Commission: Pony POV Series: A Rough Day

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Commission: Pony POV Series
Cloud Kicker
A Rough Day
By Kendell2
Edited by Alexwarlorn

My name is Cloudkicker. That's about it. I'm not like Rainbow Dash the fastest pony in Equestria or Twilight Sparkle, student to the Princess. I just take care of my little sister, and honestly? That's just how I like it...Not to say I don't have some things I'm proud of. I'm not Rainbow 'Awesome' Dash, but I can handle a cloud, quite well if I do say so myself, better than any other pony on the Weather Team...Unfortunately, that does have a few drawbacks.

After 'Hurricane Fluttershy,' I was worn out. I think half the pegasi population probably was. Well, physically. I don't know how many Pegasi were emotionally worn out from being forced to work with somepony they hate only for her to show us she's really trying hard to make up for it and make us give up that hate. So yeah, I decided to just try and unwind. The rest of the Weather Team were off doing their own thing, some of them invited me along but I already had an appointment for the evening.

No, I didn't go get drunk, get your head out of the gutter. What kind of big sister would I be if I got drunk? The one thing I thank 'Princess Gaia' for is that stupid bar getting blown up, one less bad influence on Alula. No, I just went to Sugar Cube Corner to get a milkshake or two for me and a few banana spits to go. I promised if she behaved herself while I helped with the tornado, I'd bring Alula home some (one for then, a couple to put in the fridge for later)...unfortunately, remember what I said about the problems that came with being the second best weather pony? Well that problem is that sometimes stallions see your plot high up in the air while you're working it off. Now, you'd think that'd be Rainbow's problem, what with being a national hero and the fastest flier in the country, but the thing with her? She's a badflank. And makes sure everypony knows that. So stallions tend to avoid clopping her off. And Fluttershy tends to run away too fast to be asked out. So with the ace flier and the mare of the hour out of the question, who do you think the stallions made their move on?

“Hey baby, good job out there with the tornado, want to dance?” asked Dance Fever, AKA, that stallion who never got the hint that disco was dead...Alright alright! Disco wasn't that bad! Just saying I think you've gone overboard when your shirt has enough sequins to blind half of Ponyville! And worse, the guy also thinks he's a stud...and he's not. At all. And the fact he was doing disco moves while trying to hit on me and needed better taste in cologne.

I just moved to another table and ignored him, making sure Pinkie Pie saw me so she could deliver my milkshake...and then my appetite got a bit of a hit when Ponyville's resident trash collector walked up next to me. Pigpen isn't a bad guy and does his job well, but...let's say he has poor bathing habits and leave it at that.

I covered my nose as politely as I could. “Hi Pig Pen...”

“Uh...Hi, Cloudkicker...uh...would you mind if maybe we could go get a bite to eat tonight?” he asked, blushing under the rather thick layer of gunk covering his fur. Thank Princess Celestia he at least washed his hooves.

“Uh...” I started, noticing the flowers on my table wilting. “Maybe some other time...I have to get my food and go.”

Thankfully the Cakes politely asked him to leave before the entire place lost their lunch. I need to keep going? Same thing kept happening, stallions hit on me, I turn them down, but I just bucking wanted to bucking get my milkshake and go home to my baby sister! I don't have bucking time for a stallion, let alone five or six! So after putting up with it as best I could, I finally I got fed up with stallions, politely asked Pinkie Pie to hurry up with my milkshake, got some banana splits, and headed for home...I may also have given one of them a kick where the sun doesn't shine when he got a little too pushy. You don't grab a mare's tail to try and get her attention!

And before you ask, no, I'm NOT into the other side of the fence though someponies think I am. I'm not interested in that kind of relationship with ANY kind of pony, thank you very much!

...The one good thing about being a big sister taking care of your little sister? Coming home from a hard day of work and getting a running hug tackle and a million questions about how your day went, not caring if you were the star of the show or not. Not caring how successful you were...

Big sister works a lot, but she's always there when I come home from school. Though today she was busy with the tornado with Mama Princess Gaia...But she brought banana splits! I love banana splits! Bananas are my favorite fruit!

I went to dig in, but she stopped me. “No, Alula, don't eat them all. Save some for later.”


Big sister doesn't let me eat too much, she says that I'll get fat if I do and then I won't be able to fly as well...I like to fly, being graceful at it is my special talent, even if I was a silly filly and tried to hide it cause it was a feather.

After we eat, big sister asked me if I wanted to play. I don't have any big play sets or anything...but we do have a backyard with lots of clouds in the sky! Big sister is really, really, really good with them! She can make anything!

Laugh all you like, but my little sister is still my little sister. And for your information, I like playing with her. It's how we both unwind. I can't afford a dozen other things like the rich ponies can, but I can still make her some toys out of clouds. They don't last as long as a video game, but she doesn't care.

One of our favorite games is for Big Sister to make some loops out of clouds for me to fly through. This time she made nine! That's two more than usual.

“Nine rings?”

“It'd get boring if it was always the same number, right?” she asked, giving me a smile. “Besides, you keep getting better at flying, so why not make it a little harder each time?”

Big sister's right! I'm getting better! But only cause she helps me practice! She's really, really good at it! Did you know my big sister started thinking about Wonderbolts Academy? Wouldn't it be awesome is she was a Wonderbolt?!

We start racing through the loops! Big sister is faster than me, but my special talent is being graceful in air! Isn't that great! So I can keep up with her going through the loops! She still won, but I don't care! We had so much fun!

Next big sister makes a mini cloud castle! She says it won't last as long as Miss Rainbow Dash's since those are in-dust-tral clouds, but it's fun while it lasts!

We're both knights protecting a Cloudlestia (who was a cloud) from a mean old dragon! Slash! Pow! We beat the dragon and kept the Princess safe!

Hehe, amazing how much fun it can be to just swinging a little paper sword at a dragon made out of clouds is when a little filly lets her imagination go wild, isn't it? Almost makes me wonder what it looked like through her eyes.

After that, big sister makes us a little slide made out of clouds and we just go down it. Boring? No way! How could playing with big sister be boring? Na huh! Not happening! Time with big sister is always fun!

After all of we play some more, the moon comes up and we lay down and look up at the stars.


“Yes big sister?”

“...Thanks for being my sister. I had a rough day. I really needed this...”

I hug her. “You're welcome! Thanks for playing with me!”

Big sister chuckles and ruffles my mane. “You're come on, let's have dinner.”

“Okay! Can I have a hayburger?”

“...Okay, just tonight, because we've had a lot of exercise.”

Yay! Normally big sister wouldn't let me have banana splitss and hayburgers the same day!

Yeah yeah, I know I said I was worn out. But you know what? My mind needed rest more than my body. Yeah, I ended up sore, tired, and I slept really well that night...but I got to spend the evening doing what I loved: being with my sister and having fun. I'd much rather do that than deal with stallions hitting on my every five seconds.

Let Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have the cheering crowds, Celestia knows they earned it today, all I care about is the little filly who's happy just to have me with her.

What else could a girl ask for?
Cloudkicker is just a normal pony. And like any normal pony, she can have a bad day. Thankfully, when that happens, she has a little sister who's quite willing to be there for her.

A commission for :iconalexwarlorn:, this one being shorter than previous ones.

This was quite fun to write, especially the last part.

Note: Those people who are waiting for their commissions, they're on the list, Alex's were first on it.

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!
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Glad I'm not the only one who dosen't buy the bulls*** of the Winningverse Cloudkicker. Interesting world-building is all that it's made that makes any kind of sense.