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Godzilla: King of the Monsters - King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah Concept Design I did for ''Godzilla: King of the Monsters''.
The task was to create a new, original and realistic version of King Ghidorah. To visualize its extraterrestrial origin, I experimented with a radically different look which was less earthly and much more alien. It ended up a bit too far from the original Toho design, but it was fun to explore a different take.

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really want this one has some actions, maybe someone could make 3d model

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I love the design they used in the movie, but I really wish they had used this design instead. Looks way more alien and intimidating.

TooManyPictures's avatar

They didn't want children to be screaming from their lungs.

Azores-1994's avatar

Lol, you make it sound like a bad thing.

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As much as I like the final design, I like this concept more. It truely looks more alien.

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Looks like he would in the Godzilla ‘98 continuity.

Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar

Just on which big budjet monster movie did you NOT work on ??

Beautiful, I love the alien skeletal system apparent.

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Here it really looks like something alien. Something from the unseen depths of space. Not just a classic three-headed dragon from fairy tales.

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At least the whole fairy-tale explanation makes sense in the Monsterverse, since Ghidorah was on Earth when humanity was just rising, and they made fables of him, which eventually watered down into fairy tales through time.

Well that "three-headed dragon from fairy tales" is a simple, but identifiable design about traditional king ghidorah.

not offend the artist, i like this ghidorah interpretation and all his art.

but if had been official design, fans would've hated it.

Making fiction characters realistic sometimes don't ends well.

it looks like a mutated fish head on a pterosaur that then mutated more and got 3 heads and then grew

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Wait you made stuff for the movie?! O-o
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The fish/baboon mugs with the flowing whiskers are definitely an interesting idea, but I'm glad the final result opted to be more expressive. They're characters first and foremost.

I'm also not sure I would really describe this design as being any more "alien". The anatomy is still pretty close to earthly animals, just mixed up a little more differently from what we're used to. This could very easily be descended from pterosaurs, or even primitive birds without too much of a stretch. Ironically enough, I think the final design ended up looking more alien, just by virtue of not being easily compared to anything in existence.
kaijusaurusG2k's avatar
Now this design of ghidorah I don’t mind, this IS an alien like design and i would’ve digged it if this used this design. I’m fine with the final design, but I had mixed feelings about the alien nature of the MV ghidorah since I’m not the biggest fan of aliens in the MV, but this design is good for that.
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I was well pleased with the final design in the movie but if you implemented this version instead I wouldn’t have been disappointed
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nightmare fuel  Love 
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You blew my mind away with this masterpiece. :o Love it! :iconiloveitplz:
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I can understand why this was cut from the movie, but it would have been an awesome alternative. Would have loved to see how this one moved.
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