wrote myself a little message during one of those times. You know what I wrote?" I ask, glaring right in this heartless eyes.

"A few of my old friendship lessons I remembered thanks your little games!" I tell him, stomping right up to his face. "That reminded me of my old friendships, how much they meant to me. And that broke your spell! This entire time I've been acting like your little pawn?" I lean in so he can see my eyes clearly and he can see how little of his taint is still in me. "I. Tricked. You."

Discord looks at me in complete disbelief. "But… But my spell… That's… That's not possible! You can't have outsmarted me! You're just a pony!"

"Oh, it's possible, Discord!" I reply, taking a few steps back. "And here's something else that's possible, thanks to you, I found a little time spell. Enough to send back something to myself in the past. All of my friendship letters. To remind her of what she had to fight for! And guess what, Discord? She and the others beat you! That means in the timeline overwriting this one, you're a powerless statue! And that's what you're turning into now!" I state, watching stone continue to snake up his body and then fade away. "You know something else?" I ask, horn glowing brightly, tearing chunks of rock out of the earth and forming them into a massive spear. "I'm not."

"And I'm going to make you know what it's like to be hurt before we fade!" I yelled, wrapping the earth around his limbs, holding him to the ground. I aim my spear right over his head. "What it's like to be at someone's mercy!" I yell, driving it down…

Only it goes right in front of his face, shattering his remaining tooth to bits and imbedding into the ground.

"Now they match…" I state with a smirk, turning, and walking away, I look back, seeing Discord stare at me in complete disbelief as he continues to fade, blood running from his shattered tooth. I wonder if what little of this he subconsciously remembers in the new timeline will ever have an effect on him. I don't care. I made my point. I hurt the thing that matters the most to him. His pride. Even in the real timeline, it'll be forever in the back of his mind that someone outsmarted him somehow and he'll never understand why. And more importantly, he'll always have a little doubt in the back of his mind… He'll always know he can lose.


I stand, looking up at the two gold and silver statues of Celestia and Luna as they, and I, begin to fade. I look over to an unmarked grave, I see light rising from it too and heading to… Ponyville? I don't have time to think about that, I look up to Celestia's statue as it fades. "… Dear Princess Celestia…" I say, looking up as my body continues to fade away. "I learned that even when everything is hopeless, when it seems the bleakest, that's when friendship is the most important. As long as we don't forget what our friendships mean to us, there will always be hope. And as long as there's hope, there's a chance to set things right… Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle…" I say as everything goes white and my memories of this world fade, replaced by memories of a new one…
Another bit of recursive fanfiction for the Pony POV Series, this one just wouldn't leave my head!

In the Bad Future where Discord wins, Twilight has restored her memories. She has a plan to stop Discord's reign in it's tracks. Now it's time to put it into action.

Yes, I know what the "canon" is for the series, this is just a "what if" that wouldn't leave my head. It was inspired by [link] If Discord can tamper with the past, whose to say Twilight can't?

Not my best work, but I hope it's interesting at least.

Moved to scraps, as I'm honestly not happy with this one, but not enough to erase it. If I can rewrite it, I might move it back, but it's what it is. There are enough parts I really like to keep it around at least.

Also, as a "What could've been", I originally intended to pretty much have Twilight brutally murder Discord in an extremely sadistic manner, but I decided, even with her personality twisted, she wouldn't do that.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

Pony POV Series belongs to [link]

EDIT: Final version is here! [link]
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morion87's avatar
Dude, this little recursive story got me to take a shot at doing an alternate Darkworld (so many out there that were neither pushed toward a good end, or mentioned). But, with a few twists in the begining (I've got journal explaing it more). Just thought I'd mention it.
Kendell2's avatar
I'd ask Alex.

But I will say this: POV Discord does NOT kill under most circumstances. It's less morals and more he derives no PLEASURE from killing and views it as 'breaking a toy'. So that should probably be kept in mind.
morion87's avatar
Did ask. No response still. But I did rewrite those parts (its out now), and left it open if the theory's are true or not.
morion87's avatar
Is there away to remove them permanently without killing them? I put it that way because, I'm not making it, or the characters, carbon copies of the story.
Kendell2's avatar
Ask Alex that, I'm not INTO making that bad future any darker than it ALREADY WAS.
alexwarlorn's avatar
(Hello. I am here to tell you that this story is now one hundred percent canon. HEH! HEH! Iteration One, or is it two? It's been so long. What made you think you could EVER escape me Discord?)
ardashir's avatar
What made you think you could EVER escape me Discord?)

And yet he did in the end, didn't he?
alexwarlorn's avatar
Not without outside help. 
ardashir's avatar
True, but still, he escaped. (And say, once Eclipse was restored/healed into Amicitia, what became of her nightmare 'friends'?)
alexwarlorn's avatar
I promise that'll be answered eventually. 
ardashir's avatar
Okay. I kind of figured they were either turned back into nothing (I thought Eclipse summoned them up from her own mind so she wouldn't be alone), or were returned to their own worlds.
yoshiegg64's avatar
Oh dear...did I just read a spoiler? No hahaha you are just joking...right? Sigh...even if it isn't a spoiler, I think I will read the rest of Recursive works list after I FULLY catch up to the series.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Just read as ye will.
Whiles34's avatar
I actually like this one quite a lot. I think it's a very fitting continuation/end of the epilogue story. I think I may of missed who was in the unmarked grave at the end, though...
Kendell2's avatar
It was meant to be Trixie.

Thanks! Even if this isn't done yet, I'm going to post a V2 version once it's done.
Whiles34's avatar
Oh I see... Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Kendell2's avatar
Final version here: [link]
HayesAJones's avatar
Huh. Very interesting way to explain Discord's defeat.
Kendell2's avatar
Made the final version, it's here: [link]
Kendell2's avatar
Thanks. But I should point out that this is a work in progress, this is just the first draft.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Not your best work, but far from your worst. This is really interesting...and I am pleased that my work has inspired others. (Now if only it would open dialogue with more than one person...)

ANyways, Typos first. "Discord get furious, as glaring." Uh, what?
"' your little pawn?' I ask." The "I ask" bit seems unnecessary...consider instead: "I lean closer, to give the words greater impact."

And now, a review. I can't help but notice a few plotholes...and I'm not certain if this in particular is a fanfic of a fanfic of a fanfic of a show, or just a fanfic of the show inspired by a fanfic of a fanfic of the show. Depending on which it is, there may or may not be an issue with the reason behind the resolution: supposedly, Twilight breaks when AJ lies for the sake of being nice, which is true regardless of whether or not she can't tell the truth because it's the reason she doesn't try...but that's a detail to discuss with someone else. Meaning that, for purposes of Warlorn-canon, the divergent point is Discord's reappearance in the maze. Therefore, wouldn't sending Twilight the letters after the divergent point not do anything? On the other hand, in official canon, the divergent point WOULD be the point where the letters appeared...meaning that the plot point is, due to my not yet observing the canon status, unobserved...resulting in Schrodinger's plothole.
Beyond that, this is kind of a fix-fic of a sad epilogue, and it shows: the conflict is that Discord sucks, and the resolution happens right at the start. So as an epilogue, yes, it works...but as a story, it lacks impact on its own. Regardless, I like how it comes across, even if I'm disappointed that it couldn't be more than it is. So, to end the review, your Score is 7199: Results will vary, but I kind of like it. (Incidentally, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give someone a score lower than 9000; my reviews have all made me look like a total pansy, 'cuz I keep reviewing mind-numbingly good stuff.)
Kendell2's avatar
I'll fix that.

It is meant to be an epilogue to Epilogue. And really, the reason I did it was this story idea just won't get out of my head until I wrote it. It's a What If really, just a "What If Twilight sent the letters to her past self". I'm glad you like it, though should I put that it's meant as an ending to the epilogue timeline and that's it?

Also, do you think my original ending for this, Twilight pretty much brutally murders Discord by impaling each of his limbs with rock lances then driving one through his head, would've been better or worse? I didn't feel it fit Twilight, it seemed like I was just taking my hatred of Discord out and that's not what I wanted. The point of this ending was meant to be Twilight had retained enough of herself to not resort to murdering Discord in cold blood despite all he's done to her.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Yay, fixing!

Okay, so Single-Recursive, already covered my stance on "What Ifs," PLOTHOLES! Okay, the Plothole stands from my viewpoint, because again, it doesn't cover the proper divergent point...and yes, you should mention that it's meant to be a potential epilogue to Epilogue...maybe contact Warlorn about it, too, see what his input is.

I've already mentioned this, but keep the current ending. There's a rant on the other post about brutal murders and story format, but I digress. The current ending is the best option, and not just because the alt ending is worse...though, if you expand this from a What If to an actual story, Twi'll probably have quite a few fantasies of tearing Discord limb from funny-looking limb and scattering his still-living ashes to the four corners of eternity. I can perfectly understand venting about something you absolutely positively despise.
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