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The follow up to this: [link]

"Pokedex Entry: Magnetoise, the Theres-no-way-this-is-a-pokemon Pokemon.
Bound by unholy magicks, this pokemon defies both science and general reason. The third, fourth, and fifth eyes on its body allow it to see into the future and accurately predict the outcomes of sporting events. It enjoys taking long baths. In blood."
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Run. It's not gonna help, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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Welcome to Pokemon Island there's no hotels cuz you wan't be sleeping.

Please stay on the path.

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hahaha, that's pretty good

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Bethesda presents Pokemon

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Blastoise mega evolution should look like this
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Holy shid! I remember looking at this with my friend back in elementary school! I was never able to find it again! BTW I love this. Heccing rad
AustralianMarcus's avatar
Looks like the Iron Giant on steroids
MilkFoot's avatar
the head design hardcore rocks
BOESEMANI's avatar
my spirit animal
THat dex entry XD
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Dude...That's an authentic monstrosity!!! I love this Pokemon fusion, it's so nasty and AMAZING!!!
Now this is an awesome yet scary thing that you don't want to see in a dark corner... or any other dark place. 
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Goodness, that's horrifying. :wow: And it seriously looks awesome, a giant biomechanical monster. :clap:
The-One-Aardvark's avatar
Michael Bay's Pokemon... please don't let that happen.
pup-fu's avatar
Beat charizard easily
This thing will literally fuck you up, you and your legendaries team
MokaMcdowell's avatar
Good lord, that thing is cool
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actually i kinda like this.....EYES SOME MANY EYES!!!!
ZachThePokemonMaster's avatar
Hey, I'm new to this and I think the drawing is really badass and I was wondering if you can do another one of those with Slowbro and Machamp fused together? Please? I put it as my profile pic if you need a reference to what it should look like at least.
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Hot damn, brother! That looks like something Godzilla would fight!
Zypherartworks's avatar
Looks like something from Doom. I like.
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