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Cave mummy I designed and sculpted for 'The Empty Man'. My 3D model got 3D printed and built on set by production designer Craig Lathrop and his team. Director David Prior was aiming for something otherworldliness and sent me some Beksiński paintings for reference.

You can follow me and my work on:

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Oh wow!! I recently saw the movie, and I absolutely loved the design of that thing! Incredible work!

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I'm so glad I found this. I watched the movie (Which was amazing) solely because of how cool I thought this design was in the trailer. This is so cool.

GrandmasterGM's avatar

An underrated movie! Nice work!

Cerberus-Agent's avatar

It looks fantastic and the movie was a huge positive surprise for me, definitely on the way of becoming a cult classic, not for people into fast action and slashers, but a slow burner type psychological horror with Lovecraftian elements. Very atmospheric movie and it even managed to creep me out a few times and I generally laugh when watching horror movies because they rarely creep me out.

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So cool!! I definitely see the Beksinsky inspiration in the multiple branching hands etc and I love the realistic textures on everything the kind of rust and corrosion this is really cool good job <3

very spooky! you must have worked very very hard on this

JekkBenavu's avatar

Very reminiscent of Zdzisław Beksiński's oil paintings and I love it! I know not all artists like it when their works are compared to others, but the detail is incredible and I'm curious where you draw your inspiration. This is just so cool. Awesome work!

Such an effective piece to evoke feeling, emotion & magicK 93/93

redisthenamee's avatar

I love this art style! It’s creepy and looks realistic !

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nietakiebrzydkie's avatar

It got this weird and creepy charm and the details are sick 🤩🤩🤩 Masterpeace

very creepily cool

very cool. thank u.;P

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Creepy and awesome!
nnq2603's avatar

Looks great in movie, this movie is somehow under the radar for me, but once I watched it that scene where they show your creature skeleton looks awesome. It brings some next level ancient dark magic to the scenarior.

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Awesome art for an underrated movie!
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Dude, that's fuckin' gnarly.
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