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September 2, 2016
Go fast in Sonic SPEED by KendallHaleArt
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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A fun update of a piece I did a couple years ago, thought I'd take it and paint it up all nice.

*** Prints NOW AVAILABLE:… ***

Here's the old one:…
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aggromango's avatar
Sonic:*Saw a chilli dog*
BlazingStar316's avatar

An accurate depiction of what I would feel like going at that speed.

carlosfelipemunguia's avatar
What the heck is that
Hollowligth's avatar


MetalK9's avatar

Pokimane: *Streaming*


Raymanfan2000's avatar
He’s gotta go fast
Zackman92's avatar
He went too fast
universaluwu's avatar

nigerundayo Tails!

shetpoop's avatar

his mouth tho xD

Drakonitka's avatar

Like Adventure Time. XD

PokemonWhere's avatar

one of the ones i had looked the same so it gone:cries:

GalacticHypernova's avatar
sanic intensifies
MultiverseInquisitor's avatar
School supply sale: *exists*
TahteesArt's avatar

The expectation vs reality :squee:

CandyCat122's avatar

This is hilarious.Sonic looks like he's desperate to get those rings and reach up to Doctor Eggman XD.

gheddi's avatar

so funny

can almost hear the sonic song go off

also sick technique dude

napstpx5's avatar

its very funny

DekuStrongestHero's avatar

He's Sonic the hedgehog, and runnin's his game, he's not like the others that get all the fame.

LaurenBanbi's avatar
this is just a hilarious expression XD
and most likely accurate in reality XD
but its an amazingly drawn piece, amazing job! ; u ;
BeanLord101's avatar

I just saw the movie yesterday too

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