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Warning! SPOILERS!

"Listen To Your Mother"
Loneliness' Villain Song

"In the world outside, you've lost everything
They don't even know you exist
Poor Trixie, thanks to her, you're nothing
And yet now she persists
To take you back to where you're just another face
Back to where you're the same
Where you're like every other pitiful disgrace.
When for all this she's to blame!

Listen to your mother, don't fall for her lies
Who needs the world out there?
I say with the outside world severe all ties
She's the cause of what you bare
She wants you where you're just like everypony around
Nothing special or important
To take you back to where ponies like you abound
Back to where you're impotent.

Listen to your mother, stay here and hide
Being special isn't hard to do
It's easy in a world where only you abide
And you know I care about you
So who needs anyone else but yourself, Trixie dear?
So here you should stay!
Stay where with me you have nothing to fear!
Stay with me… Until you waste away…"
Alright, this is probably my first piece of fanfiction ABOUT someone else's fanfiction.

This is based off of alexwarlorn's [link] Pony POV Series. More specifically, the chapter Subject Trixie [link]


This is a villain song for Loneliness, an entity that's in Trixie's mind, trying to keep her their consumed by her own loneliness, posing as her mother Morgon, thus the title and the "Listen To Your Mother" lines. Twilight comes to try and save Trixie and this song would take place when Loneliness sheds her guise and takes on a monstrous form resembling a Draconequis (Discord's species) and tries to pull Trixie back. The "she" it talks about is of course Twilight.

This came about when I read the fic while listening to "Mother Knows Best", Mother Gothel's Villain Song from Tangled. Yeah, weird. But this is kind of the same thing, it would sound "kind" but really be an entirely different motivation. Alexwarlorn is free to use it if she wants to, I don't mind.

Anyway, I own nothing except the song itself! MLP belongs to Hasbro and Loneliness belongs to Alexwarlorn!
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What's the beat to this song?
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Meant to be like Mother Knows Best from Tangled.
Damn good song.
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Sorry, meant thank you!
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Thanks for the fav!
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It's nice and creepy and it works so very well.
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Thanks! I was going for creepy! Though not an outright creepy but the hidden meanings to make it such.
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